Did the People Magazine Defense Work?

June 18, 2015

Prior to Genevieve Kelley Case, I had a perception that People Magazine owned by Time, Inc. was generally a trusted news source. That was until I started to read the stories by People Magazine Reporter Elaine Aradillas  as well as People’s coverage of Kelly Rutherford’s Case. With today’s online media, certainly journalism has changed. But at the very least I thought there would be some independent reporting and some fact checking.

I recently read that Nathalie De Clercq has filed a $4 million dollar lawsuit against People/Time, Inc. for a story printed in People magazine that featured a photograph of her and implied that she had an adulterous relationship with Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, resulting in the end of his marriage. The lawsuit has been cleared for trial and will most likely be settled out of court. People actually published a story with a photo of the wrong person.

So back to the Kelley Case. When Genevieve and Scott Kelley wanted to return to the United States after their 10 year kidnapping, they hired protective parent attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld. It sounds like People Mag reporter, Elaine Aradillas was brought in about the same time. So as part of the defense strategy, the Kelleys and Rosenfeld would use what I would call the “People Magazine Defense“. They would try the case in the media in a small town courthouse in New Hampshire. If People Magazine sided with the kidnapper as unfortunately a spoon-fed reporter like Aradillas did, the District Attorney’s Office and Judge in this small town would eventually get tired of this case and want it to be settled.

There was a huge amount of support and resources to find and arrest the Kelleys from the U.S. Marshall’s Office, John Walsh’s CNN Show the Hunt, the local Sheriff’s Office and others. These organizations took the crime of parental kidnapping seriously and certainly did what they had to do to get the case before the Court House in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, I am certain with the protective parent groups and their resources put a tremendous amount of pressure on the local district attorney and the judge to reduce the charges in this case that could have sent the Kelleys to prison for up to 10 years including felony charges.

Would the local district attorney and judge treat this case differently if the kidnapped child was the child of the Governor of New Hampshire, a District Attorney in their Office instead of a doctor from California. The child was “kidnapped” for ten years. Most likely they might have felt that the local jury pool was tainted by those small town jurors that might believe that if People Magazine supports the mother, than the defendant should not be guilty.

If you want some evidence on how bias Elaine Aradillas was in her story, you should read both of the stories below. It’s as if she printed exactly what Alan Rosenfeld told her to. She did everything to disparage the father and his reputation:

Runaway Kelley Couple Plead Guilty – The Orleans Record by Staff Writer Robert Blechl
Staff Writer

Kidnapper Mom Pleads Guilty – People Magazine by Elaine Aradillas

Unfortunately, the protective parent cause wants to recruit custodial-embattled mothers to commit this crime. And I am certain that the next protective mom could simply call up one the Free the Kelley Supporters, grab a plane ticket to Costa Rica with her child or children and be gone for the next several years. It could even be one of the Free The Kelley Supporters Child or Grandchild that was found in Costa Rica or Honduras having kidnapped their child.  And under a worst case scenario protective parent attorney Alan Rosenfeld will once again walk into Judge Peter Bornstein’s court room with the “People Magazine Defense“. 

So did the People Magazine Defense work? In the next year as Genevieve and Scott Jail sit in their jail cells with the some of the Jerry Springer-like folk, I would like to think that it didn’t. And as Scott Kelley goes to apply for a teaching job at a private school in New Hampshire and his application is denied because of his criminal record and those that don’t want a convicted child kidnapper working at their school, I would say it didn’t. When Genevieve Kelley petitions New Hampshire to practice medicine again and they deny her license because of her criminal conviction, then again the defense did not work. And when the adult-child in this case wakes up one morning and realizes what Scott and Genevieve did to her and reunifies with her biological father, then I would say that it didn’t work.

Is the Protective Parent Trial a Legal Defense or a Protest?

June 5, 2015

In anticipation of the Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley criminal trial for Felony Interference with Custody and Felony Witness Tampering and having followed other criminal protective parent trials, I often wonder if this trial is more of a protest than a legal trial.

For months, Defense Attorney Alan Rosenfeld has been trying to take a video deposition of the adult-child involved in this case. In previous cases, Rosenfeld has used a video deposition to pretty much get the alleged victim child to say just about anything by asking leading questions. In a number of those cases, I have been told that these alleged victims later recanted their testimony and terminated their relationship with their parental kidnapper.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Despite the judge in this case disallowing the video deposition, the issue continues to come up in motions like some form of political protest.

Many of us also question the mental capacity of this adult child that has some sort of special need. So far, there is not one independent professional that has evaluated this adult child. Yet the Defense Attorney was able to get her to read an inflammatory letter that she most likely didn’t write in a video. The video was produced by controversial journalist Elaine Aradillas of People Magazine. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Rosenfeld try and enter the video as evidence during the trial.

