Time for Supervised Visitation for Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Once a parent engages in parental kidnapping, all of their visits from that point forward should be supervised. By kidnaping the child or children like Kelly Rutherford did, they can no longer be trusted. No one could tell you for sure if that parent will take their cause to the next level.

The Kelly Rutherford spoon-fed media (People Mag, ABC Legal Analyst Dan Abrams, US Weekly, E Online) has not acknowledged or reported on the emotional effects of Kelly Rutherford’s four-day parental kidnapping on the children. There are a number of therapists that could be interviewed. According to Kelly Rutherford, her former spouse spoke to the children during those days. But what happened earlier that week when the children most likely spoke to their father on the phone. Don’t you think as the residential parent that he told them he would see them in Monaco at the airport on Friday? How do you think the children felt that instead of getting on the plane as planned, they were next inside a boring courtroom. And with the history of high-conflict custody transitions, don’t you think they were thinking, “here we go again, moms trying to change the plan”. And of course we hear from Rutherford that the children were hysterical during the transition — a situation that Kelly created.

I don’t blame Rutherford’s former spouses’ lawyer, Fahi Tekesh Hallin, one of the top International Child Custody Attorneys in the United States for now requesting that Kelly Rutherford’s visitations be supervised. That’s a standard practice in these cases that every Family Law Attorney would know.

I personally think the only solution for Kelly Rutherford right now is to apologize to her children, her former spouse and his family, her fans and the media. She must acknowledge that she wrongfully engaged in “maternal gate keeping” and “over nurturing”. She has decided to abide by any child custody order. She is hopeful that someday it can transition to more custody time with her children, including trips to America. She realizes that it is her that must regain the trust of everyone involved — especially her children.

2 Responses to Time for Supervised Visitation for Kelly Rutherford

  1. Karen says:

    Great article. People are starting to see the truth about this woman.

  2. James says:

    I think the fact that this woman is a high-profile person contributed greatly to her losing her children so quickly – if she was just an ordinary human being who was not notable enough to have her own entry in most reputable encyclopedias, like most other parental kidnappers mentioned on this website at the time of the original kidnappings, then I suspect she might have succeeded in “disappearing” with her children.

    On the other hand, I wonder how well supervised visitation would actually work if it were tried in the future – could this woman’s strong desire to be with her children turn her into the female version of Clark Rockefeller/Christian Gerhartsreiter?

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