Where is Angie Vu Ha today?

December 11, 2018

It was only 2016 Angie Vu Ha was jailed in New York City for attempting to kidnap her child to Vietnam. Angie Vu Ha, a celebrity DJ /Model would have rather had a relative care for her child while she traveled around the World. The child’s biological father in parents would eventually get residential custody of the child in Paris.

Angie Vu Ha would eventually be released from jail and this year she gave birth to another child with a new boyfriend. And apparently as she posts on Facebook her older daughter spends time with her. So even after being prosecuted for a parental kidnapping, Angie Vu Ha is able to move along with her life “in the best interests of the child.” It appears that the better parent to have primary custody is the father.

So other moms that have moved along are non-custodial mother Kelly Rutherford and Maya Tsimhoni. But you still have a handful of pathetic protective moms like Joanne McDowell and Genevieve Kelley that simply will sadly not share custody — it!s horrible that the courts are still not able to mandate a reunification with the child’s biological father. And even more pathetic that Joanne and Genevieve think there cases are much different the others.

Good for Angie Vu Ha for taking her custody tine with her child and moving forward with her life!


It’s Time to Extradite Alleged Parental Kidnapper Joanne McDowell

December 11, 2018

Alleged Parental Kidnapper Joanne McDowell (NC Felony Arrest Warrants Issued)

In the United States, the last city/county that the parents lived in with the children has venue or jurisdiction over the case. So if one of the parents such as the case of Joanne McDowell wants to move to another city with the child, she will need the permission of that county Family Court. The mother can’t just move to another venue with the child which would be a parental kidnapping.

So it was apparent that Joanne McDowell didn’t want to stay in Hendersonville, North Carolina and share custody with her former spouse. And she did what many protective parents do, allegedly staged a video of her child after a custody transfer with related allegations against her former spouse, a physician. Does this sound familiar to those of us in the Family Abduction Community — you bet it does. This was a common tactic in the ’80s and ’90s. But the story doesn’t end her, Joanne McDowell who was in law school at Chapel Hill fled the jurisdiction and kidnapped her child to her native country Canada. And then she both shopped for a therapist in Canada and actually got a ignorant Canada Judge to give her custody. Wow, does that sound familiar — you bet it sadly does.

That was over 6 years ago and the Henderson County North Carolina elected District Attorney Greg Newman has filed Felony Kidnapping Charges against Joanne McDowell. But McDowell has somehow evaded the lame Hague Convention and has been extradited from Canada. Although not surprisingly, McDowell has not been able to finish law school at UNC Law School — and probably would more or less have difficultly becoming a lawyer in the United States with her felony charge.

We applaud Greg Newman for filing the felony charge against McDowell but would like to see some sort of justice for the father and child in this case. McDowell has wrongfully be able to obtain a Canadian Restraining Order against the father and his child which is pathetic. In most of these cases, the Canadian Judge should have had a phone conference with the U.S. Family Law Judge and ordered McDowell back to the United States. But the judge did not do that and allowed McDowell to venue shop. We think it is time for Newman to take steps to extradite McDowell. Possibly get a UFAP Warrant issued which Canada.

Editor’s Note: We don’t believe JoAnne McDowell is the victim here. We have seen her story before but it is time for a parent like her to step up for the Holidays and turn herself in to the North Carolina District Attorney. There is little doubt from looking at McDowell’s inflammatory posts on her social media accounts is that she has already engaged in parental alienation of her child. It is time for her to support a reunification of her child and his biological father. By doing so, maybe she could work to getting the felony warrant dropped and could return to law school in the United States. It’s probably not too late for her to finish her career path she started.

A final note on McDowell’s pathetic allegations against her former spouse. Dr. Katheleen Faller of the University of Michigan a very long time ago promoted a theory about these protective mom’s beliefs. She thought because McDowell’s former spouse was rejecting his wife in the marriage that the father must turning his affection to his child. When I heard about it back then I thought it was so disgusting it was not worth mentioning. But it seems that this ignorant mom might actually have this unreasonable belief. What’s so sad is that this particular mom has some even more pathetic friends that might actually believe her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the Searching Parents. We are keeping hope alive that these families will soon be reunified.