The State Prosecutor has attempted to deposition this child but to our knowledge, the adult-child has so far not be produced for deposition. In the Family Abduction Community, we would say that the child is still kidnapped from her custodial father. The Kelleys had 10 years to brainwash this child, but since she isn’t being produced for deposition, we would conclude that she sadly doesn’t have the mental capacity. The adult child has apparently been kept from the child’s biological family by Genevieve and Scott Kelley but not from an interview from People Magazine. We hope that we are not the only ones that feel that something doesn’t feel right about that.

At a recent New Jersey Conference of protective parents, Defense Attorney Alan Rosenfeld admits to being arrested numerous times in acts of civil disobedience. He appears to encourage other protective parents and their supporters to also do so. Over ten years ago, Genevieve and Scott Kelley could have taken the then 7 year old child to a Clinic in Maine to have professionals evaluate the child. Instead, they engaged in several acts of civil disobedience: they tampered with the evidence in this case; hid the child from her custodial father and authorities; disregarded an order by the New Hampshire Court and are most importantly are continuing to hide the child today. As was the case 10 years ago, the Kelleys are not and were never interested in the best interests of the child, they are selfishly interested in only themselves.

We have followed these protective parent cases for well over 20 years now. It is genuinely very frustrating to see in 2015 that these protective parent cases are still appear to be a protest of our Nation’s Family Court System. Genevieve and Scott Kelley did not believe in our court system 10 years ago, why would you expect them to believe in it today. They will and as will this attorney do everything possible to disrupt the truth and the legal adjudication of this case.

It is important that the State of New Hampshire ensure that they get a guilty verdict in this case and do everything possible to deter others from committing this horrible and heinous crime against children.

Genevieve Kelley’s Attorneys Lose Several Motions

March 3, 2015

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

On February 25, 2015, the New Hampshire Coos County Court ruled on several critical motions:

  • Competing Harms Defense — Genevieve Kelley is not allowed to use this defense.
  • Superior Court Orders dated December 1, 2004 and December 16, 2004 — These orders giving her the child’s biological father sole custody of his daughter were admitted as evidence. Her defense team had tried to get these orders not allowed as evidence.
  • Order to View her United States Passport — This order was granted that allows the prosecution the right to view Genevieve Kelley’s passport. This should include the stamps of every country that Genevieve visited with her U.S. Passport from 2004. If Mary Nunes does not surface during the trial, this will be history of the countries that young Mary Nunes stayed during the kidnapping.

On March 2, 2015:

  • The court ruled that the biological father of the child cannot be deposed prior to trial. This was no doubt a tactic to by the defense to disparage the child’s father prior to trial. Genevieve Kelley had so many legal options and alternative before she fled the country, it’s really sad to see her defense team once again trying to blame the victim father for her crime. If she really believed the father not a good parent, she should have stayed in the State of Hampshire and used the Family Court and Child Protective Services.

With Genevieve Kelley out on bail, we really hope that as her legal defenses and alternatives are reduced, that she would find the courage:

  • To reunite Mary with her biological father
  • To apologize to the biological father
  • To plead guilty

By doing so, she would not allow save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, but she would make this situation for her daughter right.

Where is Mary Nunes? – Kidnapped to South America in 2004

December 16, 2014
Mary Nunes, Eileen Kelley

Mary Nunes is now 18 years old and was kidnapped to Central America in 2004

Please help bring parental kidnap victim Mary Nunes home for the Holidays! Inn 2004, it is alleged that the Genevieve and Scott Kelley took Mary from her custodial father and fled the United States to an unknown location. The case was featured as part of John Walsh’s television program “The Hunt” on August 31, 2014.

On November 17, 2014, Genevieve Kelley surrendered to the Coos County Sheriff’s Office, in Lancaster, NH. However, Ms Kelley will not divulge the location of her daughter Mary Nunes. Her well-being is unknown. The location of Scott Kelley is also unknown.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or have observed anyone that resembles the Scott Kelley or Mary Nunes, please contact the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, or your local police. 

Mary Nunes may have fled to Central or South America perhaps: Brazil, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina, Caribbeans, Venezuela, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, St. Martin.

If Mary Nunes is reading this on the Internet, please contact authorities immediately.

