Madonna Finds Way to Reconcile with Son & Former Spouse

April 25, 2016


In this age of co-parenting and joint custody, with other not so famous families quarreling over custody (Tsimhoni, Wolferts, Rucki) it’s great to see Madonna find a way to compromise and work toward sharing custody with her former spouse. While we still think that her former spouse may have participated in a Teenager Family Abduction, Madonna has taken the high road and most importantly respected the Family Courts involved.

Could it be that the Family Court System does work and it only doesn’t work if parents are not cooperative and don’t show respect for court orders?


Did Guy Ritchie Kidnap Madonna’s Son?

February 3, 2016

Madonna Guy Ritchie International Custody

The latest according to US Weekly is that Madonna thinks Guy Ritchie is trying to brainwash Rocco. In this International Custody Dispute, we think Madonna is correct. We also think Guy Ritchie is engaging in a Teenager Family Abduction by keeping his son in the UK.

Guy Richie’s position is that the teenager ran away from home which was Madonna’s International Rebel Heart Tour. But as coparents, what is Guy Ritchie’s responsibility in getting his son Rocco on the plane to abide by their New York Court Ordered Custody Agreement.

If Rocco wanted to live with his father, then his dad should have gone to court in New York City asking the court for the custody change. There is certainly a change in circumstances that might warrant the change. Instead, Guy is giving his son shelter, his son now has an attorney and he is keeping him in the UK. This sounds like an International Family Abduction which is not that much different than the crime Kelly Rutherford we believe committed.

There is a process for changing a court ordered custody agreement. We don’t think Guy Ritchie is playing by the rules. At 15 years old, Rocco may not know what’s best for him but even if he does, he should abide by the court order.

As a celebrities, we do believe both Guy and Madonna should be held to a higher standard like professional athletes that we have seen in the news. International Family Abduction is a serious crime so we hope that Guy can reach a peaceful resolution with Madonna.

Madonna: The Left-Behind Parent

January 20, 2016

Madonna – A Victim of an International Family Abduction

Many of us in the International Family Abduction Community have been reading about the Madonna and Guy Ritchie International Custody Dispute. There are reports that Madonna’s son ran away from her custody, hired an attorney and is going to court as a teenager to change the custody arrangement. That said, it is Madonna who has International Custody in New York City. And there is a Custody Order that orders that her son live in New York City. There is also a Court Order that orders Rocco back to New York City.

Guy Ritchie should buy a ticket for his son and in the spirit of co-parenting, he should force his son to get on an airplane and live with his mother. At least, temporarily until the New York Court Hearing in February. But he isn’t doing that, so this is clearly an alleged International Family Abduction. Guy Ritchie is clearly an alleged International Parental Kidnapper. As a child, you can’t unilaterally decide you want to live with your other parent and move into the other home before going to court.

It now appears that as the alleged victim parent, Madonna is venting her frustration with this ordeal in her work which happens to be very public with her recent Nashville show. Apparently she stunned the audience in a foul-mouthed rant and there are reports that she had over-consumed alcohol after the show. For many left-behind or searching parents in our Family Abduction Community, some of us can relate to this. It must not be easy for Madonna, in addition to the press about her parenting style that is more than likely spoon-fed by the Ritchie and/or Rocco PR camp.

We’ve always held the position that there is never any legitimate excuse for a Family Abduction. Guy Ritchie has had plenty of opportunities to abide by the court order, but he has not. If Guy and his son Rocco didn’t like the custody agreement, they should respect the existing NY Judge’s Court Order. Before the court hearing in February, Guy has time to show some respect for that Court Order. We hope he does!


Madonna and Guy Ritchie International Custody Dispute

January 4, 2016

Madonna Guy Ritchie International Custody

The January school session at the prestigious Lycée Français de New York private school in Manhattan is starting in January and their son will not be attending. Despite being ordered by a New York Judge to come back to New York, their son is staying in London with his dad.

We don’t know what is in the custody order, but it sounds like the venue of the case is in New York. For the son to move to London where he has been living since November, he should have received permission from the New York court. He and has father can’t open a new case in London (venue or forum shopping). There is a court date scheduled in New York in February.

In these teenager cases, this sounds more like a “runaway” then a “teenager family abduction”. And there is probably more to this case then we are reading in the tabloids such as the son blocking Madonna from her Instagram and Mandonna being too controlling.

Madonna did a movie called The Next Best Thing in 2000 with Benjamin Bratt. In that movie, Madonna’s character goes through a custody dispute. She is certainly familiar with this subject matter.

As we have said in other cases, celebrities like Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Kelly Rutherford and Alec Baldwin are role models for the rest of society. As teenagers will be teenagers, it is important for parents to stand together in coparenting these young adults. We hope that these celebs living on different continents can work out their International Custody Agreements for the best interests of their children.