The Poster Child for the Protective Parent Movement

April 8, 2016
Damon Moelter

Damon Moelter – Poster Child

Move aside Jennifer Collins, Brittany Wolferts and Samantha Geldenhuys the current poster child of the Protective Parent Network / Family Court Critics Movement is Damon Moelter. Damon is the son of Safe Kids International Founder Cindy Dumas who lost custody of her children. Damon will make his National Television debut tonight on 20/20 where he will claim there are thousands of protective parent moms like his mother.

For the real truth of Damon’s story, you should visit to see his father and step mother’s version of the story. Then you might even listen to the Voice Mails of his mother and protective parent Cindy Dumas on that site. Dumas appears to be a very bitter, scorned and vengeful protective mom that continues to harass her former spouse who has since remarried. Ms. Dumas even attacks her son’s step mother who is a very successful corporate executive.

It’s truly sad to see an adult-child used in this manner. It’s possible he might have Stockholm Syndrome like some of the other parentally kidnapped children but tonight American will see what this adult poster child is all about. There were many children like him that changed their name or told their parents like Madonna and Guy Ritche’s son to just give them their privacy. But Damon has his mother’s DNA and appears to think tonight’s performance will make him a TV sensation rather than just a glorified version of character that could also have been on the Jerry Springer show.


Wolferts Sisters Going Back to Kansas

March 29, 2016

Michelle Woferts Parental Kidnapper

The daughters of accused parental kidnapper Michelle Wolferts are headed back to Kansas per a Utah Judge’s Court Ruling. They have been ordered by the court to return to Kansas into their father’s custody.


Wolferts sisters court-ordered to return to Kansas with father by Kurt Hanson (Daily Herald, 03-31-2016)

Editor’s Note:

Michelle Woferts was venue or forum shopping in this case. She didn’t like the results of the custody ruling in Kansas so she finds a new venue or forum in Kansas. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was drafted in 1997 and has been adopted by 49 states. The UCCJEA vests “exclusive [and] continuing jurisdiction for “child custody litigation in the courts of the child’s home state (Kansas).  The case belongs in Kansas and Michelle Wolferts and her oldest daughter Brittany Dangerfield were creating another forum and using the media as outlined in the protective parent playbook.

In Support of the Father in the Wolferts Sisters Case

February 9, 2016


With Michelle Wolferts and Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield continuing their public shaming campaign with false information and innuendo, I am shocked that the judge has not ordered a gag order. As in other cases, prosecuting District Attorneys usually ask the victim (the father in this case) to refrain from speaking to the media. And in cases involving minors where juvenile court hearings are not open to the public, it is shameful to see these cases involving minors litigated in the media.

There are a number of websites that clearly show the timeline of events from the fathers perspective which are shocking. These sites present facts and evidence that Michelle Wolferts, Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield and family members Troy Olson (the uncle), Judy Olson (the grandmother) and Rob more than likely acted as co-conspirators in the Teenager Family Abduction. As Family Abduction Researchers have concluded, 75% of the time, family members know where the parentally kidnapped children are. Brittany Wolferts also tried unsuccessfully to get custody of her sisters when they were in hiding and more than likely filed a false police report or lied to police. I am surprised that the District Attorney has not charged others as third party conspirators like the Minnesota District Attorney did in the Sandra Rucki Case. These individuals certainly had the combined economic means to litigate the issue in court, but instead decided to support this Teenager Family Abduction.

Like in many of these cases, Brittany and the other family members also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to get publicity for the cause as well as themselves. On that show, Troy, Judy and Brittany said they had no idea where Michelle and the girls are. If they knew, they clearly misled law enforcement on that show. That’s certainly egregious behavior that does not show that they should be considered for any future custody rights of these teenagers. They have shown or earned no respect for the legal system.

Here are links to one of those websites that support the father in this case: 

Brought Safely Home Website

“Background. My wife and I support Brian Wolferts, the custodial parent of Sydney and Danielle Wolferts. These girls have been missing since July 2014. It appears from social media reports that their mother and her supporters are hiding them. If this is so, directly involved or aiding and abetting a kidnapping. Brian has worked with local police departments, not-for-profit missing persons organizations, father’s rights groups, and other organizations to locate his daughters. He has not heard from them in over five months.”

