A List of Pathetic Parental Kidnappers

September 8, 2015

Here’s a list of some of the pathetic parental kidnapping cases we have followed.

Genevieve and Scott Kelley

They pathetically kidnapped Mary Nunes in 2004 and were not arrested until 10 years later in 2014. Both have served or are serving jail time. They have not yet supported a reunification of the now adult child and her biological parents. Some believe they are still kidnapping her. Most believe that this now adult-child is emotionally brainwashed and will need to be deprogrammed.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley Mugshot Arrested

Scott Kelly









Dorthy Lee Barnett

Dorthy “Lee” Barnett kidnapped her daughter in 1994 and was not arrested until 2013. She is still incarcerated in jail. The now adult-daughter has met her biological father.

Dorothy Lee Barnett

Dorthy Lee Barnett

Eileen Clark

In 1995 Eileen Clark kidnapped her children and was not found until 2008. She was living in the United Kingdom with her children. She was not sentenced until 2014. She has not actively supported a relationship with the children’s biological father.

Eileen Clark

Eileen Clark

Valerie Berry

Valerie Berry kidnapped her daughter inn 1990. She was arrested in Arizona 25 years later in July 2015. She currently awaits trial and bail is set at $250,000.

Valerie Berry, Parental Kidnapper Arrested

Valerie Berry

Dara Llorens

Dara Llorens kidnapped her daughter in 2002. She was found 12 years later in Mexico. The mother is charged with aggravated kidnapping as her trial is scheduled to begin in September 2015. The 17 year old daughter has been reunified with her biological father.

Dara Marie Llorens, Parental Kidnapper, Sabrina Allen

Dara Llorens

Elizabeth Stratton

Elizabeth kidnapped her children in 1997 and is on the FBI Most Wanted List. Her adult children Zachary Smith and Chelsea Smith surfaced in 2010.

Elizabeth Stratton Paental Kidnapper

Elizabeth Stratton

Kelly Rutherford

Most of the parental kidnappers that made our list engaged in long-term abductions. Kelly Rutherford, also claiming to be an activist has been speaking at Protective Parent Conferences. She probably thought she had a free pass due to her celeb-status. She kidnapped her children for over 3 days when she did not send the kids back to Monaco after her parenting time had expired. Only Kelly and her children know what she told them during those 3 days. Our guess is that it doesn’t make her Coparenter of the Year.

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

We encourage the adult-victim children to seek therapy and to separate from their parental kidnapper. These adult-children should contact a therapist. The www.takeroot.org would also be a good resource.

It is unfortunate that there is not Victim Restitution Funds for these adult-children to seek the therapy they rightfully deserve for the abduction, parental alienation and other trauma that was horribly inflicted on the.

A child vanishes: A mother is slapped on the wrist – An Outrage says the Union Leader

June 19, 2015

Here’s an Editorial from the New Hampshire Union Leader on the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Plea Deal.

Union Leader

The plea deal in the case of Genevieve and Scott Kelley is an outrage.

In 2004, Genevieve was in the midst of a custody dispute with Mark Nunes. Both wanted custody of their then-8-year-old daughter Mary Nunes. Before the legal process was completed, Genevieve, along with Scott Kelley, took Mary and fled, leaving an unsubstantiated accusation of sexual abuse against Mark Nunes, a claim law enforcement officials do not believe.

Instead of experiencing the joys of raising a child, Mark Nunes (who was granted legal custody in December of 2004) was made to endure a decade separated from his daughter. She was forcibly and illegally taken from him and hidden away until an adult, enduring who knows what emotional and psychological trauma of her own.

For this, Genevieve and Scott Kelley have been sentenced to a year in county jail as part of a deal in which they agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor, rather than felony, interference with custody. Genevieve must serve at least 10 months, Scott at least five. They get credit for time served awaiting trial.

How is this even remotely just? – See more at: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20150619/OPINION01/150618931#sthash.mDAU8ciD.dpuf

Breaking: Kidnappers Genevieve and Scott Kelley are Guilty

June 17, 2015
Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley

So in the end, Genevieve and Scott Kelley more or less admitted in court today by their guilty plea that they made up the allegations against the 8 year old child’s biological father. The Kelleys had not only kidnapping the girl, witness tampering but not properly taking care of the child. If they had any reasonable justification for committing their, they would have never pleaded guilty. The Kelleys  kidnapped a child for ten years and have now plead guilty for their horrific crimes against an innocent child. They deprived the child’s biological father, his family and numerous step siblings of a relationship with the child. In addition, as part of the plea agreement Genevieve Kelley agreed to not interfere or impede with the child having contact with her paternal family. Genevieve Kelley was guilty of two counts of Interference with Custody and sentenced to 2 years in jail (14 months is suspended upon good behavior for 5 years). She will be incarcerated beginning September 7, 2015.

