Dede Evavold Released from Jail

April 5, 2018

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Dede Evavold was released from Dakota County Jail so that she could remove the remaining online material she posted about a family law custody case. She had previously violated a judge’s court order by posting that information. Evavold’s husband Darin Evavold had previously brought Dede’s laptop to court so that some of the information could be removed.

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Editor’s Note: In this era of free speech and the First Amendment, this Minnesota Court and the custodial father’s Minnesota Family Law Attorney Attorney Lisa Elliot are leading the county in taking steps to protect the privacy and rights of these children. We applaud them. And thank you to investigative reporter Michael Broadkorb for his Pulitizer-deserving reporting of this story.

In following these protective parent cases over the past 2 decades, we have never seen three supporters of this cause do more to ruin their lives than Sandra Grazzini, Dede Evavold and Michelle MacDonald. They also have caused more undeserved harm to the children, the father and the families as well as an unprecedented amount of court resources. In this new era of coparenting area, it could have all be avoided if Sandra Rucki would have either shared custody or given away her custody rights.

Dede Evavold Found Guilty of 6 Felony Counts

September 29, 2016

Dede Evavold – Found Guility

In a historic verdict and 3-day Trial, a jury found Minnesota Protective Parent Movement Advocate Dede Evavold guilty of 6 Felony Counts. She was taken into custody.

Dede Evavold, one of the former leaders of the Minnesota Protective Parents Group and outspoken Family Court Critic assisted Sandra Grazzini-Rucki in kidnapping Sandra’s two daughters. Sandra Rucki was found guilty of 4 Felony Counts of Deprivation of Child Custody earlier this year.

Rather than hire an attorney or use a public defender or plead guilty, Dede Evavold elected to represent herself (she is not a lawyer). As her close friend and attorney Michelle MacDonald did not represent her.

Editor’s Note: Wow, this is a huge step toward shutting down the protective parent movement and encouraging those Family Court Critics to not engage in kidnapping or civil disobedience. It does not appear that the Protective Parent Network of Lawyers and Expert Witnesses stepped up to help Evavold in her legal defense. After this verdict, why would any divorcing mother trust the protective parent network. This verdict and a long prison sentence for Evavold would send a strong message to protective moms that they should respect the courts and exhaust their legal remedies in these cases before electing illegal ones. WOW!


2013 Photo of Dede Evavold and Sandra Grazzini-Rucki (Video by Attorney Michelle MacDonald)

The Smoking Gun in the Dede Evavold Trial. Missing in Minnesota reports that Dede Evavold sent Sandra Grazzini-Rucki an email with the criminal statutes for deprivation of parental rights. This is thought to be the most convincing evidence against Dede Evavold. She knew exactly what the crime was and the associated risk. Tonight Dede Evavold is in jail for her part in the kidnapping of the teenagers.




Dede Evavold’s Trial to Begin

September 26, 2016

Six Felony Counts for  Deprivation of Parental Rights in Sandra Rucki Case

A historic trial begins in Dakota County, Minnesota with the Criminal trial of Dede Evavold. Dede is accused of six felony counts of Deprivation of Parental Rights with her involvement in the Sandra Rucki Family Abduction Case. The prosecution of third party “protective parent network” or “family court critic” supporters is not common since most of these co-conspirators usually reside in other states or jurisdictions. However, the kidnapped girls were found in Hermann, Minnesota and the District Attorney has also charged Evavold. Dede Evavold was one of the founders of the Minnesota Protective Parents Organization. She is shown on Youtube videos with Sandra Rucki supporting the “protective parent” / “family court critic” movement.

Sandra Rucki was found guilty earlier this year, Dede Evavold elected not to take a plea a deal with the local district attorney. Evavold does not have a lawyer and is representing herself.

Where is Evavold’s friend, attorney and judicial candidate Michelle MacDonald?

Today in court Evavold was offered a plea deal to two counts, stay of adjudication, probation of three years, jail sentence under 90 days. She did not take the deal. She has no witness list, she has not provided the state with any discovery.

Editor’s Note: As a protective parent/family court critic movement supporter and kidnapper, Dede Evavold wants to use our Criminal Court system as a form of protest. She has no regard for the costs of a jury trial to the county. She has no lawyer nor does she want one.

9/27/2016 Update: Dede Evavold’s trial began today at 1:30pm. A jury has been selected. She is still representing herself. She declined to make an opening statement.

Sandra Rucki’s Defense Attorney Stephen Grigsby and Family Law Attorney Michelle MacDonald

July 19, 2016

Attorneys Stephen Grigsby and Michelle MacDonald


The controversial Minnesota Defense Attorney Stephen Grigsby. If he were yelling at Sandra Rucki what does that say about her. And he has represented the equally controversial Michelle MacDonald. Incredibly, MacDonald is a running for Minnesota Supreme Court Judge against incumbent Justice Natalie Hudson and Craig Foss on August 9, 2016. MacDonald will no doubt seek publicity from the Rucki trial for the upcoming election.