Wolferts Sisters Timeline

It’s Time for the Prosecutor to File Criminal Charges Against Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield

February 8, 2016

Defendant Michelle Wolferts and Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield

As the Wolferts Sisters Parental Kidnapping Case unfolds, it is becoming more evident that Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield may have been involved. And it is also evident that the 20-year old doesn’t understand who files charges in Criminal Cases (Hasn’t she ever seen an episode of Law and Order?) In a interview with Kurt Hanson (@hansonherald) of the Daily Herald, the young adult says:

“[Brittany Wolferts] Dangerfield said “she [her mother] was surprisingly issued charges relating to housing fraud, though she doesn’t know why or how she [her mother] was charged. She believes a third party, who accused her [mother] of knowing where her sisters were when they first went missing, filed the charges against her.”

“[Brittany Wolfers] Dangerfield said she’s filed criminal charges with the Orem Police Department against her father…”

It’s too bad the Daily Herald Reporter, Kurt Hanson didn’t correct the young adult. Instead, he printed exactly what she said. We know that this reporter certainly knows that only Prosecutors or District Attorneys can file charges in a criminal proceeding. Perhaps Hanson intentionally left that in to expose the tenets of these proclaimed Family Court Critics.

Moving on to Michelle Wolferts who has been charged with custodial interference, filing a false police reporting and housing fraud. As a charged defendant, she is giving an interview to Utah Family TV Blogger/Lawyer Eric K. Johnson. How many defendants awaiting trial do we hear giving interviews without their attorneys present? Or does her daughter Brittany believe she is her attorney or perhaps her social media attorney in the court of public opinion.

From the interview, it really difficult to believe the mother wasn’t orchestrating each movement of her older daughter while she was underground or in hiding. And I find it very difficult to believe the District Attorney doesn’t have evidence against Brittany Wolferts to also charge her as a third party conspirator. As this case continues to unfold, the District Attorney should indict the mother and daughter on new Felony Charges. It’s apparent that they do not believe in the severity of the charges.

On Friday, the judge wanted the girls’ guardian ad litem to find a professional therapist for the girls. Both Michelle Wolferts and her daughter Brittany Wolferts have supervised visitation with the girls who many believe to have Stockholm Syndrome. Of course this has angered Michelle and Brittany. The father through his attorney Brian Wilkinson said his client is also involved in finding the girls therapy.

Both Michelle Wolferts and Brittany Wolferts have voiced their opinion against the Family Court System. As the case returns to the same process that Michelle fled, you hope that it will eventually be time for them to take ownership and responsibility for their criminally deviant actions. These teenagers like the Rucki girls deserve a chance at Reunification and  therapy.




Brittany Wolferts -Should She Also Be Charged?

February 1, 2016

In these Family Abduction Cases, it is unlikely that other Family Members did not know where the location of the Abductor and the kids. In the Teenager Family Abduction by Michelle Wolferts, we have a very difficult time believing that Brittany Wolferts did not aid and abet in this crime. She had to of known where her sisters and mother were or at the very least who or whom knew.

In this era of Social Media where the supporters of the parental kidnapper post custody and confidential health records online, it is surprising that there haven’t been any lawsuits yet. In 2006, a licensed practical nurse pled guilty for wrongfully disclosing a patient’s health information for person gain. That crime carried a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a $250K fine.

In the case of the young adult Brittany Wolfert’s blog, you can see documents uploaded that appear to be the release of confidential personal health records of her father. She may be thinking she is helping her sisters but her possible there may be unfortunate consequences to her actions.

Brittany also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. In past years many of the protective parent movement moms and their supports have appeared on TV Talk Shows. But in the age of reality TV, I am uncertain if her story sounds more like one from the Jerry Springer Show rather than the Kardashians. It is unfortunate that many of these young adult women that are impacted by these Teenage Family Abductions may desire to be the next Kardashians but to some of us, it sounds more like the Springer Show. You can see a link to Brittany’s appearance on the Dr. Phil Show below and another interview.

A Family Abduction or Teenager Family Abduction is one of the most horrific crimes against a child. It is one of the most severe forms of Domestic or Family Violence. Michelle Wolferts did not exhaust her legal remedies before she became the Judge, Jury and Executioner in determining custody of her daughters. It has been apparent that after having three children with her former spouse after marrying him in her very early twenties — she has since been trying to write her remarried former spouse and his new wife out of her children’s lives. Despite what her supporters or groupies want to believe or post to social media, Michelle Wolferts is the Alleged or Documented Abuser in this Case. In her groupies words, she may also be the Admitted Abuser.

Finally, it sounds like Brittany Wolferts has certainly been supporting her mother in this Teenager Family Abduction. Once law enforcement takes the time to review her cell phone records and emails, the local district attorney will need to decide if she too should be charged. That said, with some of the personal health information she has been posting, she may have far more civil and criminal exposure in that area. I would urge Brittany Wolferts to have her attorneys review her information on her blog and find a way to de-escalate the situation with her father and step mother “for the best interests of her sisters”.