Defending False Allegations – The Smoking Gun

October 4, 2018

It is so difficult to defend a False Allegations as most fathers know in Protective Parent Cases. Custody Evaluators will ask for the “smoking gun” where the accuser can be caught in the lie. The accused father will be challenged to deliver this smoking gun.

Here’s the possible smoking gun in the Brett Kavanaugh Alleged False Allegation Case. The Accuser Christine Blasey Ford has been potentially caught in a lie. It is quite possible that her Best Friend Forever (BFF) coached Blasey Ford in her hand written letter; ensured she was able to pass a lie detector test and further complicating the issue has connections to Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti. So it is possible that the Senate Judicial Committee had been setup during this process and by hiring a Special Prosecutor was able to get the Smoking Gun to discredit Blasey Ford.


Monica McLean, Former FBI Agent at Christine Blasey Ford Hearings


Letter from Blasey-Ford Former Boyfriend Disclosing the Lie Detector Test and Friendship with Monica McLean


Christine Blasey Ford BFF Monica McLean with Lawyer Michael Avenatti

We have seen protective moms at their Criminal and Family Court Hearings appear to be at times somewhat credible with their allegations. However, as the story unfolds — the lies or false allegations are eventually exposed.

The Kavanaugh hearings are further politicized with Michael R. Bromwich the attorney for fired FBI Agent Andrew McCabe joining Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team. There is a video circulating around the Internet showing U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee handing Bromwich an envelope at the hearings. Some would say that the alleged pro bono attorney was receiving a check.

Although we have seen at the Protective Parent Trials just like the Kavanaugh Hearings that a cast of characters always appears in these cases that are dedicated to their cause. Guilty or Innocence doesn’t matter as much as supporting the cause and promoting ones reputation.

These past several weeks have been an embarrassment to America but will hopefully create a foundation for leveling the playing field for Fathers in Protective Parent Cases. #HeToo


What is the Temperament for a Falsely Accused Father?

October 4, 2018

In the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Nomination Hearings, when Joe Biden wanted to delay the “Coke Can” Hearings until the next day — Justice Thomas became angry and forced Joe Biden to extend the hearings to that evening. Thomas, who would later be confirmed did not want any amount of time to pass until he had the opportunity to defend himself.

That didn’t happen with Brett Kavanaugh. After Christine Blasey Ford or her lawyers represented to the Committee that Ford had a fear of flying, the hearings were extended until Thursday the next week. Kavanaugh did not get a chance to defend himself until the following week when he was interviewed on Television. And when Kavanaugh appeared to not show the anger that Clarence Thomas did with the horrific “false allegations” — he was criticized for not showing any emotion except some tears.

Kavanaugh  eventually was given an opportunity to testify and he unleashed the same type of anger that Clarence Thomas. As we would expect, this opened the door for his critics to portray him as a “angry white male” and lacking in judicial temperament.

As we have seem in False Allegation Family Law Custody Hearings involving Protective Moms —  Accused Fathers are being labeled as sexual predators and other inflammatory labels despite no evidence except the protective mom’s belief. These labels are not only by some of the ignorant media covering the cases but the mom’s supporters. They don’t even bother to use the word “allege” even though the allegations are meritless. There is a difference between a protective mom saying that she believes her child to be abused and a therapist or Child Protective Services Worker. In virtually all of the cases it is the protective mom that self-diagnosed her child as being abused by her former spouse rather than Child Protective Services believing the chid in danger when in custody of his or her father.

So back to the temperament of an accused father. If the father is to retain joint custody or coparenting of his child(ren) his temperament would need to be even more judicial then Judge Kavanaugh since most men do not have the comparable educational or career achievements.

We wish Judge Kavanaugh the best of luck since most of us in our community know what it is like to be falsely accused and how difficult it is to defend oneself and the perceived temperament needed to prevail.

The Time Has Finally Arrived For #HeToo

September 25, 2018


The #MeToo Movement of 2017 and the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings with Investigative Reporters like Ronan Farrow (who is estranged from his father Woody Allen with allegations that his biological father could be Frank Sinatra); Lawyer Gloria Allred and Porn Actress Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti; Politicians like Senator Mazie Hirono and Social Media has created a new forum and weapon (see article by The Hill Writer Lisa Boothe) for those alleging abuse by a man.

The time has now arrived for the #HeToo Movement for Men that have falsely accused of abusing or being disrespectful of Women. Unfortunately is this new #MeToo Movement, these accusers as well as the media’s believe they have a license to accuse without regard to their own political agenda, cause, business or personal agenda. Unfortunately, it is now just too easy for one to issue a false allegation with little or no corroborating evidence. And you have reporters like Ronan Farrow who use hearsay to corroborate their story and Politicians like Senator Hirono (D-HI) who consider the accused guilty until proven innocent in this new era. In the past week Supreme Court Nominee Bret Kavanaugh has been both “farrowed” and “hironoed” by Farrow and Hirono.

The Fathers in these Protective Parent Cases on our website have been “Falsely Accused” and are one of the first members of the #HeToo Movement that really began in the ’90s. They fought for their innocent, searched for their children, recovered their children and looked for justice in both our Criminal and Family Law Courts. As it is said, our Legal System sometimes works and other times doesn’t. Yet many of these fathers prevailed and eventually ended with sole legal custody of their children and raised their children to be accomplished and productive members of society. There are others that would have given the opportunity.

Some Politicians and members of our Mainstream Media and others should be shameful of their behavior in the past several weeks investigating the recent Supreme Court Nominee during his high school and college days. There is nothing that is no longer off limits including ones high school year book.

