Breaking: Vanity Fair Sued for Kelly Rutherford Story


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Daniel Giersch, Kelly Rutherford’s former spouse who has sole legal custody of their children will certainly be one of our Fathers of the Year for 2015. He is ending the year by early media reports that he is suing Vanity Fair over “untrue and defamatory assertions” in the November 2015 issue.

Download and Read the Lawsuit

Finally, a father has stepping up in an attempt to make the media accountable for stories in divorce and family abduction cases involving young children. The media has rarely been sensitive to a father and his children that have been targeted by a custodial-embattled protective mom like Kelly Rutherford that will sling every allegation (even false or deceptive ones). And the media, in the Rutherford Case having been accused of “Kelly-Heavy Spin” against her former spouse in our opinion practiced spoon-fed journalism in printing just about everything from the Rutherford PR Team. With the Rutherford custody order  posted online, at times, you had to wonder if the reporter for Vanity Fair or some of the other Media Reporters actually read it.

So if the early media reports are correct, in 2016 Daniel Giersch will attempt to make reporter Sheila Weller and her Editors and Vanity Fair accountable for their actions. That is a good thing for not only the Fathers in these cases but for both parents and most importantly the children.

Read the Vanity Fair November 2015 issue

Download and Read the Lawsuit


2 Responses to Breaking: Vanity Fair Sued for Kelly Rutherford Story

  1. KDM302 says:

    Good for him. What was printed in that article was complete b.s., and once again he bit his lip and put his children first. In complete contrast to hers, his actions from start to finish show just how right all the judges in this case have been to award him custody. I also commend him for not taking any retribution against her. I hope now that she is out of options Kelly starts to focus on her kids and their well being and learns to co-parent.

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