Where is Timmothy Pitzen?

October 4, 2016


On the morning of May 11, 2011, Amy Fry-Pitzen picked up son Timmothy from his kindergarten classroom and … well, if you’ve been following the many local and national headlines about this mystery since then, you know the tragic details of the case.

A mother struggling with depression and an unhappy marriage takes her little boy on a three-day vacation that included Brookfield Zoo and a water park in the Wisconsin Dells. Then she commits suicide inside a Rockford motel room, leaving behind a note that says her child is safe with people who cared for him but that he’ll never be found.

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More Search Warrants Needed in Family Abduction Cases Against Accomplices

October 4, 2016

Police Enter St. Cloud Home of Dede Evavold

In Family Abduction Cases, it is a well known statistic that in 75% of the cases, a family member or friend knows the location of the abductor and kidnapped child. In the Sandra Rucki Case, law enforcement raided the home of third party accomplice Dede Evavold with a search warrant and uncovered critical evidence that led to recover the the kidnapped children.

As most victims of parental kidnapping cases would say, the most frustrating part is that family members and friends always always know the location. Yet law enforcement is reticent to get a search warrant and enter the property of the family members and third parties. And in this new digital era, there is usually a digital footprint on cell phone and computers. In past cases, these third parties felt that they were protected from both search and seizure warrants and criminal prosecution.

That all changed with the prosecution in Dakota County Minnesota of Dede Evavold with 6 Felony Counts of Deprivation of Child Custody. That being said, it is hopeful that other local law enforcement and District Attorneys will study this case to assist them in bringing home the thousands of currently missing children.

As we have learned from almost all of these protective parent cases, it’s nearly impossible for any protective parent to go underground or hide with a kidnapped child for a very long period of time. They will always need financial assistance and support from their families and friends.

Again, it’s time to bring home the other children and to prosecute these accomplices. It may also be time for some of these accomplices to step forward before they too end up in jail like Sandra Grazzini and Dede Evavold.

A Teachable Moment for the Protective Parent Movement

October 3, 2016

In the aftermath of the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and accomplice Dede Evavold’s criminal trials — one has to wonder how the Family Court Critic/Protective Parent Movement would respond to the verdicts in these cases. With both Sandra Rucki and Dede Evavold convicted of four and six felonies each, both are currently in jail. Meanwhile, Doug and Gina Dahlen have upcoming criminal trials.

Today, in a Facebook and other social media posting these advocates or protesters are claiming: “a rigged trial”; paternal abuse evidence was kept from the jury and trial-by-ambush. There’s actually a Twitter account that is posting proclaimed evidence. If Evavold was so confident that she had the evidence of her innocence, then why didn’t she hire an attorney to represent her?

But child kidnapping is kidnapping and this Minnesota District Attorney has stepped forward to prosecute the kidnapper and all accomplices for their crime. In our nation’s history, there has never been a District Attorney that has rightfully prosecuted all directly involved parties for this crime. Even though this has not happened before, every child protectionists should realize that the jury has spoken, the judge has spoken and now is the time for everyone to more forward “in the best interests of the children”.

So as this case begins to de-escalate it’s hopeful that groups that have supported Sandra Rucki and Dede Evavold in the past, will show some compassion in protecting the privacy of the Rucki Family Children. It’s time for everyone to more forward in this case!

Dede Evavold – Protective Parent Accomplice Guilty of 6 Felony Counts

September 30, 2016

Dede Evavold Mugshot (Photo Credit: Missing in Minnesota)

There was a historic verdict this week in Dakota County Minnesota as Assistant District Attorney Kathy Keena successfully prosecuted Deirdre “Dede” Evavold for 6 Felony Counts for Deprivation of Child Custody in the Sandra Rucki Teenager Family Abduction Case. This could be the very first criminal prosecution of a protective parent movement / family court critic accomplice. In 1992, Assistant District Attorney Rose Wing of Cobb County Georgia was unable to get a guilty verdict in the trial of the infamous Faye Yager. But over two


Assistant DA Dakota County

decades later it is Assistant DA Kathy Keena that has now delivered the verdict that could finally put an end to the protective parent / family court critic movement — or the parental kidnapping of children.

Family Abduction or the kidnapping of young children is a horrific crime and once an arrested protective parent is finally caught, most District Attorneys are reticent to charge third party accomplices. The DAs normally get the felony conviction on the parent that kidnapped the child(ren) and do not take the extra step to prosecute the accomplices.

On behalf of the Family Abduction Community of Recovering and Searching Parents, their families and others involved in these cases, we congratulate Assistant DA Keena and her team at the Dakota County DAs Office and other law enforcement in this case. We have waited a very long time to see a verdict like this that will hopefully help to shut down these movements.

What’s next – will Gina and Doug Dahlen take their case to trial or will they now plead guilty to save the taxpayers the expense of a trial? Keena is now 2-0 and the Dahlens will now need to negotiate with her their plea deal. I would think the key question that remains is that will the Keena also want the Felony Charges against the Dahlens?

