Breaking: Faye Ku Arrested in Mexico – Children Found!

February 13, 2016

Faye Ku – Arrested Parental Kidnapper

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that the search for Sage Cook, 15 and Isaac Cook, 9 has ended. Authorities located them in safe condition in Mexico’s Sinaloa state. They were returned to their custodial father and stepmother of Bellevue, Washington. The parents were “reunified” with the children in Mexico.


Wikpedia: Sinaloa, Mexico

The felony warrant for custodial interference was issued by King County Superior Court in the state of Washington on September 3, 2015 for Faye Hsin-I Ku, 41 years of age. A federal arrest warrant was issued on January 19, 2016 by the United States District Court, Western District of Washington, after Faye Ku was charged with international parental kidnapping. An additional federal complaint and arrest warrant was issued on February 12, 2016 by the United States District Court, Central District of California.

Investigators believed Faye Ku crossed the border illegally from San Diego to Tijuana with the three children on August 29, 2016. The FBI’s legal Attache office in Mexico City pursued a series of leads to identify the location and passed information to Mexican officials, who took prompt action, assuring the safety of the children.

The FBI’s Seattle Division and Legat Mexico City coordinated the deportation of Faye Ku was the Mexican Authorities. The National Institute of Migration (INM) officers accompanied Ku to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) where she was taken into federal custody. She is expected to appear in U.S. District Court on February 16 2016 in Los Angeles.

There were a number of law enforcement organizations involved in the recovery of the Cook boys. The law enforcement resources and legal costs in these cases is usually hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here is the list from the FBI’s press release.

“This six-month international kidnapping investigation by the FBI’s Seattle Division comes to a positive conclusion due to the efforts made by and extraordinary partnerships with Legat Mexico City, INM, the FBI’s Los Angeles Division. The FBI’s Seattle Division also worked closely with the Bellevue Police Department and the Lakewood Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department—who both initiated the investigation—and with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Washington, and the King County Prosecutor’s Office, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California.”

[Read More from the FBI’s Press Release]

Editor’s Note:

  •  On behalf of the Family Abduction Community, I want to express our happiness for the recovering family. Their persistence and willingness to work with the media in their search to find their children is commendable.
  •  With so many different domestic and international jurisdictions involved, law enforcement deserves credit for working together to swiftly and decisively recover these children. In so many other cases, they allow the abducting parent to fight extradition and the kidnapped children end up in foster care. They simply observed the custody order of the custodial parents and allowed the recovering family to be rightfully reunified with their children.
  • The Global Media including Newsweek (Max Kutner), the Seattle Post Intelligence (Levi Pulkkinen), the Los Angeles Times  (Hailey Branson-Potts) responsibly ran stories to assist the FBI and this family in the recovery of these children.
  • There is no information yet on what assistance Faye Ku received, to hide in Sinaloa State of Mexico. We hope law enforcement like in the Sandra Rucki Case will also charge any third party co-conspirators.
  • Safe Kids International, the organization run by non-custodial mother Cindy Dumas who also kidnapped her children wrote on September 5, 2015 “If You See Them Do NOT Contact Authorities!” She asks her 10K followers to help them. She believes it is impossible to “abduct” or kidnap a 14-year old. The fact of the matter is in Teenager Family Abduction Cases, no one really knows what this mother told her child to keep him from contacting his dad and step mom, his friends and his grandparents. As we’ve seen in other cases, the emotional abuse inflicted by this protective mom on her son is horrific. We would hope that law enforcement monitors the activity of Cindy Dumas and her supporters.
  • Another agenda of the Protective Parent Movement is against joint custody and coparenting. Cindy Dumas states in the Newsweek article: “Mothers who are the primary nurturer of their children should retain primary custody.” These mothers want maternal sole custody. There are those that believe that these protective parents will do anything including commit an act of civil disobedience to gain custody. So in this case, the belief is that Faye Ku ha a license to forge a custody order.
  • We are certain that these children will undergo Reunification Therapy receiving the best of the best treatment for the trauma inflicted on them from the kidnapping. The victim children have to have some form of Stockholm Syndrome. Unfortunately, there is very little research done in this area and these minor’s health records will be protected like it should be.
  • We would like to see the media remove the photos of these children or at the very least blur out their faces now that they are recovered. I would seriously doubt these boys are interested the TV Talk Show Circuit like the Wolferts Sisters.


Reunification for Wolferts Sisters Grandparents

February 3, 2016

In Family Abduction Cases, the is an incorrect belief that the only victim is the searching parent. But in the Wolferts Sisters Teenager Family Abduction by arrested parental kidnapper Michelle Wolferts, the both grandparents are also victims of this horrible and heinous crime against a child. They were deprived of a relationship with their grandchildren.

There are reports that the father’s parents have had visitation with the Wolfert’s Sisters. That is a situation where the Juvenile Court is doing the right thing. These grandparents should see their grandchildren and may help to de-escalate this horrible situation.