For Scott Kelley, he was sentenced to 12 months in jail (7 months suspended). He will be incarcerated starting June 22, 2015. Scott Kelley was ordered to make restitution of $2,288.98. He too agreed to not to interfere or impede from the child having contact with her paternal family.

It’s not surprising to hear that the narcissist Genevieve Kelley plead guilty, because she was guilty. She did a horrible thing by kidnapping her child from her biological father and as a doctor should have known better. Scott Kelley also knew what he was doing but it sounds like he too wanted the vacation to Central America with the biological child’s father as a form of revenge for the ongoing custody dispute. Genevieve Kelley should have taken her child to Maine to the Spurwink Clinic and complied with the court order. She should not have tarnished the reputation of this Clinic and gone ten years on the lam from her strenuous small town practice of medicine to the gorgeous beaches of Central America. She should never practice medicine again in this or any other country and should certainly as a kidnapper both of them should never be around children.

It is apparent that the media, especially the controversial People Magazine Reporter Elaine Aradillas got played in this case. She took the spood-fed information from protective parent attorney Alan Rosenfeld thinking the Kelleys had legal justification for their crime. Instead, it was all a publicity event and a protest against New Hampshire Family Law Court System.

Genevieve Kelley has also been ordered to undergo psychological evaluation. I wonder if that evaluation would diagnose her with munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, that is frequently associated with those that kidnap their child. Or will the evaluation determine that she will not and never will adhere to the terms of her probation and sentencing.

I would really like to see the adult child in this case contact her biological father and step mother to begin the reunification process with her father. If Genevieve and Scott Kelley didn’t admit they made up the allegations and implanted those alleged disclosures in a child with special needs, then they would have never agreed to the plea.

It is also time for the Coos County Citizens, the Kelley Family, the Friends of Genevieve Kelley to be responsible for ensuring that the adult-child is reunified with her biological father and his family. What the Kelleys did to this child is horrible and inexcusable. What they did to the child’s biological father is horrific by attacking his good reputation. These individuals must show some compassion and be held accountable for their support of the Kelleys.

I would also like to see some of the members of the media take responsibility for their part in reporting on a story like this. It was irresponsible journalism for Elaine Aradillas to interview this special needs adult-child and Aradillas should be fired by People Magazine. Even in Elaine Aradillas recent interview spoon-fed story, she omits the part of the plea agreement that the Kelleys not impede with the biological father’s relationship with the adult-child. Did she even read the plea agreement on the State of New Hampshire Court Site or just print what Alan Rosenfeld told her?

Genevieve Kelley, Scott Kelley and Alan Rosenfeld, clearly manipulated the media and eventually plead guilty to this crime. In my opinion, they wasted the court’s time and resources. This was more of a public protest and publicity event than a legal defense.

Finally, I’m not convinced anyone in Hollywood or a Book Publisher would ever be interested in a story like this where the defendants plead guilty. It’s really the case of two parents kidnapping a child and abusing a special needs child. NO child deserves to be kidnapped for ten years. And any parent that does this to a special needs child is no protective parent. Scott and Genevieve Kelley really deserved a day in a Federal Prison for every day they kidnapped this child.

Expert Witness – Dr. Ronald Minson – Did Genvieve Kelley go Therapist Shopping in Denver?

June 15, 2015
Dr. Ronald B. Minson

Dr. Ronald B. Minson – Was he paid for a False Report?

In past protective parent trials, the protective mother usually goes therapist shopping to get a professional to issue the report that she wants. These reports are rarely used as direct evidence in an on-going Family Court Ordered Evaluation but are used to setup the parental kidnapping. In addition, the protective parent defendant almost always finds a supporter that is close to retirement. It appears that the expert witness or doctor that provided the report in the Kelley Case is the 76 year old Dr. Ronald B. Minson of Denver, Colorado.

