Protective Moms Organization Not Supporting Parental Kidnapper Angie Vu

February 5, 2016
Angie Vu

Model Angie Vu – Accused Parental Kidnapper 

Safe Kids International, the Protective Parent Organization / Family Court Critics led by Cindy Dumas has been social media shaming the judge, prosecuting attorneys and the fathers in almost all new parental kidnapping and high conflict divorce cases. They have been supporting the protective mothers without any discretion for the possibility that any or all allegations may be unsupported.

So Angie Vu, “Asia’s Sexiest DJ has been incarcerated in the Metropolitan Detention in Brooklyn, NY since November 4, 2015.  She was arrested at JFK Airport as she tried to flee with her 9-year old daughter to Vietnam. She had previously agreed to return the child to the child’s father Richard Froger in Paris, France. The father has custody of Vu’s child in Paris, France and the child was expected to be back in Paris on August 29, 2015.

On February 3, 2016, Angie Vu made a personal plea to Brooklyn Judge, Viktor Pohorelsky. France has requested the United States extradite the celebrity Angie Vu to face parental kidnapping charges. Vu in a 20-minute rambling statement claimed she was the victim of domestic violence; claimed her daughter’s biological father was wrongly granted custody; and said she was falsely accused of being a porn star.

The Vietnamese-born model has appeared in Playboy and the TV Show America’s Got Talent where she smooched with Nick Cannon.

Back to Safe Kids International. It appears that this protective parent organization has decided to not support Angie Vu since we see no evidence of this high profile case on their Facebook Public Shaming page. Like the other protective moms/family court critics (Michelle Wolferts, Maya Tsimhoni, Sandra Rucki, Kelly Rutherford) — Angie Vu is claiming to be a victim of Domestic Violence. In this case, only Rucki and Vu of this group are currently incarcerated and considered to be flight risks.

I am not sure why Safe Kids International does not appear to be support Angie Vu. It might relate to Angie Vu’s profession, lifestyle or that they may actually agree with us —  that Angie Vu is guilty of the crime of International Family Abduction.


Breaking: Vanity Fair Sued for Kelly Rutherford Story

December 23, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.29.42 AM

Daniel Giersch, Kelly Rutherford’s former spouse who has sole legal custody of their children will certainly be one of our Fathers of the Year for 2015. He is ending the year by early media reports that he is suing Vanity Fair over “untrue and defamatory assertions” in the November 2015 issue.

Download and Read the Lawsuit

Finally, a father has stepping up in an attempt to make the media accountable for stories in divorce and family abduction cases involving young children. The media has rarely been sensitive to a father and his children that have been targeted by a custodial-embattled protective mom like Kelly Rutherford that will sling every allegation (even false or deceptive ones). And the media, in the Rutherford Case having been accused of “Kelly-Heavy Spin” against her former spouse in our opinion practiced spoon-fed journalism in printing just about everything from the Rutherford PR Team. With the Rutherford custody order  posted online, at times, you had to wonder if the reporter for Vanity Fair or some of the other Media Reporters actually read it.

So if the early media reports are correct, in 2016 Daniel Giersch will attempt to make reporter Sheila Weller and her Editors and Vanity Fair accountable for their actions. That is a good thing for not only the Fathers in these cases but for both parents and most importantly the children.

Read the Vanity Fair November 2015 issue

Download and Read the Lawsuit

Kelly Rutherford’s Appeal to US Court of Appeals is Denied – More Parenting Details Emerge

December 17, 2015

It is common in International Custody Cases for the protective moms like Kelly Rutherford to go jurisdiction shopping. After the Monaco ruling on 26 November 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit has also denied her petition seeking return of the children to the United States. That ruling was published on 16 December 2015.

Kelly Rutherford

Meanwhile, other details of parenting issues have emerged, some these have been on-going issues. It appears that now that Kelly Rutherford’s former spouse has sole legal custody, they can now be addressed:

  • Vaccinations — Rutherford was in the group of Anti-Vax celebrities in Hollywood. Her former spouse has now been given permission from the Monaco Court to vacinate his children in accordance with French Law.
  • Passports — Her former spouse was given permission to obtain German Passports for the children. In the past, Rutherford has held their U.S. Passports which made it difficult for the children to travel outside of Monaco with him.

