Breaking: The Detroit Free Press Gets It Right About Judge Gorcya

June 4, 2016

Finally, a Columnist for the Detroit Free Press, Brian Dickerson is the first member of the media to correctly understand what went on this week with the Paul Fisher and Margaret Rynier of the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission and their hearings against Judge Lisa Gorcyca with the Tsimoni Custody Case.

In the two days of hearings, Dickerson has been able to navigate his way through the political and personal agendas of what he is calling the Tsimhoni custody fire. He is also one of the first reporters to inject Lisa Gorcyca’s husband, the former Oakland County prosecutor into this story.

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Judicial ethics cops pour gas on Tsimhoni custody fire by Brian Dickerson, Detroit Free Press Columnist 6/3/2016


Judge Lisa Gorcyca Hearing Update

May 31, 2016

Here are videos from today’s Hearing. It’s shocking for a judge’s conduct to be put on trial like this publicly. Also with the pending custody hearing with Judge Joan Young and with minors involved, it is odd to hear portions of the custody case adjudicated.

What is the most shocking is co-examiner Margaret Rynier’s line of questioning toward a judge and what appears to be her attempt at using the race card in the second video.


Margaret Rynier, Staff Attorney at the Judicial Tenure Commission

There were a number of Oakland County Michigan Judges attending the opening statements to show their support for Judge Gorcyca.

Judge Daniel Ryan
Judge Gorcyca’s Attorney, Tom Cranmer of Miller Canfield
Margaret Rynier, Co-examiner for the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
Judge Lisa Gorcyca

Judge Lisa Gorcyca
Karen Gullberg Cook, Attorney for one of the children

Patrick Anthony (Michael) Dean, Attorney for one of the children

Brittany Kelso, Oakland County Children’s Village

William Lansat, Guardian Ad-litem
Keri Middleditch, Attorney for Father
Randy Maloney, Sheriff’s Deputy for Oakland County

Day 2 Videos including Closing Statements

Here’s a short summary of the hearing from Courthouse News Service.

Fiery Start to Ethics Case Against Michigan Judge by Andy Olesko

Editor’s Note: It is very sad to see legal resources and taxpayer dollars used in this manner to publicly disparage the reputation of a judge. There are critics of our nation’s Family Court System but if any system is broken, it’s the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission proceedings. Some of the inappropriate questions almost sound like the Supreme Court Hearings for Justice Clarence Thomas. By today’s standards, Margaret Reiner’s questioning of Judge Gorcyca about the religion of the Tsimhonis were extremely insensitive. Finally, as this trial proceeds, it appears that the Director of the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission has some political agenda in this case with his attempts to interview the children in this case as well as facilitate a meeting with the Israeli Consul General in Chicago and the children.

Protective Parent Attorneys Added to Tsimhoni Trial

May 16, 2016

In the upcoming Tsimhoni vs. Tsimhoni Family Law Trial, Maya Tsimhoni has brought in two pro bono attorneys through Child Justice, a non-profit protective parent organization. Child Justice has been known over the years to provide pro bono legal representation for protective parents. This was the original legal business model for the Protective Parent Cause which was thought to be outdated since protective parents normally have to engage in acts of civil disobedience to get representation. Surprisingly, the attorneys Gregory Jacob and Dave Dorey are lawyers at the firm of O’Melveny & Meyers.

In 2014, Child Justice partnered with the Boston University School of Communications (Garland Waller / in the Holly Ann Collins Protective Parent Case) in a Protective Parent Video about the Family Court System. The video is produced by Hothouse Productions (Garland Waller / Eileen King and Joyanna Silberg). Dr. Joyanna Silberg has is one of the expert witnesses with long ties to the Protective Parent Community (Leadership Council, Center for Judicial Excellence).

With the addition of Gregory F. Jacob (Partner) and Dave Dorey (Associate), it’s likely that Maya Tsimhoni will once again try and inject her custody case into the National Media. It is clear that she does not want to co-parent and she does not care the impact a trial and its related publicity will have on her teenage children. She will use it to once again disparage her former spouse. Let’s hope that the judge issues a gag order on all parties involved and locks the courtroom to the media which should be standard in any juvenile court case.

Jacob Gregory, Child Justice, Protective Parent Attorney

Jacob Gregory, Protective Parent Attorney

Dave Dorey, Child Justice, Protective Parent Attorney

Dave Dorey, Protective Parent Attorney

Eileen King, Protective Parent

Eileen King, Child Justice Protective Parent Organization


Dr. Joyanna Silberg – Protective Parent Expert Witness

Garland Waller, Boston University, Hothouse Productions

Garland Waller – Boston University

Editor’s Note: It is shocking that the law firm of O’Melveny & Meyers would support Child Justice, a organization that is clearly against co-parenting. The statistics on the Child Justice website are similar to those misleading statistics used by Domestic Violence Organizations in the ’80s and ’90s. Child Justice claims that ten million children are exposed to domestic violence each year (in the United States/in the World?) and 58,000 children are living with an abusive, negligent or predatory parent. It is truly disappointing that the firm’s lawyers and clients would support the protective parent cause.

The Tsimhoni Case will be a precedence setting case for the Family Law Court System in Michigan. It sure sounds like the Family Court System is on trial in this case. The Protective Parent/Family Court Critic Network now has:

  • The Protective Parent Custody Case – litigant and protective mom Maya Tsimhoni who will do or say just about anything rather than agree to co-parent her children
  • The Protective Parent Attorneys – From O’Melveny & Meyers in Washington DC
  • The Protective Parent Expert Witness – Joyanna Silberg can’t wait to give hours of testimony about everything that has nothing to do with the Tsimhoni Custody Case
  • The Protective Parent Extremist Activist – Eileen King, her organization will do or say almost anything to promote their cause
  • The Publicity – Garland Waller did the video with Joyanna Silberg and Eileen King using Boston University students. Now is the time they can promote their video without regard to the Tsimhoni children’s privacy.
  • The Tsimhoni Teenage Children – Maya Tsimhoni is trying to make them poster children for this cause – maybe they should take note of Madonna’s son Rocco Ritchie and tell their myopic and narcissist mom to respect their privacy?

Parents in bitter Michigan custody battle told to behave

February 26, 2016

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the new judge assigned to the Tsimhoni Case, Circuit Judge Joan Young told Maya Tsimhoni (Maya Eibschitz) and Omer Tsimhoni, along with their attorneys, that the court would no longer tolerate derisive or disparaging comments from any of the parties about each other, their attorneys or the court.

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Editor’s Note:

  • We applaud Judge Joan Young for taking the first steps to de-escalate the conflict in this case. It is important that all parties respect the each other and the court.
  • There has been a disturbing trend in these high conflict divorce and family abduction cases with the protective parent movement groups trying the case on social media. Some of these posts are similar to the cyber stalking, cyber bullying and digital domestic violence that has been seen in other similar cases.
  • The Tsimhoni Case started with what we believe was a Family Abduction in Israel. The father came home from work one day and the mom left Israel with the kids for the United States. The father eventually moved back to Detroit, Michigan. As time has progressed, the conflict in this case has continued to escalate. Let’s hope that both parents can work toward the goal of attending their first kids’ high school graduation and being able to tolerate each other for that event.