Before the Kelley Trial is to begin next month, we wanted to see if we could find any information on Dr. Ronald B. Minson. Here is a review we found on vitals.com from 2010:

“Dr. Minson is the type of person to create distrust in the medical field. He is so obviously interested in making money over anything else. He actually diagnosed my child over the phone with a serious condition so that we would have the auditory and physical therapy. As if that was not expensive enough, he convinced me to try this equally expensive metaphysical quantum physics liquid. I was trying anything he said out of desperation. A few thousand dollars later, he denied the original diagnosis and downgraded it to a minor condition. As it turns out, my child has a serious biochemical imbalance and I was out of money to get him properly treated. How this quack can sleep at night is beyond me. He shakes nervously because I believe he knows he is taking advantage of people. Beware!” — by Frustrated former client on Oct 13th, 2010

Dr. Minson appears to specialize in Listening Systems therapy. He doesn’t appear to have specialty in cases involving high conflict divorces and abuse allegations. Nevertheless, in this article published by azcentral.com Search for girl reveals bitter family split, it appears The state Division of Children, Youth and Families as well as a court-approved evaluation at a clinic in Portland, Maine interviewed the then 8 year old child and reached the same conclusion as law enforcement, there was no evidence at all against the child’s biological father. Apparently, Dr. Ronald B. Minson elected to provide a different analysis of the child in the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Case. We don’t know why they Kelleys thought that Dr. Minson was so much more qualified than the other professionals in the Northeast that evaluated the child. Maybe we will find out at the trial.

In cases like this, I wonder about the ethics of any child psychiatrist that would evaluate a child without asking the parent if there was any open court-ordered evaluation. In most cases, a psychiatrist would want to make sure their evaluation was approved by the court. Furthermore, you would think that a psychiatrist would want to interview both parents before rendering a credible opinion (unless of course he had advance knowledge that the parents were going into hiding).

As we mentioned before, what continues to disgusts us about the protective parent cause is that this group appears to be hypercritical of the Family Court. The Family Court tries to get a neutral custody evaluation in a fair manner by getting both families to agree on a court evaluator and child psychiatrist to avoid the situation of a parent taking the child to multiple therapists. It appears that Genevieve and Scott Kelly and other protective parents aren’t necessarily interested in a fair process. They want their child to be evaluated by their therapist and were not interested in the opinion of any therapist ordered by the Family Law Court. So as an observer of this particular Parental Kidnapping and Felony Witness Tampering Case, I am personally not interested in hearing the opinions of a Dr. Ronald B. Minson — his opinion doesn’t pass the smell test.  I am hoping the media might further investigate Dr. Minson and see what else turns up.

Will the Judge in the Kelley Case Sanction Alan Rosenfeld?

June 11, 2015
Alan Rosenfeld, Underground Attorney

Alan Rosenfeld, Protective Parent Attorney

We have followed controversial protective parent attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld over the years. For whatever reason, in Rosenfeld’s cases, he is almost always asking for sanctions against his opposing attorneys. It seems to be a pattern of behavior of his. In other words, accuse the attorney because based on his legal conduct, he’s surely to eventually get accused.

In the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Kidnapping and Witness Tampering Case, Rosenfeld has accused the prosecution of withholding evidence that Genevieve Kelley’s former spouse is “maliciously manipulating the prosecution to continue his angry vendetta against his former wife”. Huh, the defendant and her new husband kidnap a respected doctor’s and kidnap his child for ten years and Rosenfeld calls the prosecution malicious? And how many searching parents do we know that had their child kidnapped, many for much less than ten years would not be doing everything in their means to assist their local district attorney in their prosecution of their former spouse that maliciously and cruelly kidnapped their child.

In these protective parent cases, the defendants rarely surrender without media coverage lined up. It’s apparent that Elaine Aradillas from People Magazine was given an exclusive by the defendant and Rosenfeld. And even local New Hampshire Reporter of the Union Leader has been a victim to the spoon-fed press releases and email from Rosenfeld and the Kelley Supporters.

We are hoping that Judge Peter Bornstein starts to take control of this case and puts a gag order on all parties. Rosenfeld likes to try these protective parent cases in smaller county court houses in America. We are hoping that potential jurors will not be influenced by the one-sided reporting of People Magazine and other members of the media. We are confident that in 2015, a jury from New Hampshire will be able to ensure that the defendants are held accountable for the ten year kidnapping and the felony witness tampering charges. This verdict is not only important to protecting our family court system and child protection system but  but also to deter others from kidnapping their children.

Union Leader

Breaking: Will the Judge Finally Issue a Gag Order in the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Trial?

June 9, 2015

The prosecutor in the State of New Hampshire v. Genevieve Kelley has moved again to ask the court to issue a gag order in the case. There is an additional request to ask the court to issue sanctions against defense Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld, Esp.