We support anyone who is part of this #HeToo Movement.



September 24, 2018

In the past several decades we have followed Protective Parent Movement Cases which have involved he said she said allegations. In these Protective Parent Cases there are similar allegations such as those that we have been made against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

In recent weeks many Politicians such as Senators Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Mazie Hirono (D-H) on the Senate Judiciary Committee have said or implied they believed Christine Blasey Ford. Other Celebrities and politically aligned supporters have joined this cause.

Here is what distinguished former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz had to say about the allegations involved in the Kavanaugh issue.

“Dershowitz went on to question whether women should automatically be believed simply because they’re women. Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth and men with a special gene for lying?” he asked. “I don’t believe her. I don’t believe him. I have an open mind. I want to hear both sides of the story and make a determination.” — Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz went on to say:

No one should presume that either party is lying or telling the truth. There is no gender-based gene for truth telling. Some women tell the truth; some women lie. Some men tell the truth; some men lie. Without hearing any evidence under oath, and subject to cross-examination, no reasonable person should declare psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford to be a victim or federal judge Brett Kavanaugh to be a perpetrator. Nor should anybody declare the opposite. — Alan Dershowitz

The recent Me Too Movement (#metoo) against sexual harassment and sexual assault has dangerously started a shift from “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty until proven innocent”. We have seen this in Protective Parent Movement Cases as protective parent attorneys attempt to create a fragment of doubt. Although this strategy rarely works, we see it happening to Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Even though the allegations from the accusers are from thirty years ago without corroborating evidence by women who were intoxicated — they want to create this similar fragment of doubt to achieve their political agenda of keeping Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court Bench.

In the Protective Parent Cases, it not not uncommon for a protective mom to enlarge or story or fabricate new allegations in the course of the case. With the limited details provided by both Blasey-Ford and Ramirez and the number of years that has passed since the alleged event, we would not be surprised if the politically motivated Blasey-Ford or the former Domestic Violence Worker Ramirez may have also enlarged or fabricated their story. It is no secret that Protective Moms are told by Protective Parent Attorneys that sometimes they must commit acts of disobedience as Protective Parent Attorneys have publicly stated. The Cause-oriented concept is that the end is more important than the means.

We conclude that in our self correcting legal system it must be the start of the #hetoo #falseallegations movement. We must now begin to turn the clock back to “innocent until proven guilty” rather than ignorantly accepting a “guilty until proven innocent” direction.

The Editor
Family Abduction Watch

False Allegations

September 17, 2018

With the #metoo movement appearing to move the court of public away from the 14th Amendment “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” to “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” — we looked at this particular we research into the motives of those making false allegations in rape cases. Here is what the research concluded:

Reasons given for making intentional False Rape Claims:

  1. Providing an alibi
  2. Seeking revenge
  3. Obtaining Sympathy and Attention

Does Cassie Doubleday Have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSP)?

September 7, 2018

Most Protective Mums will go underground or into hiding as soon as a Family Law Court ordered psychiatric evaluation or Trial begins to uncover possible undiagnosed mental conditions about the mum. Cassie Doubleday and her supporters have proclaimed professional like Dr. Freda Briggs testifying on the Internet about her case, but have these or any professionals evaluated Cassie for a form of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a condition often associated with protective mums. Is she intentionally telling saying her children are abused when she is in fact the abuse? Would bias-professionals like Dr. Freda Briggs be intentionally ruling out a mental illness like this to promote Brigg’s own professional agenda.

Cassie Watter, Cassie Doubleday

Parental Kidnapper Cassie Doubleday Arrested

We have also seen letters from the child posted on the Internet by Cassie Doubleday’s supporters. These letters are a common tactic by protective parent attorneys to inject false testimony from the minor child into the case. That in itself is an invasion of the minor’s privacy and a form of child abuse. These letters always contain words and phrases not typically used by a child. In this case, a minor does not typically talk about fighting for her or his freedom — that sounds like language a protective mum would use.

It sounds like the Townsville Family Law Court got this case right and that it is now time for Cassie Doubleday to seek the mental health treatment she needs. Is she crazy, it’s apparent many very highly qualified professionals do.

Sydney Morning Herald Reporters Insensitive to Parental Kidnapping Victims

September 5, 2018


Reporters Jenny Noyes and Patrick Begley of the Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Cassie Doubleday’s parents Heather and Arthur Doubleday. They wrote that Heather and Arthur claimed that they heard from Cassie for the first time in four years. Furthermore, they gave the Doubledays a platform for saying they would seek custody of these children that were kidnapped for four years.

In these Protective Parent Cases, the parental kidnapper and her supporters usually have at least one reporter that is willing to provide a one-sided or bias story. In this case those reporters are Jenny Noyes and Patrick Begley of the Sydney Morning Herald.

First of all the idea that Heather or Arthur Doubleday did not know where their daughter was for the last four years is ludicrous and insulting to the plight of parental kidnapping victims which include the searching parents and their families. At the very least the Doubledays should have been asked if they expected to be charged as third party conspirators to this crime. They should have been asked if they were going on the record stating they had no way of contacting Cassie when she was in hiding and they provided any financial assistance to their daughter or grandchildren. And if not, why not? What horrible and unfit grandparents if they didn’t even send Christmas or Birthday Gifts!

The Sydney Morning Herald Editor needs to assign more professional journalists to this news story. Their coverage of this kidnapping story is a horrible example of today’s agenda-based or fake news.

The Sydney Morning Herald, Grandparents hope for custody as Queensland twins found after four years (May 5, 2018)