Opinion: Kelly Rutherford Case Historic for International Custody Cases

Kelly Rutherford, Parental Alienation

Kelly Rutherford – An International Custody Case

As a celeb and role model to young women and mothers, we believe Kelly Rutherford should be held to a higher standard. That said, in recent years her case has had a historic outcome in:

  • Family Abduction / Parental Kidnapping / Withholding Custody – In sending the message to all divorcing parents that there will be consequences to engaging in a Family Abduction.
  • Coparenting – In raising awareness to all divorcing parents that our World’s Family Law Courts want parents to coparent their children and favor joint custody “in the best interests of the children”.
  • Family Law Court – By putting divorcing parents and their attorneys on notice that judges dislike bad behavior during a divorce proceedings.
  • Protective Parent Movement – A clear message was sent to the protective parent movement that the courts do not like parties committing acts of civil disobedience.
  • Media – Using your children in the media during a custody dispute is not looked at favorably by custody evaluators and family law judges.
  • International Custody – In these cases, there could be unfortunate consequences for parents that escalate the conflict and don’t focus on coparenting.

The Editor
Family Abduction Watch


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