Shame on CBS 48 Hours for Another Story About Parental Kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett

December 7, 2018

On Saturday December 8, 2018 CBS 48 Hours will once again publicize the very sad story of convicted parental kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett. Barnett, a former flight attendant with no college degree committed what is considered one of the most heinous acts of child maltreatment, a parental kidnapping.

Dorothy Lee Barnett

A Convicted Felon

We are not sure why CBS 48 Hours would continue to be interested in this type of story that deserves no further public attention. What is tragic that Dorothy Lee Barnett was not captured earlier living in Australia which has very underdeveloped system for recovering missing children and related laws. Just recently Cassie Doubleday was able to hide with her two daughters from the Queensland justice system and is awaiting trial. Australia prides itself in their commitment to a child’s right to know both parents yet Dorothy Lee Barnett was able to hide in their country and gain residence without prosecution for over a decade. Australia does not have a clearing house or resource center like America’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

During these Holidays, our thoughts and prayers are with the victim searching parents like in this case. The now adult-child never got to know her well educated father and has ignorantly decided not to have a relationship with he or his family. That’s no Holiday Season Story and shame on CBS for airing this story now. They are showing no sensitivity to the victims of parental kidnapping cases and it is time Advertisers pull their campaigns from CBS. A kidnapped child is a parent’s worst nightmare and CBS just doesn’t get it.


First Book To Tell The Story of the Protective Parent Case Victims

November 27, 2018

Must Read for Family Court Judges, Evaluators, Family Law Attorneys, Child Abuse Professionals and Law Enforcement

Protective Parent Family Law Cases involve so many victims

Michael Brodkorb and Allison Mann of Minnesota that covered the Sandra Grazzini Rucki, Dede Evavold, Gina Dahlen and Doug Dahlen Teenager Family Abduction that resulted in four individuals going to jail have published the very first book about a Protective Parent Case from the perspective of the Searching/Recovering Parent Families. They are also the first to tell the untold stories of the many victims including the victim children and their siblings of this case involving Family Law Custody, Parental Kidnapping, Parental Alienation and False Allegations. Broadkorb a contributing reporter for the Minnesota Star Tribute was also harassed in this case.

The Girls Are Gone, Underground book, Protective Parent book

There have been some protective parent books written by the protective parents and/or their lawyers that have reveal anything revealing about these cases. Michael Broadkorb and Allison Mann have written the inside story of a case that went from the Family Law Court to the worst nightmare of any parent, a missing child case to a Criminal Trial involving the prosecution of not only the protective parent but her accomplices. For those that don’t believe that parental alienation exists or that a mom can be an abuser — this is not a book that you would want to read because you simply won’t be able to handle the truth.

Thank you Michael Broadkorb, Allison Mann and the Rucki Family for telling your story. We admire your courage to open your lives to us. Especially to those that have been impacted by these cases.

Defending False Allegations – The Smoking Gun

October 4, 2018

It is so difficult to defend a False Allegations as most fathers know in Protective Parent Cases. Custody Evaluators will ask for the “smoking gun” where the accuser can be caught in the lie. The accused father will be challenged to deliver this smoking gun.

Here’s the possible smoking gun in the Brett Kavanaugh Alleged False Allegation Case. The Accuser Christine Blasey Ford has been potentially caught in a lie. It is quite possible that her Best Friend Forever (BFF) coached Blasey Ford in her hand written letter; ensured she was able to pass a lie detector test and further complicating the issue has connections to Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti. So it is possible that the Senate Judicial Committee had been setup during this process and by hiring a Special Prosecutor was able to get the Smoking Gun to discredit Blasey Ford.


Monica McLean, Former FBI Agent at Christine Blasey Ford Hearings


Letter from Blasey-Ford Former Boyfriend Disclosing the Lie Detector Test and Friendship with Monica McLean


Christine Blasey Ford BFF Monica McLean with Lawyer Michael Avenatti

We have seen protective moms at their Criminal and Family Court Hearings appear to be at times somewhat credible with their allegations. However, as the story unfolds — the lies or false allegations are eventually exposed.

The Kavanaugh hearings are further politicized with Michael R. Bromwich the attorney for fired FBI Agent Andrew McCabe joining Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team. There is a video circulating around the Internet showing U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee handing Bromwich an envelope at the hearings. Some would say that the alleged pro bono attorney was receiving a check.