Dede Evavold Found Guilty of 6 Felony Counts

September 29, 2016

Dede Evavold – Found Guility

In a historic verdict and 3-day Trial, a jury found Minnesota Protective Parent Movement Advocate Dede Evavold guilty of 6 Felony Counts. She was taken into custody.

Dede Evavold, one of the former leaders of the Minnesota Protective Parents Group and outspoken Family Court Critic assisted Sandra Grazzini-Rucki in kidnapping Sandra’s two daughters. Sandra Rucki was found guilty of 4 Felony Counts of Deprivation of Child Custody earlier this year.

Rather than hire an attorney or use a public defender or plead guilty, Dede Evavold elected to represent herself (she is not a lawyer). As her close friend and attorney Michelle MacDonald did not represent her.

Editor’s Note: Wow, this is a huge step toward shutting down the protective parent movement and encouraging those Family Court Critics to not engage in kidnapping or civil disobedience. It does not appear that the Protective Parent Network of Lawyers and Expert Witnesses stepped up to help Evavold in her legal defense. After this verdict, why would any divorcing mother trust the protective parent network. This verdict and a long prison sentence for Evavold would send a strong message to protective moms that they should respect the courts and exhaust their legal remedies in these cases before electing illegal ones. WOW!


2013 Photo of Dede Evavold and Sandra Grazzini-Rucki (Video by Attorney Michelle MacDonald)

The Smoking Gun in the Dede Evavold Trial. Missing in Minnesota reports that Dede Evavold sent Sandra Grazzini-Rucki an email with the criminal statutes for deprivation of parental rights. This is thought to be the most convincing evidence against Dede Evavold. She knew exactly what the crime was and the associated risk. Tonight Dede Evavold is in jail for her part in the kidnapping of the teenagers.




Dede Evavold Protective Parent Criminal Trial Resumes

September 29, 2016

Dede Evavold

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.57.48 PM

The leader of the Children of the Underground, Faye Yager was the most notorious protective parent movement member to go on trial in the ’90s in Cobb County, Georgia. Tragically, the District Attorney Rose Wing failed to get a criminal prosecution. Over twenty years later in Hastings, Minnesota protective parent movement member Dede Evavold is being prosecuted on six felony counts of deprivation of child custody in the Sandra Grazzini Rucki case. Instead of getting the assistance of protective parent attorneys like Faye Yager did, Evavold is representing herself. She is not an attorney.

It is being reported that on Day 4 of the Trial, Evavold provided no opening statement, no witnesses, no cross examination and no objections. Evavold refuses to do anything. Evavold previously rejected a plea deal.

This makes no sense whatsoever and it sounds like Dede Evavold is daring the judge and the jury to send her to prison. Inasmuch as the protective parent network of lawyers and supporters usually steps up to defend their own, even attorney Michelle MacDonald who is seen in this video with Sandra Rucki and Michelle MacDonald is a no show.

This video was shot in 2013 by these Minnesota Protective Parent Movement / Family Court Critic Supporters. Ironically, three years later Sandra Rucki is in jail, Dede Rutherford on trial and Michelle MacDonald is running for judge. This supports our conclusion that the motive for this crime in these cases is “anger and revenge” and not for “love and protection of the child.”

Dede Evavold’s Trial to Begin

September 26, 2016

Six Felony Counts for  Deprivation of Parental Rights in Sandra Rucki Case

A historic trial begins in Dakota County, Minnesota with the Criminal trial of Dede Evavold. Dede is accused of six felony counts of Deprivation of Parental Rights with her involvement in the Sandra Rucki Family Abduction Case. The prosecution of third party “protective parent network” or “family court critic” supporters is not common since most of these co-conspirators usually reside in other states or jurisdictions. However, the kidnapped girls were found in Hermann, Minnesota and the District Attorney has also charged Evavold. Dede Evavold was one of the founders of the Minnesota Protective Parents Organization. She is shown on Youtube videos with Sandra Rucki supporting the “protective parent” / “family court critic” movement.

Sandra Rucki was found guilty earlier this year, Dede Evavold elected not to take a plea a deal with the local district attorney. Evavold does not have a lawyer and is representing herself.

Where is Evavold’s friend, attorney and judicial candidate Michelle MacDonald?

Today in court Evavold was offered a plea deal to two counts, stay of adjudication, probation of three years, jail sentence under 90 days. She did not take the deal. She has no witness list, she has not provided the state with any discovery.

Editor’s Note: As a protective parent/family court critic movement supporter and kidnapper, Dede Evavold wants to use our Criminal Court system as a form of protest. She has no regard for the costs of a jury trial to the county. She has no lawyer nor does she want one.

9/27/2016 Update: Dede Evavold’s trial began today at 1:30pm. A jury has been selected. She is still representing herself. She declined to make an opening statement.