Convicted Parental Kidnappers Gina and Doug Dahlen to be Sentenced May 2, 2017

April 6, 2017
Doug Dahlen, Gina Dahlen

Doug and Gina Dahlen – Sentencing Trial May 2, 2017 (Photo:

The story of convicted parental kidnappers Gina and Doug Dahlen and their White House Ranch facility in Hermann, Minnesota continues to unfold. The ranch is currently up for sale and it has recently been disclosed that the ranch is part of the assets of the divorce between Doug Dahlen and his former spouse. The Dahlens apparently now have to sell the ranch as part of his divorce settlement.

The Dahhlen’s held Sandra Grazzini’s teenage children for 944 days with full knowledge there was a nationwide missing children’s search for these children. Let’s hope on May 2nd when the Dahlens are sentenced that they make a public apology for their actions. If they do so, that should go a very long ways towards deterring others from committing this crime. If they do no provide this apology, then they deserve to do the time in prison. It’s important that our criminal justice system send a strong message that our nation’s courts will not tolerate parental kidnapping or family abduction. #stopfamilyabduction #stopteenagerfamilyabudction

Gina & Scott Dahlen Plead Guilty

January 24, 2017

Gina Dahlen and Scott Dahlen, the owners of White Horse Ranch in Hermann, Minnesota plead guilty to one count of depravation of parental rights for their role in the Teenager Family Abduction of the Rucki girls

Both of the Dahlens admitted in court that they knew the teenagers’ father had been awarded custody of all five of his children in November 2013. The girls were held for 942 days. The Dahlens admitted they knew he had custody and failed to contact the father or law enforcement. The Dahlens had been charged with six felony counts.

It is unclear of the Dahlens were charged with a Felony. They testified against both Sandra Rucki and Dede Evavold.

Gina and Doug Dahlen will be sentenced on April 3, 2017 at the Dakota County Judicial Center in Hastings, Minnesota.

The horse did not plead guilty.



Breaking: Yates Girls Found! Parental Kidnapper Elaine Yates Arrested after 30 Years!

January 17, 2017


One of the very oldest cases the Family Abduction Watch Editors have followed over the past 20 years has breaking news. The YATES girls have been found! This father has posted on our website a number of times over the past several decades in his search to find his children. Today, we are happy for this searching parents and will be even happier when we hear that the now adult children have reunified with him.

The Yates case represents one of the first cases cited by Children of the Underground Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld and Garnett Harrison of Harrison & Rosenfled out of Montpellier, Vermont in the ’80s. Because of Attorney Rosenfeld and Garnett Harrison’s possible involvement in this case, it has been a long-time belief that Faye Yager aided in this abduction. This parental kidnapping took place out of nearby Rhode Island and had all the case history of protective parent/underground cases. It is believed by many in the Family Abduction Community that the Underground was started by Garnett Harrison with the Dorrie Sigley and Karen Newsome Cases.

Since authorities are now prosecuting Elaine Yates, is it possible that third party conspirator Faye Yager could be indicted?  More on this later!




Parental Kidnappers Never Able To Coparent

January 5, 2017

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In Parental Kidnapping cases, some parental abductors may not be prosecuted by the criminal court to spare the victim children and victim parent of having to go through a public criminal trial. In these cases where the charges are dismissed or dropped, that doesn’t mean that the defendant was not guilty, it just means that the defendant was not prosecuted. The Family Court cannot ignore the parental kidnapping or any violation of court orders. After a kidnapping, the Family Court Judge is faced with having to decide what is in the “best interests of the children”. And if the protective mom is unable move away from any allegations and demonstrate to the court she can coparent, then it’s unlikely that mom will ever have unsupervised visitation or joint custody ever again. The noncustodial mom must work toward regaining her credibility with the Family Court.

In cases such as with Sandra Rucki, the protective mom will be out exercising her First Amendment Free Speech Rights by talking to the media and plastering her children’s photos all over the Internet. It’s the same unfounded story we heard before and during the kidnapping. It doesn’t take much common sense for most of us to realize that NONE of these children want this. NO teenager or young children, wants their photos in the mainstream media or on the Internet for their peers to see.

Unfortunately, most mainstream media reporters are easily fooled and will not respect the rights of the minor children. In Juvenile Court Proceedings in most states, these hearings are behind closed doors. But in Family Law Cases, it is up to the reporter if they want to write about unfounded allegations against the custodial parent.

Last year we saw Kelly Rutherford,  Angie Vu and even Madonna refrain from posting photos of their children in the media and take their custody time with their children. These celebrity mothers took the high road in de-escalating their feeling about their former spouse in the media for the benefit of their children.

Today, there are a number of protective moms, most with limited custody time with their children disparaging their former custodial spouse in the media. What most of us have to ask: What makes their case so much different than those celebrities? And why don’t these moms think that their Family Court Judge isn’t asking this same question.


Faye Ku Gets Prison for International Parental Kidnapping

November 17, 2016

Faye Ku Sentenced to 13 Months in Prison

A woman with Washington ties who kidnapped her children in violation of a court-ordered parenting plan has been sentenced to 13 months in prison.

Faye Hsin-I Ku kidnapped the boys in August 2015, taking them from Bellevue to Sinaloa, Mexico. FBI personnel working out of Mexico City were ultimately able to locate the children and pass that information to Mexican police, who recovered them and arrested Ku.

[Read More in the Seattle Post Intelligence …]

Sandra Rucki Released from Jail

November 1, 2016

Sandra Rucki was released from jail on Monday, October 25, 2016 after serving 34 days in jail. Unfortunately our jail system is not like an Episode of Law and Order, the victims of this crime were not notified prior to Sandra being released from jail. Even after the media widely reported that Sandra’s attorney said that Sandra had not plans to follow the terms of her probation.


Released from Jail 

This family abduction case is now in the Probation Stage of this crime. It is now up to the Probation Office to ensure that Sandra follows the terms of her probation. In past cases where children are involved, the Probation Department will mandate that the convicted parental kidnapper wear an ankle bracelet to protect the victims in the case. It’s apparent that the situation needs to be de-escalated and the safety and rights of the victims need to be protected.

A Teachable Moment for the Protective Parent Movement

October 3, 2016

In the aftermath of the Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and accomplice Dede Evavold’s criminal trials — one has to wonder how the Family Court Critic/Protective Parent Movement would respond to the verdicts in these cases. With both Sandra Rucki and Dede Evavold convicted of four and six felonies each, both are currently in jail. Meanwhile, Doug and Gina Dahlen have upcoming criminal trials.

Today, in a Facebook and other social media posting these advocates or protesters are claiming: “a rigged trial”; paternal abuse evidence was kept from the jury and trial-by-ambush. There’s actually a Twitter account that is posting proclaimed evidence. If Evavold was so confident that she had the evidence of her innocence, then why didn’t she hire an attorney to represent her?

But child kidnapping is kidnapping and this Minnesota District Attorney has stepped forward to prosecute the kidnapper and all accomplices for their crime. In our nation’s history, there has never been a District Attorney that has rightfully prosecuted all directly involved parties for this crime. Even though this has not happened before, every child protectionists should realize that the jury has spoken, the judge has spoken and now is the time for everyone to more forward “in the best interests of the children”.

So as this case begins to de-escalate it’s hopeful that groups that have supported Sandra Rucki and Dede Evavold in the past, will show some compassion in protecting the privacy of the Rucki Family Children. It’s time for everyone to more forward in this case!