Breaking: Judge Fears She Will Abduct The Children

December 16, 2015

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Actress Kelly Rutherford did more for the International Family Abduction Community this past year then any other celebrity has ever done. When she “withheld custody” or engaged in a “parental kidnapping” or “family abduction this past summer, she raised awareness that this matter is taken seriously by our World’s Family Court System. By the Monaco Judge’s ruling in November 2015 that was released today by The Daily, Kelly Rutherford not only had her joint custody rights removed, but she can no longer bring her kids to the United States from their habitual residence in Monaco. The Monaco judge sent a strong message to parents sharing International Custody of their children, if they kidnap their children they will lose their joint custody rights. These severe consequences will go a long way toward discouraging International Family Abductions. It also sets a precedence for parents that disobey court orders and move to other countries and use the legal system to stall the return of their children to the custodial parent.

When Rutherford did not return her children in August of this year, even Rutherford’s friend and ABC Legal Analyst Dan Abrams wanted the U.S. State Department to stall the return of the children. In the case, a New York Judge acted swiftly and decisively and ordered the return of the children to Monaco. The prevented Rutherford from extending the time of her International Family Abducting or Parental Kidnapping. Even Dan Abrams in his interview today on ABC Good Morning America did not acknowledge that Rutherford engaged in an International Family Abduction last August.

Thank you Kelly Rutherford.


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Kelly Rutherford Now Wrongfully Testifying in Media For Children Again

August 20, 2015

Kelly Rutherford has now officially entered the controversial group of “protective parents” as she has once again started wrongfully testifying in the media about what her children said. She is not claiming “her kids were fearful about being sent back” blah blah blah.We saw this once before when she said in the media that she told her kids she was fighting for them.

This is not Coparenting. 

A coparent need to make transitions easy for their child and from all accounts we heard last week, that’s what happened. Now all of a sudden, Rutherford is double talking and saying something completely different in the media. Nevertheless, regardless of what happened, she should not be “testifying” or tell the media what her kids said or how they acted. This is a typical tactic used by “protective parents” and/or custodial embattled parents. If desperate, they would be willing to say just about anything without regard to the privacy of their own child.

I really hope the media will stop supporting Kelly Rutherford. I think what she is doing is disgusting and horrific. She is not thinking about her innocent children. It’s no wonder the judge gave her former spouse residential custody.

I will say it is nice to see an increasing number of Family Law Lawyers and Child Protectionists speak out against Rutherford, Wendy Murphy, Dan Abrams and Dana Kennedy.


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Why Kelly Rutherford’s Attempt to Change Custody Didn’t Work

August 12, 2015

Kelly Rutherford, Parental Alienation

Kelly Rutherford

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Wendy Murphy, Attorney, TV Legal Analyst

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Dan Abrams, ABC Legal Analyst

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In April of this year, we learned that Kelly Rutherford and her Attorney Wendy Murphy would be speakers at a Battered Mothers Custody Conference in the Northeast. At the time, we were surprised to hear that Rutherford would be attaching herself to this activist group known as “protective parents”. This group has long been known to promote their cases in the media as well as not discouraging acts of civil disobedience to raise attention to their case. Most of these mothers have non-residential custody or are the non-custodial parent, mostly because of their lack of respect for a Family Court in their custody cases. At their recent conference, most of the speakers said that you must use the media in your efforts.

Kelly Rutherford did not get residential custody of her children after a long and grueling custody trial that ended with the October 2013 Statement of Decision by the Los Angeles County Judge. Many of us have now read this custody order which is normally sealed by the stipulation of both parties. In the Summer of 2014, Kelly Rutherford used Attorney and TV Analyst Wendy Murphy to bring her matter to the Federal Court and Media, since returning to the Los Angeles Court was not a realistic option. As expected, the Federal Court does not want to involve themselves in Family Court or Child Custody Cases.

So this summer, Kelly Rutherford went on a public relations or media tour of all the Entertainment Magazines (People/Dana Kennedy, TMZ, E Onine, US) with the message that her children are “living in exhile” in a Foreign Country. She wanted a change in custody because she didn’t want to abide by the 2013 Decision. For most of us in the Family Abduction Community who have seen many of these cases over the years, that statement is ludicrous for children with dual-citizenship. Nevertheless, Rutherford even enlisted the assistance of her friend, Dan Abrams, the ABC News Legal Analyst. Abrams’ wife works for Gucci and Rutherford’s current boyfriend is Tony Brand of Gucci, but that’s a separate story.