Although we have seen at the Protective Parent Trials just like the Kavanaugh Hearings that a cast of characters always appears in these cases that are dedicated to their cause. Guilty or Innocence doesn’t matter as much as supporting the cause and promoting ones reputation.

These past several weeks have been an embarrassment to America but will hopefully create a foundation for leveling the playing field for Fathers in Protective Parent Cases. #HeToo

What is the Temperament for a Falsely Accused Father?

October 4, 2018

In the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Nomination Hearings, when Joe Biden wanted to delay the “Coke Can” Hearings until the next day — Justice Thomas became angry and forced Joe Biden to extend the hearings to that evening. Thomas, who would later be confirmed did not want any amount of time to pass until he had the opportunity to defend himself.

That didn’t happen with Brett Kavanaugh. After Christine Blasey Ford or her lawyers represented to the Committee that Ford had a fear of flying, the hearings were extended until Thursday the next week. Kavanaugh did not get a chance to defend himself until the following week when he was interviewed on Television. And when Kavanaugh appeared to not show the anger that Clarence Thomas did with the horrific “false allegations” — he was criticized for not showing any emotion except some tears.

Kavanaugh  eventually was given an opportunity to testify and he unleashed the same type of anger that Clarence Thomas. As we would expect, this opened the door for his critics to portray him as a “angry white male” and lacking in judicial temperament.

As we have seem in False Allegation Family Law Custody Hearings involving Protective Moms —  Accused Fathers are being labeled as sexual predators and other inflammatory labels despite no evidence except the protective mom’s belief. These labels are not only by some of the ignorant media covering the cases but the mom’s supporters. They don’t even bother to use the word “allege” even though the allegations are meritless. There is a difference between a protective mom saying that she believes her child to be abused and a therapist or Child Protective Services Worker. In virtually all of the cases it is the protective mom that self-diagnosed her child as being abused by her former spouse rather than Child Protective Services believing the chid in danger when in custody of his or her father.

So back to the temperament of an accused father. If the father is to retain joint custody or coparenting of his child(ren) his temperament would need to be even more judicial then Judge Kavanaugh since most men do not have the comparable educational or career achievements.

We wish Judge Kavanaugh the best of luck since most of us in our community know what it is like to be falsely accused and how difficult it is to defend oneself and the perceived temperament needed to prevail.

The Time Has Finally Arrived For #HeToo

September 25, 2018


The #MeToo Movement of 2017 and the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings with Investigative Reporters like Ronan Farrow (who is estranged from his father Woody Allen with allegations that his biological father could be Frank Sinatra); Lawyer Gloria Allred and Porn Actress Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti; Politicians like Senator Mazie Hirono and Social Media has created a new forum and weapon (see article by The Hill Writer Lisa Boothe) for those alleging abuse by a man.

The time has now arrived for the #HeToo Movement for Men that have falsely accused of abusing or being disrespectful of Women. Unfortunately is this new #MeToo Movement, these accusers as well as the media’s believe they have a license to accuse without regard to their own political agenda, cause, business or personal agenda. Unfortunately, it is now just too easy for one to issue a false allegation with little or no corroborating evidence. And you have reporters like Ronan Farrow who use hearsay to corroborate their story and Politicians like Senator Hirono (D-HI) who consider the accused guilty until proven innocent in this new era. In the past week Supreme Court Nominee Bret Kavanaugh has been both “farrowed” and “hironoed” by Farrow and Hirono.

The Fathers in these Protective Parent Cases on our website have been “Falsely Accused” and are one of the first members of the #HeToo Movement that really began in the ’90s. They fought for their innocent, searched for their children, recovered their children and looked for justice in both our Criminal and Family Law Courts. As it is said, our Legal System sometimes works and other times doesn’t. Yet many of these fathers prevailed and eventually ended with sole legal custody of their children and raised their children to be accomplished and productive members of society. There are others that would have given the opportunity.

Some Politicians and members of our Mainstream Media and others should be shameful of their behavior in the past several weeks investigating the recent Supreme Court Nominee during his high school and college days. There is nothing that is no longer off limits including ones high school year book.

We support anyone who is part of this #HeToo Movement.