Kelly Rutherford Now Wrongfully Testifying in Media For Children Again

August 20, 2015

Kelly Rutherford has now officially entered the controversial group of “protective parents” as she has once again started wrongfully testifying in the media about what her children said. She is not claiming “her kids were fearful about being sent back” blah blah blah.We saw this once before when she said in the media that she told her kids she was fighting for them.

This is not Coparenting. 

A coparent need to make transitions easy for their child and from all accounts we heard last week, that’s what happened. Now all of a sudden, Rutherford is double talking and saying something completely different in the media. Nevertheless, regardless of what happened, she should not be “testifying” or tell the media what her kids said or how they acted. This is a typical tactic used by “protective parents” and/or custodial embattled parents. If desperate, they would be willing to say just about anything without regard to the privacy of their own child.

I really hope the media will stop supporting Kelly Rutherford. I think what she is doing is disgusting and horrific. She is not thinking about her innocent children. It’s no wonder the judge gave her former spouse residential custody.

I will say it is nice to see an increasing number of Family Law Lawyers and Child Protectionists speak out against Rutherford, Wendy Murphy, Dan Abrams and Dana Kennedy.


Daily Mail


Download the Court Order in the Kelly Rutherford Case

August 10, 2015

To the Media,

With all the media that Kelly Rutherford has received, we simply to don’t understand why they haven’t read the Los Angeles Court October 24, 2013 Custody Decision. We found this court order posted on the Internet and are reposting it for the media. We encourage every reporter covering this case to read pages 22-31. This should especially include: Michele Corriston (@mcorriston) of People Magazine, Rachel Mcrady of US Weekly and Rebecca Macatee of E Online. These reporters have been victim to spoon-fed press releases or spin by Kelly Rutherford’s PR Team. After reading pages 22-31, how can they willfully and intentionally leave this relevant information out.

It is apparent from reading this that Kelly Rutherford, attempted to write the father out of these children’s lives. Some would allege that she was guilty of extortion for attempting to get him to relinquish his parental rights when her attorney threatened to turn him in to the State Department for immigration or Visa issues.

The media should report the news, not become part of it. In the last several months, we have seen the media do everything possible to try and support Kelly Rutherford. Meanwhile, they have helped her to setup up her current situation of trying defy the October 2013 Family Court Order and kidnap her children.

Parental Kidnapping is a very serious global crime and it’s time for the media to step up and report on it. As of last Thursday, Kelly Rutherford became a parental kidnapper and in these cases with minor children involved — the situation must be de-escalated. By supporting Kelly Rutherford without regard to the facts in the 2013 Custody Decision, a reasonable person would conclude that Kelly Rutherford has some serious mental health issues that must be addressed. Her children have become innocent victims of this parental kidnapping and the media isn’t helping the situation one bit.

Download the Court Order in Rutherford Case

In the next 24-48 hours, I would really like to see Kelly Rutherford acknowledge and apologize for her past inappropriate conduct in the custody case. To keep herself out of jail and for the best interests of her children, she must put her children on a plane to Monaco immediately.

The Editor

A child vanishes: A mother is slapped on the wrist – An Outrage says the Union Leader

June 19, 2015

Here’s an Editorial from the New Hampshire Union Leader on the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Plea Deal.

Union Leader

The plea deal in the case of Genevieve and Scott Kelley is an outrage.

In 2004, Genevieve was in the midst of a custody dispute with Mark Nunes. Both wanted custody of their then-8-year-old daughter Mary Nunes. Before the legal process was completed, Genevieve, along with Scott Kelley, took Mary and fled, leaving an unsubstantiated accusation of sexual abuse against Mark Nunes, a claim law enforcement officials do not believe.

Instead of experiencing the joys of raising a child, Mark Nunes (who was granted legal custody in December of 2004) was made to endure a decade separated from his daughter. She was forcibly and illegally taken from him and hidden away until an adult, enduring who knows what emotional and psychological trauma of her own.

For this, Genevieve and Scott Kelley have been sentenced to a year in county jail as part of a deal in which they agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor, rather than felony, interference with custody. Genevieve must serve at least 10 months, Scott at least five. They get credit for time served awaiting trial.

How is this even remotely just? – See more at:

Did the People Magazine Defense Work?

June 18, 2015

Prior to Genevieve Kelley Case, I had a perception that People Magazine owned by Time, Inc. was generally a trusted news source. That was until I started to read the stories by People Magazine Reporter Elaine Aradillas  as well as People’s coverage of Kelly Rutherford’s Case. With today’s online media, certainly journalism has changed. But at the very least I thought there would be some independent reporting and some fact checking.

