Will Third Party Co Conspirators Be Charged in Valerie Berry 25 Year Parental Kidnapping Case?

September 11, 2015

In Family Abduction Cases, the friends and relatives always know where the abducting parent and the child is. Or at the very least, they have some method of contacting them.

William Berry

William Berry – He had to have known where his daughter was!

Valerie Berry, the former Arizona State University professor has a father William Berry, who lives in Longview, Oregon. That’s not extremely far from Dexter, Oregon, the location of James and Mary Curtis who were very active in assisting underground/protective parent moms in the ’90s. And it’s not that much of coincidence that Cari Cagle, the nurse that might have started everything, now lives in Eugene Oregon. That is just miles from Dexter, Oregon. 

Carie Cagle

Carie Cagle – This Nurse Was Not Qualified To Give That Advice

Santa Clara County in California is one of the only counties in America with its own Child Abduction Unit. With the arrest of Valerie Berry, we think its time for some court in America to start prosecuting those that aided and abetted in this horrible crime against a child.

Back in the ’90s, Cari Cagle a nurse had no professional training or legitimate credentials for giving advice to any mother to go underground with her child. Especially from Santa Clara County, which had some of the best services for these types of cases in the country. As we’ve seen in other cases, Cari Cagle was assisting Valerie Berry in providing an excuse or a trail of evidence when she was arrested. In addition, Valerie Berry’s father William had tried to get a petition to get Santa Clara County to drop the charges. Instead, he should have been trying to get his daughter to give herself up. William Berry had to have known the whereabout of his daughter and with today’s phone and Internet records, it wouldn’t be difficult to prove.

The other goal of law enforcement should be to assist the biological father and his family in reunifying with the now adult child. There is very little precedence in this area and it is wrong for these adult victims to side with their pathetic kidnapper. We urge the abducted adult child to contact TakeRoot.org 1-800-ROOT-ORG or a reunification therapist for advice.

Valerie Berry was arrested in a 25 year Parental Kidnapping in Phoenix, Arizona in July 2015. Valerie Berry kidnapped her daughter from Santa Clara County, California in 1990. Berry went by the name Aleksasha Webster and most recently taught courses part-time in the Design School. Berry faces a three year prison term if not charged with additional false document crimes.


Longview man using online petition in bid to find daughter, granddaughter (TDN 04-23-2013)

A List of Pathetic Parental Kidnappers

September 8, 2015

Here’s a list of some of the pathetic parental kidnapping cases we have followed.

Genevieve and Scott Kelley

They pathetically kidnapped Mary Nunes in 2004 and were not arrested until 10 years later in 2014. Both have served or are serving jail time. They have not yet supported a reunification of the now adult child and her biological parents. Some believe they are still kidnapping her. Most believe that this now adult-child is emotionally brainwashed and will need to be deprogrammed.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley Mugshot Arrested

Scott Kelly









Dorthy Lee Barnett

Dorthy “Lee” Barnett kidnapped her daughter in 1994 and was not arrested until 2013. She is still incarcerated in jail. The now adult-daughter has met her biological father.

Dorothy Lee Barnett

Dorthy Lee Barnett

Eileen Clark

In 1995 Eileen Clark kidnapped her children and was not found until 2008. She was living in the United Kingdom with her children. She was not sentenced until 2014. She has not actively supported a relationship with the children’s biological father.

Eileen Clark

Eileen Clark

Valerie Berry

Valerie Berry kidnapped her daughter inn 1990. She was arrested in Arizona 25 years later in July 2015. She currently awaits trial and bail is set at $250,000.

Valerie Berry, Parental Kidnapper Arrested

Valerie Berry

Dara Llorens

Dara Llorens kidnapped her daughter in 2002. She was found 12 years later in Mexico. The mother is charged with aggravated kidnapping as her trial is scheduled to begin in September 2015. The 17 year old daughter has been reunified with her biological father.

Dara Marie Llorens, Parental Kidnapper, Sabrina Allen

Dara Llorens

Elizabeth Stratton

Elizabeth kidnapped her children in 1997 and is on the FBI Most Wanted List. Her adult children Zachary Smith and Chelsea Smith surfaced in 2010.

Elizabeth Stratton Paental Kidnapper

Elizabeth Stratton

Kelly Rutherford

Most of the parental kidnappers that made our list engaged in long-term abductions. Kelly Rutherford, also claiming to be an activist has been speaking at Protective Parent Conferences. She probably thought she had a free pass due to her celeb-status. She kidnapped her children for over 3 days when she did not send the kids back to Monaco after her parenting time had expired. Only Kelly and her children know what she told them during those 3 days. Our guess is that it doesn’t make her Coparenter of the Year.

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

We encourage the adult-victim children to seek therapy and to separate from their parental kidnapper. These adult-children should contact a therapist. The www.takeroot.org would also be a good resource.

It is unfortunate that there is not Victim Restitution Funds for these adult-children to seek the therapy they rightfully deserve for the abduction, parental alienation and other trauma that was horribly inflicted on the.

Former Arizona State University Instructor Arrested in 1990 Parental Kidnapping

September 4, 2015
Valerie Berry, Parental Kidnapper Arrested

Valerie Berry, Parental Kidnapper

A former Arizona State University instructor was arrested on July 28, 2015 on suspicion of abducting her daughter and changing both their identities 25 years ago, officials said.

According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, Valerie Berry, 56, disappeared from the California county with her daughter in the midst of a divorce, violating court-ordered visitation rights of the child’s father.

Police arrested Berry without incident Tuesday morning after she left her home, possibly on her way to work, said Mia Garcia, spokeswoman for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

For more info, see links.

Editor’s Note: On behalf of the Family Abduction Community, we are very happy that this father has finally found his daughter. The last 25 years must have been very difficult for him and we are certain he and his family kept the hope alive that they may someday they may be reunified with her. We hope that the now adult-child had the courage and the independent thinking to reunify with her her father. For parentally kidnapped children, we are certain that it is difficult NOT to remain loyal to their kidnapper. Nevertheless, the kidnappers had many other legal alternatives and a fast reunion with her searching family would certainly enhance the odds that the court system would go easy on the kidnapper.

Finally, I would encourage this adult child to seek the services of a therapist that can assist with this reunification.

Valerie Berry faces 3 years in Prison for this horrible crime against an innocent child. She has so many other legal alternatives before she made her choice.

Here is the Family’s Facebook Page 


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