Suspended Defense Lawyer Gets 60 Days More for Ghostwriting Client’s Winning ‘Pro Se’ Appeal Brief (ABA Journal, July 11, 2012)

IN RE: Petition for DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST Stephen Vincent GRIGSBY (, July 11, 2012)

A Summary of Day 1 of the Sandra Rucki Criminal Trial

July 19, 2016
Sandra Rucki and Michael Rhedin

Sandra Rucki and Boyfriend Michael Rhedin (Photo: Missing in Minnesota)

  • Criminal Charges Charges — Sandra Grazzini-Rucki has been charged with eight felony counts of depravation of parental rights by in Dakota County, Minnesota. In this Teenager Family Abduction Trial, the children were kidnapped for 944 days (April 2013 to November 2015).
  • Co-conspirators — Dede Evavold (represents self, not an attorney), Douglas Dahlen (represented by Travis Keil) and Gina Dahlen (represented by Kyle White) have been charged with felonies related to the disappearance of the girls. The co-conspirator trials will take place separately. The co-conspirators have been granted “use immunity”.
  • The Judge — The Judge is Karen Asphaug.
  • Sandra’s Defense Attorney — Sandra Rucki is represented by Criminal Defense Attorney Stephen Grigsby.
  • Sandra’s Family Law Attorney — Is Michelle MacDonald.
  • Jury Selection – Started on Monday, July 18th. The jurors 22 men/26 women were given a 13 page questionnaire.
  • The Sisters — They are now 18 and 16. They are living with the custodial father. One graduated from high school. (names are withheld for privacy in a Family Abduction Case)
  • The boyfriends– Sandra’s boyfriends are Michael Rhedin and/or Jack Auld.


Missing in Minnesota

Star Tribune

Breaking: Sandra Rucki Divorce Case Facts – Download Court Order

November 20, 2015
Sandra Rucki, Mugshot

Sandra Rucki Mugshot

Download Rucki Court Order Here

In these protective parent cases, the case usually starts out with a large number of maritial assets and a protective mom that spends way more than her means in litigating the case. We already saw that in the Kelly Rutheford case.

During the initial Rucki divorce in 2011, Sandra Rucki was asking for sole and legal custody over the 5 children, ownership of their homestead, $3,673 per month in child support and $10,000 per month in spousal maintenance. Her former spouse could keep his business. Sandra Rucki tried to get an order for those terms during a default heaing where he or his attorney were not present.

The order was eventually vacated the divorce proceedings would begin which would include over 3,000 orders. The courts rightfully assigned a Guardian Ad-Litem Attorney “GAL” for the five children and ordered drug testing, psychological and absue evalutions and reunification therapy for all five children.

As the case proceeded, the parties did not comply with their own agreements over custody, parenting times and child support as is common in protective parent cases when the mom and her protective parent/family court critic attorney may have no respect for the court. As documented in the case in 2012, Sandra Rucki did not cooperate with the GAL as well as the reunification therapy. We don’t know all the details but she probably was not cooperative in providing custody time to her former spouse. The court was concerned that Sandra Rucki was engaging in parental alienation. This is what led to Dr. Paul Reitman, PhD.’s report and recommendation that the Rucki children should be removed from Sandra Rucki’s custody and care. The children’s paternal aunt, Tammy Love was given temporary physical and legal custody of the children.

Meanwhile, the GAL Julie Friedrich asked the court to withdraw as GAL. Ms. Friedrich indicated that her ability to advocate on behalf of the children had ben compromised by Sandra Rucki’s inteference and false allegations. She also expressed a concern about personal threats made on a blog devoted to discussing this and other state court family cases.

Eventually on September 11, 2013 a custody trial was to be held by prior to the trial, Sandra Rucki’s controversial attorney Michelle MacDonald informed the court that she intended to file a federal lawsuit against the Judge personally in this case and suggested the trial (can’t believe she did that).

On November 25, 2013, the judge awarded soel legal and physical custody of the minor children to Rucki’s former spouse. Sandra Rucki was given supervised parenting time.

As November 2015, Sandra Rucki is now claiming she owes her attorney Michelle MacDonald over $200,000 and that she is indigent. That’s also how many of these protective moms end up. That’s a huge amount of money spent on legal fees rather than staying at a luxury resort in Florida that should have gone toward the Rucki children including Samantha and Gianni. But again, that’s usually how these cases are.

Download Rucki Court Order Here

Michelle MacDonald – Protective Parent Attorney

November 19, 2015
Michelle MacDonald Protective Parent Attorney

Michelle MacDonald, Protective Parent Attorney

When these protective parent cases starts, as the story unfolds, the cast of characters eventually starts to become evident. In the case of Sandra Rucki on trial with $1 Million Bail for felony deprivation of custody charges, Rucki’s attorney Michelle MacDonald actually had the kahunas to ask the criminal court to appoint her as public defender and pay her fee through Dakota County. Now that’s the common practice among protective parent criminal attorneys. The defendant will claim she is indigent and the public defender will represent the protective parent. The attorney will often ask the court to be added to the defense team claiming that public defender does not have the skills in these cases. Fortunately, the judge denied MacDonald’s request.

MacDonald has also attempted to collect over $200,000 in legal fees in liens from her client Sandra Rucki. When Rucki was arrested, she may have had some money in a bank account that was frozen. The liens might be a tactic so that Sandra Rucki could claim she is indigent.

Meanwhile, Stephen Grigsby has replaced Michelle MacDonald as the criminal attorney of record (although we doubt it’s the last we have heard of MacDonald). Grisgby has a history of conflicts with the courts having been suspended by the Minnesota Bar several times.


MacDonald bills Grazzini-Rucki over $222,000 for ‘pro bono’ legal work by Michael Brodkorb (StarTribune, 11-19-2015)

Editor’s Note: As this story unfolds, it is possible that Michelle MacDonald may be the Protective Parent Attorney for the Minnesota Area. MacDonald, a former Minnesota Supreme Court Candidate may have assisted in sending the Rucki teenage girls into hiding. It’s possible that will be Sandra Rucki’s defense. Rucki was given the advice of her attorney and the protective parent groups. MacDonald’s former campaign manager, Dede Evavold made the arrangements.