I recently read that Nathalie De Clercq has filed a $4 million dollar lawsuit against People/Time, Inc. for a story printed in People magazine that featured a photograph of her and implied that she had an adulterous relationship with Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, resulting in the end of his marriage. The lawsuit has been cleared for trial and will most likely be settled out of court. People actually published a story with a photo of the wrong person.

So back to the Kelley Case. When Genevieve and Scott Kelley wanted to return to the United States after their 10 year kidnapping, they hired protective parent attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld. It sounds like People Mag reporter, Elaine Aradillas was brought in about the same time. So as part of the defense strategy, the Kelleys and Rosenfeld would use what I would call the “People Magazine Defense“. They would try the case in the media in a small town courthouse in New Hampshire. If People Magazine sided with the kidnapper as unfortunately a spoon-fed reporter like Aradillas did, the District Attorney’s Office and Judge in this small town would eventually get tired of this case and want it to be settled.

There was a huge amount of support and resources to find and arrest the Kelleys from the U.S. Marshall’s Office, John Walsh’s CNN Show the Hunt, the local Sheriff’s Office and others. These organizations took the crime of parental kidnapping seriously and certainly did what they had to do to get the case before the Court House in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, I am certain with the protective parent groups and their resources put a tremendous amount of pressure on the local district attorney and the judge to reduce the charges in this case that could have sent the Kelleys to prison for up to 10 years including felony charges.

Would the local district attorney and judge treat this case differently if the kidnapped child was the child of the Governor of New Hampshire, a District Attorney in their Office instead of a doctor from California. The child was “kidnapped” for ten years. Most likely they might have felt that the local jury pool was tainted by those small town jurors that might believe that if People Magazine supports the mother, than the defendant should not be guilty.

If you want some evidence on how bias Elaine Aradillas was in her story, you should read both of the stories below. It’s as if she printed exactly what Alan Rosenfeld told her to. She did everything to disparage the father and his reputation:

Runaway Kelley Couple Plead Guilty – The Orleans Record by Staff Writer Robert Blechl
Staff Writer

Kidnapper Mom Pleads Guilty – People Magazine by Elaine Aradillas

Unfortunately, the protective parent cause wants to recruit custodial-embattled mothers to commit this crime. And I am certain that the next protective mom could simply call up one the Free the Kelley Supporters, grab a plane ticket to Costa Rica with her child or children and be gone for the next several years. It could even be one of the Free The Kelley Supporters Child or Grandchild that was found in Costa Rica or Honduras having kidnapped their child.  And under a worst case scenario protective parent attorney Alan Rosenfeld will once again walk into Judge Peter Bornstein’s court room with the “People Magazine Defense“. 

So did the People Magazine Defense work? In the next year as Genevieve and Scott Jail sit in their jail cells with the some of the Jerry Springer-like folk, I would like to think that it didn’t. And as Scott Kelley goes to apply for a teaching job at a private school in New Hampshire and his application is denied because of his criminal record and those that don’t want a convicted child kidnapper working at their school, I would say it didn’t. When Genevieve Kelley petitions New Hampshire to practice medicine again and they deny her license because of her criminal conviction, then again the defense did not work. And when the adult-child in this case wakes up one morning and realizes what Scott and Genevieve did to her and reunifies with her biological father, then I would say that it didn’t work.

Expert Witness – Dr. Ronald Minson – Did Genvieve Kelley go Therapist Shopping in Denver?

June 15, 2015
Dr. Ronald B. Minson

Dr. Ronald B. Minson – Was he paid for a False Report?

In past protective parent trials, the protective mother usually goes therapist shopping to get a professional to issue the report that she wants. These reports are rarely used as direct evidence in an on-going Family Court Ordered Evaluation but are used to setup the parental kidnapping. In addition, the protective parent defendant almost always finds a supporter that is close to retirement. It appears that the expert witness or doctor that provided the report in the Kelley Case is the 76 year old Dr. Ronald B. Minson of Denver, Colorado.

Before the Kelley Trial is to begin next month, we wanted to see if we could find any information on Dr. Ronald B. Minson. Here is a review we found on from 2010:

“Dr. Minson is the type of person to create distrust in the medical field. He is so obviously interested in making money over anything else. He actually diagnosed my child over the phone with a serious condition so that we would have the auditory and physical therapy. As if that was not expensive enough, he convinced me to try this equally expensive metaphysical quantum physics liquid. I was trying anything he said out of desperation. A few thousand dollars later, he denied the original diagnosis and downgraded it to a minor condition. As it turns out, my child has a serious biochemical imbalance and I was out of money to get him properly treated. How this quack can sleep at night is beyond me. He shakes nervously because I believe he knows he is taking advantage of people. Beware!” — by Frustrated former client on Oct 13th, 2010

Dr. Minson appears to specialize in Listening Systems therapy. He doesn’t appear to have specialty in cases involving high conflict divorces and abuse allegations. Nevertheless, in this article published by Search for girl reveals bitter family split, it appears The state Division of Children, Youth and Families as well as a court-approved evaluation at a clinic in Portland, Maine interviewed the then 8 year old child and reached the same conclusion as law enforcement, there was no evidence at all against the child’s biological father. Apparently, Dr. Ronald B. Minson elected to provide a different analysis of the child in the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Case. We don’t know why they Kelleys thought that Dr. Minson was so much more qualified than the other professionals in the Northeast that evaluated the child. Maybe we will find out at the trial.

