Protective Moms Organization Not Supporting Parental Kidnapper Angie Vu

Angie Vu

Model Angie Vu – Accused Parental Kidnapper 

Safe Kids International, the Protective Parent Organization / Family Court Critics led by Cindy Dumas has been social media shaming the judge, prosecuting attorneys and the fathers in almost all new parental kidnapping and high conflict divorce cases. They have been supporting the protective mothers without any discretion for the possibility that any or all allegations may be unsupported.

So Angie Vu, “Asia’s Sexiest DJ has been incarcerated in the Metropolitan Detention in Brooklyn, NY since November 4, 2015.  She was arrested at JFK Airport as she tried to flee with her 9-year old daughter to Vietnam. She had previously agreed to return the child to the child’s father Richard Froger in Paris, France. The father has custody of Vu’s child in Paris, France and the child was expected to be back in Paris on August 29, 2015.

On February 3, 2016, Angie Vu made a personal plea to Brooklyn Judge, Viktor Pohorelsky. France has requested the United States extradite the celebrity Angie Vu to face parental kidnapping charges. Vu in a 20-minute rambling statement claimed she was the victim of domestic violence; claimed her daughter’s biological father was wrongly granted custody; and said she was falsely accused of being a porn star.

The Vietnamese-born model has appeared in Playboy and the TV Show America’s Got Talent where she smooched with Nick Cannon.

Back to Safe Kids International. It appears that this protective parent organization has decided to not support Angie Vu since we see no evidence of this high profile case on their Facebook Public Shaming page. Like the other protective moms/family court critics (Michelle Wolferts, Maya Tsimhoni, Sandra Rucki, Kelly Rutherford) — Angie Vu is claiming to be a victim of Domestic Violence. In this case, only Rucki and Vu of this group are currently incarcerated and considered to be flight risks.

I am not sure why Safe Kids International does not appear to be support Angie Vu. It might relate to Angie Vu’s profession, lifestyle or that they may actually agree with us —  that Angie Vu is guilty of the crime of International Family Abduction.



9 Responses to Protective Moms Organization Not Supporting Parental Kidnapper Angie Vu

  1. Adela says:

    I don’t think it’s deliberate. There are several high profile cases not mentioned by this site (Burns girls, Sofii Doyle, Alondra Díaz, Skelton boys, to name a few) and that doesn’t mean that this site thinks the left behind parent has a less valid case, it’s simply that there are too many crazy people taking the law on their own hands and it is impossible to cover or know about all of them.
    Add it that the posts at SKI are not very smart or analytical, just plain visceral, mom is right, dad is wrong, co-parenting should be illegal, it would actually surprise many if it covered more than a handful of pre-selected cases.

    • Celeste Keenan says:

      I think that in the Skelton boys case dad would rather have killed the boys than hand them over to their mother. There was really no excuse for dad to take off with the boys.
      Mr. Skelton could have made things a lot easier on himself if he had just told the police where to find them.

  2. Mike Warner says:

    You seem like a scorned (wo)man. She must have really rejected you. Time to get over it and move on with your life.

    • underwatch says:

      You seem like someone who may have aided and abetted Michelle in felony parental kidnapping crime. You are minimizing this horrible act of child maltreatment.

      • Mike Warner says:

        You’re so hung up on something that never happened. Nobody in prison. Nobody in jail. Time to move on. It must be therapeutic for you to write about this hoping and wishing your wife was charged the same way. Weird though.

      • underwatch says:

        Didn’t Michelle commit housing fraud or something like that? Does that mean we can call her a fraudster or alleged fraudster like the DV and Protective Parent groups use the term kidnapper. The local District Attorneys just don’t have experience prosecuting parental kidnapping or teenager family abduction. Michelle should have gone to prison – maybe still will someday.

      • mike warner says:

        “Committed housing fraud”? Where? The housing fraud was a trumped up charge Brittany’s dad fabricated to attempt to discredit her. It’s unfortunate you don’t have the insight to recognize the narcissistic behaviors her dad displays Michelle was just with her girls on a recent news story about her youngest daughter having to emancipate to escape the xxxxx Brian Wolferts that you support. Looks quite free and happy!

      • underwatch says:

        These home comings rarely last that long as the Media goes away. Young adults need money for college and this family needs to move forward with their lives. Damon, the kidnapped child who had suicidal thoughts is the current poster child. These children should be in therapy and they should have health insurance. I doubt Michelle is a productive member of society yet. I would imagine the next step is begging others for money. With all of the inflammatory and libelous comments posted by Michelle and her supporters, like Dede Evavold — it’s not the last we will hear about this case.

      • Mike Warner says:

        You have zero ethics. Now you post a statement that a child has “suicidal thoughts” but you xxxx out about a man like Brian Wolferts you support that is xxxxxx by young kids. Pretty disgusting perp.

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