In the last several days, we noticed that Dan Abrams was calling Rutherford’s Case a “State Department issue”. But for those of us in the Family Abduction Community, we know exactly what Abrams was trying to do. If the State Department got involved like it did in the Elian Gonzalez Case, Rutherford would likely keep custody of her two children in America until things could get sorted out. That could be months as Rutherford would enroll them in a new school in New York. Abrams did not believe both the Los Angeles and New York Courts would enforce the Monaco Custody Order, since both refused to re-open the 2013 Custody Case as Rutherford wanted.

But Justice Ellen Gesmer of the Manhattan Supreme Court did exactly that. She ordered a writ of habeas corpus for Kelly Rutherford to deliver children to court. Judge Gesmer was going to show the World that the United States or the Manhattan Supreme Court would enforce the Monaco and Los Angeles 2013 Court Order decisively and swiftly.

“Definition: A writ of habeas corpus (literally to “produce the body”) is a court order to a person (prison warden) or agency (institution) holding someone in custody to deliver the imprisoned individual to the court issuing the order.”

For those of us in the Family Abduction Community, we applaud the efforts of Judge Gesmer. For Searching Parents of International Custody Cases, once they have a location of their American Born or even Foreign Born Children, we want International Judges to enforce those U.S. orders as decisively and swiftly as Judge Ellen Gesmer did. We don’t want our kidnapped children that are victims of International Family Abductions to be caught up in red tape of the Foreign Governments or even the Hague Convention and especially the U.S. State Department. As all of us know, sometimes months or even years pass as our children are not rightfully returned to the custodial parent.

So this summer before Daniel Giersch sendt his children to America, it appears he had wanted more guarantees from Kelly Rutherford and her lawyers that she would not try and kidnap or keep them in America. For the past two years or more, that’s been the case. Additionally, if you read the Decision, Rutherford has also withheld custody a number of times which is a Family Abduction or parental kidnapping. This year, a Monaco Judge and one in Los Angeles had a historic International Custody conference call to ensure the children made it to America for their custody time with Kelly. So when Kelly did not send the kids back to Monaco this week, that certainly would not have looked good for the American Legal system if the kids were not immediately returned to Monaco.

This custody case if far from over. But this is why we believe this summer’s Change of Custody Attempt by Kelly Rutherford did not work.

Dan Abrams ABC Legal Correspondent Wants State Dept not Los Angeles Court to Act

August 10, 2015
Dan Abrams,Kelly Rutherford Friend

Dan Abrams – Kelly Rutherford’s Friend

Kelly Rutherford’s friend and ABC Legal Analyst wants the State Department, not the Los Angeles Courts to get involved in Kelly Rutherford’s recent alleged parental kidnapping of her children. For those of us in the Family Abduction Community, we know why Dan Abrams is saying that. The U.S. State Department has a history of taking a very long time in these cases.

If the Los Angeles Judge steps in and issues a contempt of court violation like he should, especially after speaking with the Monaco Judge, then law enforcement should be able to quickly move in and enforce the custody order. The meeting or conference call with the California and Monaco Judges was forward thinking and progressive as both work to enforce the International Custody Order in the best interests of the children. It would be a step in the wrong direction to defer this matter to the U.S. Department of State.

Rutherford and her attorney are trying to take the position that no court in the United States wants to claim jurisdiction or venue over the case. That is not true according to Robert Franklin, Esq. who says, “the simple fact is that there is an order in place detailing when the children are to be with her and when with Giersch. Every court retains jurisdiction to enforce its own orders. Rutherford is in violation of the existing order. The fact that the U.S. courts refuse to rule on future allegations, deferring to the courts of Monaco, doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t enforce their own existing orders.”

Again, we believe celebrities like Kelly Rutherford should be held to a higher standard. We would like to see our judicial and law enforcement system act swiftly and decisively to return the Rutherford children to Monaco.

As we have always state, Kelly Rutherford can than work toward an International Child Custody Agreement. Kelly should have taken this opportunity to be a spokesperson for co-parenting and International Joint Custody rather than for International Family Abduction.

Those of us that have followed this case have read the current Custody Order and know why Kelly Rutherford lost residential custody of her children, some facts that Dan Abrams and most of the Media like People Magazine elect to intentionally ignore.

While we acknowledge Mr. Abrams that you are supporting your friend, we want to remind you that you should independently report the news.