In cases like this, I wonder about the ethics of any child psychiatrist that would evaluate a child without asking the parent if there was any open court-ordered evaluation. In most cases, a psychiatrist would want to make sure their evaluation was approved by the court. Furthermore, you would think that a psychiatrist would want to interview both parents before rendering a credible opinion (unless of course he had advance knowledge that the parents were going into hiding).

As we mentioned before, what continues to disgusts us about the protective parent cause is that this group appears to be hypercritical of the Family Court. The Family Court tries to get a neutral custody evaluation in a fair manner by getting both families to agree on a court evaluator and child psychiatrist to avoid the situation of a parent taking the child to multiple therapists. It appears that Genevieve and Scott Kelly and other protective parents aren’t necessarily interested in a fair process. They want their child to be evaluated by their therapist and were not interested in the opinion of any therapist ordered by the Family Law Court. So as an observer of this particular Parental Kidnapping and Felony Witness Tampering Case, I am personally not interested in hearing the opinions of a Dr. Ronald B. Minson — his opinion doesn’t pass the smell test.  I am hoping the media might further investigate Dr. Minson and see what else turns up.

Kelly Rutherford – Parental Alienator – How much evidence is there?

June 15, 2015

“I Skype with them almost every day. I don’t say anything bad about their father but I don’t lie to them either. I wish him the best because of our children.” – Kelly Rutherford

I haven’t seen a copy of the Kelly Rutherford’s 2003 Custody Order that gave her former spouse residential custody of the children. What is apparent that whenever she speaks about alleged parental alienation, she chooses her words very carefully. Rutherford believes her former spouse and father of her children is a weapons and drug dealer. It sounds like she doesn’t say anything bad about them but if you read any of the past articles in the media, isn’t that what she is doing? Furthermore in contested custody cases, how many times have we heard custodial-embattled mothers say: “but I don’t lie to them either.” That sure sounds like something a parental alienator would say. She is now starting to disparage her former mother-in-law who apparently has a close relationship with her children.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the children are doing just fine in Monte Carlo.

“A woman who saw them at a garden party in the hills above Monte Carlo ten days ago said he seemed charming and his son and daughter looked healthy and beautiful.”

Daily Beast -‘Gossip Girl’ Star Kelly Rutherford Clears the Air Regarding Her Custody Drama

Breaking: Rutherford’s Former Spouse will let her spend the summer with her children in the U.S.

June 11, 2015

It sounds like Kelly Rutherford is taking the first step toward the impasse of her International Custody dispute with her former spouse. As the residential parent, her former spouse has agreed to let the children spend the summer in the United States per the terms of the 2003 Los Angeles County Custody Agreement. That should mean that Rutherford will not be making any attempt to keep them in the United States prior when the children start school in the Fall.

To complicate the issue, Rutherford has since moved from Los Angeles to New York which would make the situation more complex. This particular judge, Hon. Mark Juhas previously issued an order granting Kelly Rutherford temporary custody of her children, but that order was since overruled by the presiding Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge. A July 9th hearing has been scheduled to determine if Los Angeles County has authority to make new rulings after Rutherford moved. I am actually surprised that a hearing is needed on this issue since custodial-embattled parents that don’t get the custody that they want in one state usually can’t go venue shopping in another state.

Rutherford’s ex-husband is represented by Los Angeles International Custody Attorney Fahi Takesh Hallin. Hopefuly, Hallin will help to convince Rutherford’s attorneys and Rutherford to de-escalate this situation for the next 2 months. Last summer, Rutherford tried to get the U.S. Federal Court in New York to allow her not send the children back to Europe. That attempt was denied. The worst case scenario would be for the Los Angeles Courts to transfer the case to New York. In a high conflict case, I am sure that Rutherford would like a new venue or forum for her case, especially after she was accused of engaging in parental alienation and not supporting co-parenting. From Rutherford’s recent antics in the media, let’s hope she spends the time with her children this summer and we’re not reading in this fall that her kids want to stay in the United States.

I would hope that Rutherford will keep her kids out of the media to protect their privacy. In Australia, it is illegal for the media to put photos of children that are part of a custody case. That’s not the case in America, but that doesn’t necessarily make that right.