Over the past two decades, we have followed the case of protective parent trials including those defended by protective parent attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld. Mr. Rosenfeld, has a history of trying these cases in the media and putting the searching parent victim on trial. In virtually all of the cases we have followed, there is rarely any clear evidence against the child’s biological father. That’s because these narcissistic protective mothers somehow incorrectly arrive at the conclusion that if their child’s behavior changed the there child must have been harmed. So it  must be their former spouse’s fault, because it certainly couldn’t be hers. Furthermore, the defendant or kidnapping mother almost always flees, essentially tampering with the investigation before any thorough investigation into the abuse allegations can be completed or even started. This leaves the defense attorney Alan Rosenfeld with little if any credible evidence for the trial, so he uses the media to tell the mother’s fabricated story. In the Kelley case, he couldn’t get the judge to allow him to video tape the child in a deposition, so instead controversial People Magazine Reporter Elaine Aradillas had the now adult child read a letter for a video. He will no doubt try and get the court to admit the video as evidence. Many of us don’t believe the this child even wrote the letter.

At the most recent protective parent conference last month in New Jersey — several speakers recommended that protective parents go to the media rather than Family Court. These protective parent groups don’t necessarily believe in the Family Court and Court Evaluator process. As is once written in the Protective Parent Legal Book for protective mothers in the early ’90s, they encourage the mothers to use multiple forums to tell their story. And now with Social Media / Facebook, these protective mothers have many new forums. We noticed that there is a Free the Kelleys campaign on

At several of the past protective parent criminal trials, the judges have finally issued a gag order after weeks/months of watching Rosenfeld attempt to taint the jury pool. You would think in the Genevieve Kelley trial, that Rosenfeld, Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley would be doing everything to protect the 19 year old special needs child involved in this case. It has been reported that the child doesn’t like to be photographed and has a fear of social networks. It appears that one could conclude that the child is now cured or the Kelleys and Rosenfeld are still engaging in witness tampering.

We think it is finally the time that the Judge will issue a gag order in this case. Geneveive Kelley and Rosenfeld have had months to exercise their First Amendment Right. It’s now time for the pro hac vice attorney activist to engage in appropriate court room conduct and for all witness tampering to stop in this case. It’s time that that our judicial process make sure there is justice is this parental kidnapping and witness tampering trial. The enforcement of our parental kidnapping laws are important to not only Americans but to parents and children in every country.

There is a time to protest and a time to look after the rights of children and parents. I respectively have confidence that Coos County, New Hampshire will not allow a medical doctor and hometown boy think they can dictate a verdict by using People Magazine and their small group of anti-government protesters to influence prospective jurors. This is not the ’60s nor is it Ferguson, Missouri. Genevieve and Scott Kelley should not possibly think they can get a Coos County Jury to think that the Spurwink Clinic in the Northeast wasn’t good enough for their custody dispute with the child’s father and that their only legal option was to flee to a beach in Central America to have another child. If Genevieve and Scott Kelley want to tell their story, then I want to see them take the witness stand. Let the jurors hear their narcissistic testimony of how they put themselves above any Coos County Family Court Judge and Law Enforcement Officers.

It’s time to put the gag order on this Defense Attorney and let the trial begin.

Is the Protective Parent Trial a Legal Defense or a Protest?

June 5, 2015

In anticipation of the Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley criminal trial for Felony Interference with Custody and Felony Witness Tampering and having followed other criminal protective parent trials, I often wonder if this trial is more of a protest than a legal trial.

For months, Defense Attorney Alan Rosenfeld has been trying to take a video deposition of the adult-child involved in this case. In previous cases, Rosenfeld has used a video deposition to pretty much get the alleged victim child to say just about anything by asking leading questions. In a number of those cases, I have been told that these alleged victims later recanted their testimony and terminated their relationship with their parental kidnapper.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Despite the judge in this case disallowing the video deposition, the issue continues to come up in motions like some form of political protest.

Many of us also question the mental capacity of this adult child that has some sort of special need. So far, there is not one independent professional that has evaluated this adult child. Yet the Defense Attorney was able to get her to read an inflammatory letter that she most likely didn’t write in a video. The video was produced by controversial journalist Elaine Aradillas of People Magazine. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Rosenfeld try and enter the video as evidence during the trial.

The State Prosecutor has attempted to deposition this child but to our knowledge, the adult-child has so far not be produced for deposition. In the Family Abduction Community, we would say that the child is still kidnapped from her custodial father. The Kelleys had 10 years to brainwash this child, but since she isn’t being produced for deposition, we would conclude that she sadly doesn’t have the mental capacity. The adult child has apparently been kept from the child’s biological family by Genevieve and Scott Kelley but not from an interview from People Magazine. We hope that we are not the only ones that feel that something doesn’t feel right about that.