Meanwhile, I see that Michelle Wolfert’s Supporters/Groupies are posting that the grandparents are using “alienation tactics” against Michelle. In addition, in social media you see some really horrible names assigned to the custodial father that more than likely will be evidence used in a future lawsuit against the Facebook Page Owner or author of that content.

I would like to see some Reunification Therapists and some Attorneys step up and assist the father and the father’s parents in this case.  The father has no doubt gone through thousands of dollars like most searching parents do.

The Brian E. Wolferts Legal Trust

In my opinion, Michelle Wolferts is a desperate protective mom that will go to any extreme, even illegal ones to write her ex-husband out of her children’s lives. There are not many parents that would fake a kidnapping that would waste thousands of dollars of law enforcement resources. Her act of civil disobedience needs to be punished. But as we have seen in other cases, now is the time for Reunification Therapy between this remarried father and his daughters. As we have seen in the other cases, the motive in this cases is anger and revenge, not love for the children.


Family Reunification Therapy

January 30, 2016

The name Dorcy Pruter recently surfaced in the Tsimhoni Custody Case. Dorcy is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. Through reunification coaching and coparent education, Dorcy provides strategies and solutions for parents and children to reconnect or stay connected during and after a high conflict divorce. She has worked on numerous cases nationally and internationally garnering positive results.

Dorcy Pruter

Dorcy Pruter – Coparenting / Reunificaion Coach

Here is what Dr. Craig Childress said bout Dorcy Pruter’s work:

“I have been aware of Ms. Pruter’s work in this area for a while, but through our work together on this case I have had the opportunity to review Ms. Pruter’s reunification protocol and have also been able to engage her in extensive dialogue regarding her approach and an attachment-based model for the construct of “parental alienation.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to provide Ms. Pruter with my unequivocal, full and complete support for her model of family reunification (“High Road to Family Reunification”).  Based on my review of her reunification protocol, it is theoretically sound for addressing the issues surrounding an attachment-based model of “parental alienation.” I would anticipate that her reunification protocol will be highly effective in resolving the family issues surrounding an attachment-based model of “parental alienation.”

“One of the primary issues regarding enacting Ms. Pruter’s reunification protocol is that it FIRST requires the child’s protective separation from the distorted parenting practices of the narcissistic/(borderline) allied (and supposedly “favored”) parent. This is, however, not a limitation of her protocol but instead represents an authentic treatment-related need of addressing the pathogenic parenting of the narcissistic/(borderline) parent that is inducing the very serious child psychopathology evidenced in attachment-based “parental alienation.”

[Read More from Dr. Craig Childress on Dorcy Pruter’s Work]


Breaking News: Rucki Girls Back Home With Father After Family Reunification Program

January 21, 2016

The Rucki Girls have moved back into their Lakeville home, readjusting to family life in an interview the father gave to the Star Tribune this week. Here are parts of that story by Brandon Stahl:

There are moments when David Rucki said he sits back and smiles. When he sees his daughters sitting on the couch playing together. When his daughters call him Dad.

“It’s emotional,” he said. “I didn’t ever think I’d get to hear that again.”

The girls then briefly lived in foster care. Before Christmas, the family, including the sisters’ older brother and their two younger siblings, went to a reunification therapy program for a few weeks before going on vacation to Disney World.

Rucki said the girls no longer believe he abused them, and he no longer fears they will run away. That realization came at Disney World, when the girls told him they were going to go to Epcot alone. Rucki said he agreed before thinking about it.

“Then I had that moment where I asked, ‘Is this the right thing?’ ” he said. “But I had to believe and trust in the girls.”

Rucki said his daughters have told him little about their time at the ranch. They said they did chores in the mornings and evenings to stay busy. He said he didn’t know if the sisters had friends while there, but that Amish children their age visited with them at the home.

“They only let it out when they’re ready to let it out,” Rucki said. “I’m not prying. I’m giving them space and respect.”

Rucki said he wants to continue to rebuild his family and trust with his daughters.

“I want to make it home again,” he said. “That’s what is most important to me.”

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Editor’s Note: In December 2015, Susan Carpenter, a writer for the Red Herring Alert and Family Court Critic commented on the Rucki girls being sent to Reunification Therapy. She said, “Reunification therapy. Oh yeah. I wrote about that once. A scam program. Susan Carpenter is a Civil and Family Court Mediator in Minnesota. I would hope after reading Brandon Stahl’s article that Carpenter will re-think republish her opinion on Reunification Therapy.

As a member of the Family Abduction Missing Children’s Community, I applaud the efforts of the Minnesota Family Court System in approving the plan to send these girls to Family Reunification Therapy. This was the right course of action for these children. I am so happy for the David Rucki and his family as well as the other Rucki siblings. This is a tear jerking story for not only me but for anyone that has had any family member or loved one victimized by this type of crime.

Later this year, we hope that the Minnesota Criminal Court System will be just as effective in prosecuting Sandra Rucki, Dede Evavold, Gina Dahlen and Doug Dahlen for their part in this horrible crime against these teenagers.