There were other typical protective mom custody issues with Rutherford wanting to spend the day with her child rather than send her to school. Her former spouse wanted any money received for media exposure of the children put into a trust account for the children – that request was not made.


Exclusive: Final blow for Kelly Rutherford as US Court shoots down last ditch appeal to regain custody and bring her children back home after Monaco judge grants full custody to her ex (, 11-17-2015)

Editor’s Note: We continue to hope the Kelly Rutherford will de-escalate this issue with her former spouse in the best interests of her children.


Breaking: Judge Fears She Will Abduct The Children

December 16, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.42.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.43.11 PM

Actress Kelly Rutherford did more for the International Family Abduction Community this past year then any other celebrity has ever done. When she “withheld custody” or engaged in a “parental kidnapping” or “family abduction this past summer, she raised awareness that this matter is taken seriously by our World’s Family Court System. By the Monaco Judge’s ruling in November 2015 that was released today by The Daily, Kelly Rutherford not only had her joint custody rights removed, but she can no longer bring her kids to the United States from their habitual residence in Monaco. The Monaco judge sent a strong message to parents sharing International Custody of their children, if they kidnap their children they will lose their joint custody rights. These severe consequences will go a long way toward discouraging International Family Abductions. It also sets a precedence for parents that disobey court orders and move to other countries and use the legal system to stall the return of their children to the custodial parent.

When Rutherford did not return her children in August of this year, even Rutherford’s friend and ABC Legal Analyst Dan Abrams wanted the U.S. State Department to stall the return of the children. In the case, a New York Judge acted swiftly and decisively and ordered the return of the children to Monaco. The prevented Rutherford from extending the time of her International Family Abducting or Parental Kidnapping. Even Dan Abrams in his interview today on ABC Good Morning America did not acknowledge that Rutherford engaged in an International Family Abduction last August.

Thank you Kelly Rutherford.


Photo Credit: TMZ


Opinion: Kelly Rutherford Case Historic for International Custody Cases

December 16, 2015
Kelly Rutherford, Parental Alienation

Kelly Rutherford – An International Custody Case

As a celeb and role model to young women and mothers, we believe Kelly Rutherford should be held to a higher standard. That said, in recent years her case has had a historic outcome in:

  • Family Abduction / Parental Kidnapping / Withholding Custody – In sending the message to all divorcing parents that there will be consequences to engaging in a Family Abduction.
  • Coparenting – In raising awareness to all divorcing parents that our World’s Family Law Courts want parents to coparent their children and favor joint custody “in the best interests of the children”.
  • Family Law Court – By putting divorcing parents and their attorneys on notice that judges dislike bad behavior during a divorce proceedings.
  • Protective Parent Movement – A clear message was sent to the protective parent movement that the courts do not like parties committing acts of civil disobedience.
  • Media – Using your children in the media during a custody dispute is not looked at favorably by custody evaluators and family law judges.
  • International Custody – In these cases, there could be unfortunate consequences for parents that escalate the conflict and don’t focus on coparenting.

The Editor
Family Abduction Watch

Breaking: Kelly Rutherford’s Former Spouse Gets Sole Custody

December 16, 2015

Protective Parent Movement Supporter Kelly Rutherford has lost her on-going attempt to gain sole custody of her children. The Daily has obtained a copy of the November 25, 2015 Monaco Court Order that has awarded sole legal custody to her former spouse and modifies her previous joint custody order that allowed her to take her children to the United States for Holidays and Summers. The Court also gave her former spouse permission to obtain German Passports for the children.

Kelly Rutherford will be able to have her custody time with her children in Monaco (unsupervised). She can no longer be trusted not to withhold custody or kidnap her children.

In August 2015, Kelly Rutherford engaged in a parental kidnapping or an International Family Abduction of her children. She intentionally disobeyed a court order to return her children to Monaco after their summer vacation custody time with her in New York. Judges or the Family Law Courts do not like parents to withhold custody or engage in this act of civil disobedience. This came only months after Kelly Rutherford and her attorney were speakers at a Protective Parent Movement Conference in the Northeast (We learned in April 2015 that she was a speaker at this conference and predicted that she might engage in a parental kidnapping).