U.S. Marshall’s Office

Breaking: Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelley Surrendered to Get Medical Care for Family Member

December 12, 2014

In October 2004, Genevieve Kelley fled the United States of America underground with her new husband. She’d start a new life in South America kidnapping her 8 year old daughter. She even used her own Passport to flee the country. For this narcissistic family practice doctor, it didn’t appear that she had any intention on ever returning tho the USA. She didn’t agree with a New Hampshire Judge’s custody order that gave her former spouse, also a physician custody of her daughter. She didn’t want anything to do with living in the United States of America, its court system as well as its medical system.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Parental Kidnapper  Genevieve Kelly surrendered to get Medical Care in the USA for her Family

We are now hearing that Genevieve Kelley returned to the United States of America because in South America she was not able to get the medical attention for a 9 year old son that was born when she was abroad. The child was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

When Genevieve Kelley went underground in 2004, it was a known fact that one of the primary risks of going underground is that parental kidnappers are not able to get proper medical care. She would have had to have known of one of the first well-publicized underground cases where Underground Mother Dorrie Singley died of a brain aneurysm 1987 while in hiding in New Orleans. Her child later surfaced in California and the father ended up with custody.

In 2004, Dr. Genevieve Kelley engaged in one of the most horrible crimes against a child. She kidnapped her child and most likely changed the child’s name. She made every attempt to erase an 8 year old child’s memory of her custodial biological father. As I’ve previously written, how does a parent look a child in their eyes do this? This is clearly a form of emotional child abuse against an 8 year old child.

We are also hearing that Genevieve Kelly has made bail and is now at a home with her now 9 year old child. My question to the local Child Protective Services Office is why haven’t they taken the 9 year old into custody yet? Any parent that would emotionally abuse another child can’t possibly be a fit parent. Although maybe that’s the point of her surrender. Maybe she wants the taxpayers to pay healthcare costs of her child.

The judge in this case did not mandate that Genevieve Kelly divulge the location of her now adult child. There is not evidence or proof that the the now adult child she kidnapped in 2004 is even alive. Genevieve Kelley and her attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld says the daughter is fine, but I wouldn’t personally believe either one of them. And what ever happened to Genevieve Kelley’s second husband Scott Kelley? Is he alive or dead?

In addition, Genevieve Kelley is using the infamous Underground Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld. Attorney Rosenfeld has been involved in a number of these case and there are some that allege that he is involved in some of the cases before the mom goest into hiding. His initial law firm, Harrison & Rosenfeld is sometimes credited with starting the Underground or Protective Parent cause. His former partner, Garnett Harrison was the disbarred Attorney in the Dorrie Singley Case.

So today, Genevieve Kelley gave an interview to the Boston Globe to try her case in the media like most of the other Underground cases. She once again, puts the blame on her former spouse for the situation. She also allows the Boston Globe to take a picture of her 9 year old son. We are appalled to see her innocent 9 year old child used as a pawn in this situation. Why wouldn’t a so called “protective parent” shield her child from the horrible situation she is in?

And the bigger question is what gullible reporter and Editorial Staff would do this story and take the photo? For those of us that have followed these cases, we imagine Genevieve Kelley will be fund raising from the general public for not only her parental kidnapping trial but the medical costs of her family. She will have gone from a doctor, a fugitive on the run and now an indigent individual. We are hoping that our Nation’s Criminal Justice System will make her next stop Child Protective Services and her final stop Prison.

The Editor

Boston Globe

Breaking: Parental Kidnapper Dr. Genevieve Kelley Finally Arrested

November 19, 2014
Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelly

In 2004, Genevieve Kelley (aka: Dr. Genevieve San Martin M.D.) kidnapped her 8 year old daughter during a Family Law Custody Case. The case appeared on CNN’s “The Hunt” in August 2014. In a case that sounds like the sequel to the Dr. Elizabeth Morgan and Dr. Eric A. Foretich case of 1982. Just like in Elizabeth Morgan case, Dr. Genevieve Kelley was alleged to have attempted to fabricate evidence in the custody case. Dr. Kelley interviewed or allegedly coached her child into making fabricated allegations against the child’s father in a video which eventually led to her losing custody. It’s not surprising to find that Genevieve Kelley’s attorney is no other than traveling Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld and former member of the Elizabeth Morgan legal team of Colorado. In a further spin to the case, it appears that Dr. Kelley moved from Whitehead, New Hampshire to Colorado before she went into hiding.

Scott Kelley - Alleged Parental Kidnapper

Wanted: Parental Kidnapper – Scott Kelley

It is believed that Dr. Genevieve Kelley fled to Central America with her new husband Scott Kelley in 2004. After her arrest, like the Elizabeth Morgan Case, she is refusing to divulge the location of her now 18 year old daughter Mary Nunes.

Mary Nunes Missing Child

Mary Nunes, now 18 Years is Still Kidnapped

Protective Parent Attorney Alan Rosenfeld – Attorney or Protester or Both?

April 24, 2012

Alan Rosenfeld, Attorney – Louisvile, Colorado, USA