At a recent New Jersey Conference of protective parents, Defense Attorney Alan Rosenfeld admits to being arrested numerous times in acts of civil disobedience. He appears to encourage other protective parents and their supporters to also do so. Over ten years ago, Genevieve and Scott Kelley could have taken the then 7 year old child to a Clinic in Maine to have professionals evaluate the child. Instead, they engaged in several acts of civil disobedience: they tampered with the evidence in this case; hid the child from her custodial father and authorities; disregarded an order by the New Hampshire Court and are most importantly are continuing to hide the child today. As was the case 10 years ago, the Kelleys are not and were never interested in the best interests of the child, they are selfishly interested in only themselves.

We have followed these protective parent cases for well over 20 years now. It is genuinely very frustrating to see in 2015 that these protective parent cases are still appear to be a protest of our Nation’s Family Court System. Genevieve and Scott Kelley did not believe in our court system 10 years ago, why would you expect them to believe in it today. They will and as will this attorney do everything possible to disrupt the truth and the legal adjudication of this case.

It is important that the State of New Hampshire ensure that they get a guilty verdict in this case and do everything possible to deter others from committing this horrible and heinous crime against children.

Complex challenges posed in international child abductions

May 13, 2015

Reporter Rik Stevens of the Associated Press has written a story on International Child Abductions. As People Magazine and other publications have more or less been publishing spoon-fed press releases from the Defense Attorney in the Genevieve Kelley Criminal Trial, Stevens is the first to report on the International Child Abduction issue.

We are hoping there is a follow-up story by AP as well as other publications on the emotional effects on these kidnapped children. See the congressional testimony of Ernie Allen on this subject:

“Congress made international parental kidnapping a federal offense in 1993, noting “these parental kidnappings seriously affect both the children and the parents deprived of rightful custody. Some child psychologists believe that the trauma children suffer from these abductions is one of the worst forms of child abuse.” — Ernie Allen, President and CEO, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

You can read Rik Stevens’ Article:


Thank you Ric Stevens for your reporting on this subject.

Breaking: Scott Kelley Arraigned – Cash Bail Set at $250,000

May 7, 2015
Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley – Alleged Parental Kidnapper

Scott David Kelley was arraigned in Coos Superior Court in the Case State v. Scott David Kelley on five charges which included Interference with Custody and Felony Witness Tampering.

As part of the arraignment, Scott Kelley was ordered to surrender his expired and unexpired passports to the Court and to not possess or obtain a passport.


New Hampshire Coos County Court

Breaking: Scott David Kelley to be Arraigned on May 11, 2015

May 5, 2015
Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Alleged Parental Kidnapper Scott David Kelley is scheduled to be arraigned in Coos Superior Court in Lancaster, New Hampshire on May 11, 2015. He will be charged with 5 counts including one Felony Count for Interference with Custody and two Felony Witness Tampering counts.

Scott Kelley could have turned himself in back in November 2014. Instead, he elected to stay in hiding in Costa Rica with the now adult-child victim. The victim was only 8 years old when Scott David Kelley and Genevieve Kelley kidnapped her from the child’s biological parent. Scott Kelley was arrested in Atlanta at the airport when he re-entered the United States. He has been incarcerated without bail in a Clayton County Jail since.

Editor’s Note: If the adult-child victim were recovered prior to her 18th birthday, she would now be in the care of her custodial father, a physician and his wife. Unfortunately, there is no Family Abduction Victim law that allows the custodial parent to even ensure the well-being of his daughter — even if the chid may suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and/or be a victim of munchausen’s syndrome by proxy. The parental kidnapper’s family and relatives are alleged to be caring for the adult-child that is only has a 10th grade education. The District Attorney was able to get an order to deposition the now adult-child in advance of upcoming criminal trial, but the adult-child is being prevented by the defendant’s family and/or supporters.

As most of us that have followed these Family Abduction Protective Parent Cases, these criminal trials appear to be more of a protest of America’s Court System rather than a legitimate criminal defense. These defendants like Genevieve and Scott Kelley are not only wasting taxpayers dollars but appear to be more interested in sending out press releases and photos than providing facts and evidence to support their reason for their alleged criminal acts. On the other hand, had they believed in our criminal justice system ten years ago, they would have stuck around and would never have committed these crimes.

We hope at Scott Kelley’s Arraignment that he judge sets a very high bail. We really have no patience for these defendants that have shown no respect for our nation’s legal system and now expect every right afforded to them. They should not be allowed to continue to disrespect our legal system.