Family Reunification Therapy

January 30, 2016

The name Dorcy Pruter recently surfaced in the Tsimhoni Custody Case. Dorcy is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. Through reunification coaching and coparent education, Dorcy provides strategies and solutions for parents and children to reconnect or stay connected during and after a high conflict divorce. She has worked on numerous cases nationally and internationally garnering positive results.

Dorcy Pruter

Dorcy Pruter – Coparenting / Reunificaion Coach

Here is what Dr. Craig Childress said bout Dorcy Pruter’s work:

“I have been aware of Ms. Pruter’s work in this area for a while, but through our work together on this case I have had the opportunity to review Ms. Pruter’s reunification protocol and have also been able to engage her in extensive dialogue regarding her approach and an attachment-based model for the construct of “parental alienation.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to provide Ms. Pruter with my unequivocal, full and complete support for her model of family reunification (“High Road to Family Reunification”).  Based on my review of her reunification protocol, it is theoretically sound for addressing the issues surrounding an attachment-based model of “parental alienation.” I would anticipate that her reunification protocol will be highly effective in resolving the family issues surrounding an attachment-based model of “parental alienation.”

“One of the primary issues regarding enacting Ms. Pruter’s reunification protocol is that it FIRST requires the child’s protective separation from the distorted parenting practices of the narcissistic/(borderline) allied (and supposedly “favored”) parent. This is, however, not a limitation of her protocol but instead represents an authentic treatment-related need of addressing the pathogenic parenting of the narcissistic/(borderline) parent that is inducing the very serious child psychopathology evidenced in attachment-based “parental alienation.”

[Read More from Dr. Craig Childress on Dorcy Pruter’s Work]


Narcissistic Personality Disorder – DSM-5

January 30, 2016

The Protective Parent Movement aka Family Court Critics as well as the Domestic Violence Community argue that Parental Alienation Disorder is not a listed in the DSM-5.

Here are sections of an article that appeared on January 5, 2015 on Parental Alienation Syndrome: Researchers Say the Struggle is Real.

by Amy Schaeffer

What drives a parental alienator? Most commonly, some type of narcissistic personality features, says Dr. Childress. According to Dr. Childress, parents who indoctrinate children into alienating the other parent are linked to narcissist borderline pathogenic parenting.

The symptoms of narcissism include: grandiosity, entitlement, absence of empathy, haughty, arrogant behavior and delusional belief systems. Although narcissistic personality disorder is listed in the DSM-5, which is considered to be the “Bible” of Psychiatric Disorders, so far Parental Alienation Disorder is not listed. Researchers expect that to soon change.

Researcher Amy Baker says that parents who try to alienate their child from the other parent subtlety, or not so subtletly gives a three-part message to the child.

“I am the only parent who loves you and you need me to feel good about yourself; the other parent is dangerous and unavailable; and pursuing a relationship with the other parent jeopardizes your relationship with me.”

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Editor’s Note:

When reading the symptoms of narcissism below, you think if the protective moms in these cases we have followed over the years had these symptoms. On the list: April Meyer, Bonnie Rubenstein, Cindy Dumas, Dorothy Lee Barnett, Eileen Clark, Ellen Dever, Genevieve Kelley, Holly Ann Collins, Kelly Rutherford, Maya Tsimhoni and Sandra Rucki. Parental Alienation Disorder “PA” may not yet be in the DSM-5, but these moms certainly appeared to have most of these symptoms.

  • grandiosity
  • entitlement
  • absence of empathy
  • haughty
  • arrogant behavior
  • delusional belief system

In summary, it sounds like Parental Alienation = Narcissist Borderlline Pathogenic Parenting. So in the spirit of coparenting and moving forward in these cases, let’s not give these moms a license to alienate their kids.

Breaking: June 15 Family Court Hearing for Kelly Rutherford

May 26, 2015

Hold on Media, Kelly Rutherford merely got a temporary Family Court Custody Order. Before Dan Abrahams, Nancy Grace, People Magazine and Kim Kardashian  have parental alienator Kelly Rutherford greeting her kids at the airport or at the U.S. Embassy in Monaco, here are some questions and issues the media should be investigating and reporting:

1) A U.S. Judge certainly signed the exparte order. Was it the same U.S. Judge in her Custody Case or was that Judge on vacation and did her attorney find a new judge to grant the “temporary order”?

2) Did the attorney get the order so Kelly Rutherford could start the long and grueling Hague Convention Process? There is the exception to the Hague Convention Article 4 that if the habitual resident parent demonstrates that the children are now settled in their new environment, the Hague Convention will not apply. It sounds like the children have been living in Europe for 4 years under the care of the father. If that is the case, Monaco would not have to return the children to the United States. There have been many American parents that were divorcing a European National. Although a U.S. Court granted the parent custody, the other country did not observe the court order.

