Breaking: No Bail for Dorothy Lee Barnett

November 24, 2014
Dorothy Lee Barnett

No Bond for Dorothy Lee Barnett

Several news sources are now reporting that Dorothy Lee Barnett will not get bail.

Editor’s Note: This is great news for those of us in the Family Abduction Community following this case.


Dorothy Lee Barnett Details Emerge in The Australian

December 3, 2013

Reporter Adam Shand who originally broke the Dorothy Lee Barnett Story recently provided the latest on The Dorothy Lee Barnett Dorothy Lee BarnettInternational Family Abduction Case: The long road home. Here’s our analysis of this updated news:

  • Sales Representative – Alexandra Geldenhuys or Dorothy Lee Barnett worked as a Sales Representative on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It is odd that Shand does not disclose what company Alexandra Geldenhuys work for or what she sold.
  • Juan Geldenhuys – In all the media coverage, there is no mention what Dorothy Barnett’s former spouse did before he divorced Dorothy and moved back to South Africa. There is also no mention if Juan Geldenhuys knew of Dorothy Lee Barnett’s true identity.
  • Friend who Turned in Barnett – Shand’s article alleges that a friend of Barnett’s turned her in by calling the left-behind father. There were previous reports that a friend of Juan Geldenhuys has turned in Barnett. There is no also no mention of the person asking for Reward Money. We recollect at one time, the father had offered a reward.
  • State of Deep Confusion – Shand reports that the the victim adult child Savanna is in a “state of deep confusion”.  I’m not sure what that means, but under the circumstances that is expected. We hope that Savanna is getting psychological counseling at this time. There are only a few Therapists in the World that have expertise in this area. We encourage her to call, the FBI or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for a referral.
  • Peru – It is reported that Savanna studied in Peru for the past 6 months. We always wonder what happens in cases like this with a child’s citizenship. Technically, Savanna is a citizen of the United States. We wonder how Australia now handles her situation. Savanna has lived and born in the United States, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
  • The Biological Father – He’s a graduate of Andover and Yale (one of the top schools in America). He’s a stock broker.
  • Barnett Work History – Dorothy dropped out of college to run a piggery in Belize, bought Jewellery in Africa and was a flight attendant.
  • Barnett Previous Relationship – It is rumored she had a tumultuous relationship with an airline pilot before the biological father. There is no report of the type of relationship she had with Juan Geldenhuys, except that they divorced and he moved to South Africa, away form his family.
  • Judge Robert Mallard – This judge noted in 1994 of Barnett’s “troubled” relationships with men had been characterized by “arguments, temper outbursts and occasional physical violence”.
  • Barnett’s Courtroom Conduct – Barnett apparently had to be admonished by the judge during her custody trial for her conduct.
  • New Mother Dating – As a breast feeding young mother, Barnett went out with five different men since the birth of her child. Now how many breast feeding young mothers did you ever know that dated five men in less than one year? Although as we stated before, we’ve heard of this behavior with other underground mothers.
  • Emerald Ring – We wonder what happened to the $9K Emerald Ring? Did she give it to Savanna? When underground moms are on trial, they usually report to the court they are indigent or without funds so that they can be represented by a Public Defender. We wonder if Barnett is currently hiding her assets?
  • Faye Yager’s 7000 Women Claim – This is an impossible number. The Underground didn’t start until 1984, and in less than 20 years, Yager would have had to have averaged one call per day. That’s improbable
  • Dr. Madelaine Wohlerich Evaluation – In the ’90s, it was typical for a Children of the Underground Mom to get their small network of therapists to perform an evaluation. These would be done after they went into hiding and be used as the legal defense. It sounds like this is exactly what happened.
  • Children of the Underground – The video tape and written note that was sent to family and relatives is a sign that Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground was involved and assisted Dorothy Barnett. However, in these cases only if Dorothy Barnett testifies that she received help from Faye would that provide any real proof. The next sign would be if one of the Underground Attorneys shows up as the legal counsel for Dorothy Lee Barnett in the Federal Case. It is possible that Dorothy Lee Barnett gave Yager the $9K Emerald Ring for entrance into the Underground and in exchange would receive lifetime legal defense from the Underground’s Attorneys. So if we eventually see the names Alan Rosenfeld, Richard Ducote, Toby Kleinman, Sheila Brogna, Meera Fox, Seth Goldstein or Joan Zorza — that would provide further evidence.
  • Falsifying Passport – Shand is reporting that she falsified the passport herself. But it is very possible that this information is meant to prevent the real person that helped her create a false identity such as Faye Yager from being prosecuted.
  • Alexandra Canton – Usually in creating a false identity, the person borrows the birth certificate or identity from another person. If there is a real person named Alexandra Canton, that person could also be charged with the Passport Charges. We wonder if that person exists?
  • The Child’s Room in Charleston – The biological father kept the room for the child. This is very common in kidnapping cases. It is a searching parent’s dream to have Samantha walk through the door of that room someday, even as an adult.
  •  Comment from Father’s Attorney – “That Lee would leverage her daughter’s emotions to win her freedom demonstrates a depth of her selfishness,” says Sturgis. We’re not surprised here!

In following these cases over the years of these arrested moms, it seems to me that extradition to the United States as well as a fast track to a Federal Prison seems probable. During her future sentencing, it seems the judge would look at the defendant’s conduct after her arrest. The mother still claiming she is terrified at the custodial father seems like a fictional story to a woman who is now claiming to be an abuse victim of both an airline pilot and a stock broker. As they say, a Tiger never loses its stripes. It seems odd if Savanna doesn’t somehow know the truth about her mom that is just starting to make sense now.

The Editor