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford, the Monaco Court No Longer Trusts Her to Bring Kids to the U.S.

For Kelly Rutherford’s fans and the entertainment media, there is no custody order that is permanent. As the children get older, eventually she can either convince her former spouse that she can be trusted to coparent her children. Her “American Born” children can and will be able to travel to the United States. She can also petition the Monaco for a modification to the previous custody order.

Like many other protective moms that withhold custody or kidnap their children, Kelly Rutherford has not lost custody time with her children. The court has not restricted her time with her children in Monaco. What she did do like other protective moms is to not respect the Family Law Court’s Custody Order. And once again she will continue to portray herself as a victim and criticize the Family Law Courts.

Editor’s Note: We think celebrities in America should be held to a higher standard. We would like to see Kelly Rutherford apologize to her fans and supporters and promote coparenting and speak out against International Family Abductions. It’s also time for her her to disassociate herself with the Protective Parent Movement.

We also applaud the efforts of Kelly Rutherford’s former spouse Daniel Giersch and his Los Angeles International Family Law Attorney Fahi Takesh Hallin. They respected the U.S. and Monaco Family Law Court process. The end result is that when parents divorce, it needs to be about coparenting and joint custody in “the best interests of the children”. This case should help remind those Family Court Critics that the system does work.


Exclusive: Kelly Rutherford will Never be able to bring her children to the US. Monaco judge makes final ruling and grants full custody to her ex after bitter years-long case (by Laura Collins for, 12-15-2015)

Kelly Rutherford’s Crushing Defeat as She’s Banned from Bringing Kids to U.S.: ‘She Only Has Herself to Blame,’ Says Lawyer by Lanford Beard and Aurelie Corinthios (People, 12-15-2015)


Following Kelly Rutherford on Social Media

September 2, 2015

When Kelly Rutherford kidnapped her children last month, it was one of the first times a celebrity has kidnapped their children. Because of this, for the first time in well over a decade online, we opened a Twitter Account to follow the chatter on Social Media. Some observations:

  • Kelly Rutherford has a huge following of supporters that pretty much support her regardless of the evidence. If she were on trial, it would be very difficult to find an impartial jury.
  • Kelly was actually observed tweeting to many of her supportive fans. One of social media user pointed out to us that it appears she was retweeting or favoriting Twitter subscribers who said something negative about her former spouse. That subscriber thought that was horrible, so do we.
  • Someone wondered if Kelly Rutherford had a father. Only her mother Ann Edwards and brother Anthony are listed in her Wikipedia. That information wasn’t in the custody order that contained just about everything else.
  • There were several very creepy Twitter posts, some avid Kelly Rutherford fans. One even said something that he wasn’t going to say what he would do if her were in that situation. This Twitter user had to be blocked. It was no longer worth reading anything this person had to say.
  • In reading some of the recent articles on Thursday’s Court Hearing, the press seems to be much more balanced and realistic rather than the spoon-fed articles we have seen from the Entertainment Publications. MSNBC writer Lisa Green Kelly Rutherford custody case moves to Monaco interviews two European Family Law Attorney that are familiar with International Custody Cases. Even Kelly-Heavy Spin People Magazine Kelly Rutherford Arrives in France to Fight for Custody of Kids in Monaco: ‘Everything Will Work Out’ reported much more of an even perspective on the case, although they interviewed Wendy Murphy again.

In past past month, Kelly Rutherford has done more for raising the awareness of Americans that “parental kidnapping” or “International Family Abduction” is not a good thing. When the Judge in Manhattan forced her to return the children to their father in Monaco, this was a good thing for telling the World how our American Legal System enforces this crime. Never since Elian Gonzalez and the Goldman boy have there been such a strong message.

So back to Kelly Rutherford or “KR”, tomorrow is the day to follow any developments in the case. In these custody cases, the records really should be sealed and the hearing should be closed to the media. They usually contain very private information about the children and their lives, their well-being. I really hope that the media and the social media community try their best to respect the children’s privacy.

