Kelly Rutherford’s Appeal to US Court of Appeals is Denied – More Parenting Details Emerge

It is common in International Custody Cases for the protective moms like Kelly Rutherford to go jurisdiction shopping. After the Monaco ruling on 26 November 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit has also denied her petition seeking return of the children to the United States. That ruling was published on 16 December 2015.

Kelly Rutherford

Meanwhile, other details of parenting issues have emerged, some these have been on-going issues. It appears that now that Kelly Rutherford’s former spouse has sole legal custody, they can now be addressed:

  • Vaccinations — Rutherford was in the group of Anti-Vax celebrities in Hollywood. Her former spouse has now been given permission from the Monaco Court to vacinate his children in accordance with French Law.
  • Passports — Her former spouse was given permission to obtain German Passports for the children. In the past, Rutherford has held their U.S. Passports which made it difficult for the children to travel outside of Monaco with him.

There were other typical protective mom custody issues with Rutherford wanting to spend the day with her child rather than send her to school. Her former spouse wanted any money received for media exposure of the children put into a trust account for the children – that request was not made.


Exclusive: Final blow for Kelly Rutherford as US Court shoots down last ditch appeal to regain custody and bring her children back home after Monaco judge grants full custody to her ex (, 11-17-2015)

Editor’s Note: We continue to hope the Kelly Rutherford will de-escalate this issue with her former spouse in the best interests of her children.



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