Breaking: Criminal Charges Against Gina & Doug Dahlen, Dede Evavold Not Dismissed

June 21, 2016

Sandra Rucki, Dede Evavold, Dough Dahlen, Gina Dahlen

Breaking: Legal Correspondent Michael Brodkorb of the StarTribune is reporting on his blog:

Judge Karen Asphaug has denied a motion filed by Doug and Gina Dahlen to dismiss the criminal charges filed against them related to disappearance of two sisters from Lakeville who were found living at their ranch in northern Minnesota.

The Dahlens have each been charged with two felony counts of deprivation of parental rights involving the disappearance of Samantha and Gianna Rucki, who disappeared during a custody and divorce dispute involving their parents on April 19, 2013.

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Bombshell: Sandra Rucki Hearing $2.4M Life Insurance Policy Received

January 27, 2016
Sandra Rucki, Mugshot

Sandra Rucki – Parental Kidnapper

Michael Brodkorb of the Star Tribune is reporting from West St. Paul Court Hearing for the Sandra Rucki Case.

  • Undisclosed Bank Records — In 2010, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki secretly received $2.4 million from a life insurance policy. Her father died in 2010. Sandra Rucki used banks in Las Vegas to access and transfer portions of the money.
  • Marriage to Michael Rhedin — There is speculation that Sandra Rucki married Michael Rhedin. He was wearing a wedding ring at the court hearing. They may have been married abroad.
  • U.S. Passport — In November 2015, Sandra Rucki’s attorney Michelle MacDonald said she didn’t have a passport. In the recent court hearing, MacDonald said she had a passport.
  • Child Support — Sandra Rucki owes $6,963.69 in unpaid child support.
  • April 2016 — the next court hearing.


Twitter: @mbrodkorb

Editor’s Note: At a Criminal Trial Hearing, Michelle MacDonald wanted the court to appoint her as a public defender and for Dakota County to pay her fee.  MacDonald also tried to collect over $200,000 in legal fees owed her. Now it is disclosed that Sandra Rucki was hiding a portion of $2.4 million dollars. Now they need to check Michael Rhedin’s bank records to see if Rucki hid the money in his name.

It’s sounding more like Sandra Rucki wasn’t interested in raising her children. So she sends her daughters to live on a ranch and is found at a luxurious resort in Florida with a male companion. What kind of mother is that?




The Media’s Role in Missing Children’s Cases

December 3, 2015

Michael Brodkorb, a political reporter and blogger for the Star Tribune writes about the media’s role in missing children’s cases. He raises some brutally honest and compelling issues reporters face in missing children’s cases. This is a must read for any reporter reporting on protective parent stories.

Brodkorb provides some insight into some of the extremists views of the protective parent movement such as his disclosure that he has “received multiple threats against [his] personal safety as direct result of reporting on this case”.

First of all, these threats are part of the protective parent movment that the Domestic Violence Community never acknowledges. There is no possible justification for threatening a reporter in the local Minnesota Community who is covering a story to find missing children. These threats should be investigated by law enforcement as this reporter and his family have a right to feel safe in their community.

Mr. Brodkorb also raises the issue of Fox 9 interview of the minor children. Brodkorb says: “The fact that Fox 9 interviewed Samantha and Gianna while they were missing needs to be explored and openly discussed.” We have seen this in other protective mom stories. We have always believed that if the media did not get involved in some of these cases, the crime may not have been comitted. The media should not have participated in the kidnapping and should have tipped off law enforcement so the teenagers could have been taken into custody before their interview.

In this eara of spoon-fed journalism,  Mr. Brodkorb also questioned the tenets of the Sandra Rucki, the protective mom as well as her attorney, Michelle MacDonald. Here is what he reports:

“I had several more phone conversations with MacDonald over the next two days. During one of these early exchanges, I noticed she kept responding to my questions by listing her grievances with the family court system. I asked her to focus for just a few moments on where the missing kids might be living.”

Mr. Brodkorb is also one of the first to report about Sandra Rucki’s former spouse. He talks about his first meeting with this Searching Parent. He starts to describe some of the emotions this father went through in his search for his daughters.


Finally, he describes his role of reporting this case with his fellow reporter Brandon Stahl and the Star Tribune.

Here is a link to the story:

Blog: Michael Bordkorb: Why I wrote about the Rucki Case (Star Tribune, 12-2-15)

Thanks Michael Brodkorb for writing this story.

Breaking: Statement from Rucki Family

November 21, 2015

Here’s a statement from the Rucki Family:

Source: @Mbrokorb Twitter Post

Source: @Mbrodkorb Twitter Post

The Rucki Family thanked the Lakeville Police Department, US Marshalls Service and the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, the Jacob Wetterling Foundation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. They also thanked Star Tribune Reporters Michael Brodkorb and Brandon Stahl