Kelly Rutherford Court Date September 3rd in Monaco

August 31, 2015
Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford, Activist

The Monaco Court will most importantly be challenged to claim current jurisdiction to the International Custody of the children. This would prevent Kelly Rutherford and her legal team from forum shopping. Let’s face it, they’ve been to U.S. Federal Court, Los Angeles County Court and New York. They’ve even tried the White House and State Department.

The other issue of equal importance is the children’s United States Passports as well as custody time for Kelly Rutherford. When Rutherford is in Monaco, of course she will want to see her children but how will the court ensure that the children are not kidnapped again. What’s to prevent Rutherford from flying the children back to the United States with some other claim?

As we’ve always stated, we would like to hear Kelly Rutherford tell the World that she does not believe in International Parental Kidnapping. She should reassure her former spouse that she will not kidnap the children again.

I doubt that one court session would be able to solve these issues in only one hearing. That would be expecting too much after six years. I do have high hopes that at some point, Kelly Rutherford and her legal team will find a way to compromise so everyone can move on with their lives, especially the children.

Time for Supervised Visitation for Kelly Rutherford

August 25, 2015
Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Once a parent engages in parental kidnapping, all of their visits from that point forward should be supervised. By kidnaping the child or children like Kelly Rutherford did, they can no longer be trusted. No one could tell you for sure if that parent will take their cause to the next level.

The Kelly Rutherford spoon-fed media (People Mag, ABC Legal Analyst Dan Abrams, US Weekly, E Online) has not acknowledged or reported on the emotional effects of Kelly Rutherford’s four-day parental kidnapping on the children. There are a number of therapists that could be interviewed. According to Kelly Rutherford, her former spouse spoke to the children during those days. But what happened earlier that week when the children most likely spoke to their father on the phone. Don’t you think as the residential parent that he told them he would see them in Monaco at the airport on Friday? How do you think the children felt that instead of getting on the plane as planned, they were next inside a boring courtroom. And with the history of high-conflict custody transitions, don’t you think they were thinking, “here we go again, moms trying to change the plan”. And of course we hear from Rutherford that the children were hysterical during the transition — a situation that Kelly created.

I don’t blame Rutherford’s former spouses’ lawyer, Fahi Tekesh Hallin, one of the top International Child Custody Attorneys in the United States for now requesting that Kelly Rutherford’s visitations be supervised. That’s a standard practice in these cases that every Family Law Attorney would know.

I personally think the only solution for Kelly Rutherford right now is to apologize to her children, her former spouse and his family, her fans and the media. She must acknowledge that she wrongfully engaged in “maternal gate keeping” and “over nurturing”. She has decided to abide by any child custody order. She is hopeful that someday it can transition to more custody time with her children, including trips to America. She realizes that it is her that must regain the trust of everyone involved — especially her children.

Kelly Rutherford Now Wrongfully Testifying in Media For Children Again

August 20, 2015

Kelly Rutherford has now officially entered the controversial group of “protective parents” as she has once again started wrongfully testifying in the media about what her children said. She is not claiming “her kids were fearful about being sent back” blah blah blah.We saw this once before when she said in the media that she told her kids she was fighting for them.

This is not Coparenting. 

A coparent need to make transitions easy for their child and from all accounts we heard last week, that’s what happened. Now all of a sudden, Rutherford is double talking and saying something completely different in the media. Nevertheless, regardless of what happened, she should not be “testifying” or tell the media what her kids said or how they acted. This is a typical tactic used by “protective parents” and/or custodial embattled parents. If desperate, they would be willing to say just about anything without regard to the privacy of their own child.

I really hope the media will stop supporting Kelly Rutherford. I think what she is doing is disgusting and horrific. She is not thinking about her innocent children. It’s no wonder the judge gave her former spouse residential custody.

I will say it is nice to see an increasing number of Family Law Lawyers and Child Protectionists speak out against Rutherford, Wendy Murphy, Dan Abrams and Dana Kennedy.


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