3) Did the Judge grant the temporary order to get Rutherford’s former spouse and his Los Angeles Attorney back to Family Law Court? Protective Moms like Rutherford will violate terms of the custody order. Rutherford did not hand over the kids U.S. Passports to a third party and the judge’s order certainly put pressure on the parties to agree to a custody schedule. What the father in this case is doing and what so many protective moms do is to stop a visitation with a non-residential parent. To almost all non-residential or non-custodial parents, this occurs the protective parent will cease a visitation for sometimes months or years until the parent can go back to court.

4) Rutherford went to the media rather than negotiate with her former spouse. It is well known by those of us that follow these International Custody Cases is that it will take months or years to resolve. We’ve seen parental kidnappers who are Americans keep their children in the UK, France and the Netherlands. Why would Rutherford’s former spouse trust Kelly Rutherford to allow him to ever see his kids again if she had custody? The kids have an established residential country in Monaco and it’s unlikely that will change by a temporary court order. It sounds like her former spouse like the other parents in that position will not be so cooperative.

5) I still can’t see why Rutherford didn’t turn over the U.S. Passports to a neutral 3rd party and see her children. If she truly wanted to see her children, that’s what she would have done. But like the other protective moms, she is escalating the situation in the media. Like an abuser or batterer, she wants her kids living with her back in the United States — she is not stopping until she gets her way.

Rutherford could have stepped up to acknowledge her part in parental alienation and to become a celebrity spokesperson for International Joint Custody. Her children could go back and forth between the U.S. and Europe for months at a time. I recollect hearing a story of a some kids that lived 6 months in Europe and the other 6 months in the United States. Instead, she appears to be going the protective parent route. She wants the kids in the United States and to deny him custody. We certainly hope she doesn’t attempt a snatch back in Monaco. That would be the case of a bad gossip girl.

Finally, most parents interested in co-parenting are not interested in placing their children on the cover of magazines. They want to “protect” their children. This doesn’t sound like Kelly Rutherford. Her former spouse is represented by one of the top International Custody or Hague Convention Attorneys in the United States. All of those parents with International Custody Cases will be watching this case closely.

Kelly Rutherford – Parental Alienation is why her kids live in France

April 29, 2015

We recently learned that actress Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl) and her well-know celebrity attorney Wendy Murphy are once again on the media circuit telling the story that Kelly Rutherford was victimized by the U.S. Courts. Could Kelly Rutherford that has to fly to France for custody time with her children be the new celebrity activists for the anti-family court groups?

What is not being reported or acknowledged by Kelly Rutherford or her attorney, even in her Dr. Phil interview below is that she engaged in parental alienation during the custody dispute. We noticed that even when she appeared on the Nancy Grace Show with Nancy’s pal Wendy Murphy, the discussion of “parental alienation” was not a topic that was discussed (when would any topic be off the table with Nancy Grace?)

Here are some reports on her case:

National Parents Organization

“During their divorce and custody case, Rutherford embarked on a single-minded campaign of parental alienation against Giersch including her repeated refusal to put his name on Helena’s birth certificate. She was so persistent in trying to cut Giersch out of his children’s lives that it even got the attention of the judge in their custody case, something countless fathers will tell you is not easy to do. Generally speaking, courts grant mothers broad leeway in permitting or denying access by the father to his children.”


“In his (sic) decision, obtained by TMZ, the judge chose to make Kelly’s ex Daniel Giersch the “residential parent” because “Daniel (who lives in France) has facilitated the relationship of the children with Kelly … and Kelly simply has not done so.”

See the end of the above video she says, “I have always wanted them to have a relationship with their father … I want us to co-parent.” She is quite an actress and she says it convincingly. But then that’s “what she wanted” and not necessarily “what she did“. And on April 15, 2015 a Federal Court ruled that the California Family Law Court’s ruling that gives Rutherford’s former spouse custody of the children to live in France was upheld.

Inasmuch as Kelly Rutherford is blaming the Family Law Court System, perhaps she should really be speaking about Parental Alienation and what not to do! We really hope that Kelley Rutherford will stop bashing the family courts, playing victim and take ownership over the parental alienation issue. Perhaps it’s time she took a lesson from Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson in that regard.

Sources: – Media Still Ignorant About Kelly Rutherford/Daniel Giersch Case

TMZ – Kelly Rutherford Tried to Alient Kids from Dad … Says Judge

Washington Post – Kelly Rutherford loses custody case after wrenching public battle (April 15, 2015)