Dede Evavold Protective Parent Criminal Trial Resumes

September 29, 2016

Dede Evavold

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The leader of the Children of the Underground, Faye Yager was the most notorious protective parent movement member to go on trial in the ’90s in Cobb County, Georgia. Tragically, the District Attorney Rose Wing failed to get a criminal prosecution. Over twenty years later in Hastings, Minnesota protective parent movement member Dede Evavold is being prosecuted on six felony counts of deprivation of child custody in the Sandra Grazzini Rucki case. Instead of getting the assistance of protective parent attorneys like Faye Yager did, Evavold is representing herself. She is not an attorney.

It is being reported that on Day 4 of the Trial, Evavold provided no opening statement, no witnesses, no cross examination and no objections. Evavold refuses to do anything. Evavold previously rejected a plea deal.

This makes no sense whatsoever and it sounds like Dede Evavold is daring the judge and the jury to send her to prison. Inasmuch as the protective parent network of lawyers and supporters usually steps up to defend their own, even attorney Michelle MacDonald who is seen in this video with Sandra Rucki and Michelle MacDonald is a no show.

This video was shot in 2013 by these Minnesota Protective Parent Movement / Family Court Critic Supporters. Ironically, three years later Sandra Rucki is in jail, Dede Rutherford on trial and Michelle MacDonald is running for judge. This supports our conclusion that the motive for this crime in these cases is “anger and revenge” and not for “love and protection of the child.”

What Protective Parents Should NOT Do!

July 28, 2016

A message to the Protective Parent / Family Court Critics Movement, this is the end result if you engage in civil disobedience and kidnap your teenage children. There are always legal alternatives in child custody cases. There is no such thing as a permanent custody order. What would have been so bad about Joint Custody and Coparenting?



On July 28, 2016 in Dakota County, Minnesota, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki was taken into custody after the jury found her guilty of 6 Felony Counts of Deprivation of Child Custody. She was released on a $100,000 Bail.

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From the Editor: This New Era of Coparenting

June 21, 2016

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It appears that Madonna and Guy Ritchie and even Tsimhonis — the most litigious custody case in Michigan are beginning the summer with new confidential coparenting agreements. There are some Family Court Critics that would like to say that the Family Court System does not work, but based on the current status of these cases — it sounds like the the Family Court is working.

Furthermore, in this age of Social Media, none of the parties are speaking to the media which should have been the situation all along in cases involving minors. We also hope that these confidential agreements will be enforced and all posting of sealed documents will cease.

We applaud the efforts of “all” of the judges involved in these cases. We hope this new era of coparenting  will send a strong message to Family Court litigants and especially the haters out there.

The Editor


The Problem with the Family Court Critics Cause

February 12, 2016

From the Editor:

I have a problem with the Family Court Critics Cause. It started as the courts began to favor the assumption of joint custody in all cases. In a very small number of high-conflict custody cases involving narcissistic borderline protective moms, their lawyers were unable to control their clients. Many divorcing moms used divorced tactics such as false domestic abuse allegations and withholding custody (parental kidnapping). To some protective mothers, it was an insult to share custody with their former spouse. So the courts used trusted psychologists and social workers to perform custody evaluations. As the truth came out, some of these mothers were simply caught in their lies and rather than focus on their parenting skills they became histrionic. With their narcissism, they were not cooperative with the custody evaluators and performed very badly on both the psychiatric testing and clinical observations. Many were not willing to accept joint custody and turned to the Domestic Violence “DV” Community for advice and assistance.

During these times, most of the DV Community referred mothers to the secretive “Protective Parent” movement which included the Underground for providing assistance for these moms to kidnap their kids. The

The mothers that lost custody felt victimized by not only their lawyers and former spouses but the system.  They were desperate and wanted revenge. They were the ones that wanted either sole custody or No custody and would never consider joint custody. Many even refused supervised visitation with their children.

So the Family Court Critics Groups started with consultants like Karen Winner, an Attorney wand Writer that was promoting her book. In some counties, they hired Winner to write their own private report. They brought forward the stories of some of these protective moms that lost custody of their children and accused the court of poor performance, cronyism and willful misconduct on the part of Family Court Judges and Court Professionals. But as I understand, these allegations proved to be false according to later independent investigations.

During this time, the critics did not accuse the Juvenile Court or the Criminal Court for not prosecuting abuse or family violence cases. Those courts worked independently of the Family Court. The protective moms had always had those legal alternatives available to them, but elected not to use them. If they did, then going to Family Law would not have been necessary. Or more likely if their allegations were credible, the District Attorneys would have done something.

Now the Family Court Critics are targeting Family Court Judges, using social media shaming to gain an advantage for a very small number of cases. As we have seen in recent months, their community of supporters are willing to do just about anything including commit acts of disobedience (slander, misrepresentation/deceit) to support the proclaimed protective parent. In a case in Michigan, they even got the Judicial Commission to file a complaint against a Judge.

The real problem is that the Family Court Critics are not encouraging some of these jailed or custody embattled mothers to take any responsibility for their deviant behavior or uncooperativeness during the shared custody time. Any criticism of the protective moms parenting skills in the Custody Evaluations is completely ignored. Their defense is that the system made me do it. The Judge has either taken a bribe or is friends with her former spouse’s attorney. The Guardian Ad Litem appointed by the judge or agreed on by both parties is either impartial and not looking after the best interests of the child. They actually think the GALs may also be paid off. The protective moms and their Family Court Critic supporters believe they have a license to disparage the fathers and even his family members in these cases as evidenced by the posts we are seeing on social media. They are publishing confidential health records, custody evaluations, psychiatric reports and every detail about the child’s lives. They are making claims such as: “the children are not doing well”. They are posting every horrible allegation whether true or not against the mother’s proclaimed enemy. And this information will be on the Internet forever.

None of these mothers are willing now to plead guilty and simply say, I wrongfully wanted revenge against my former spouse. I acted inappropriately and apologize to my children, law enforcement, the court system, my family, my friends and my former spouse and his family. Let’s go back to coparenting and joint custody. As parents move on after divorce, remarry, have other kids, they are laying no foundation to attend their children’s graduations or marriage with the other parent present.

The Family Court Critics will most likely hold a protest rally at the courthouses to garner media attention to their cause. Unfortunately, with any protests you also get some of the extremists that may not be so peaceful and are willing to commit acts of civil disobedience. Let’s hope the Family Court Critics keep their protests peaceful and eventually find other more constructive ways to improve our Court and Child Protection systems.

The Editor

Breaking: Rucki Sisters Headed to Family Reunification Program

December 1, 2015


The Star Tribune is reporting the Rucki Sisters will be headed to California for a reunificaion program.

The judge reviewed three separate programs:

  • Foster Care in Minnesota
  • White Horse Ranch
  • Reunification Therapy in a 10 Week Program

Judge Mayer gave full parental rights back to to the father, who said he will put them in a reunification program. Gina and Doug Dahlen incredibly filed a petition to bring the previously kidnapped girls back to White Horse Ranch. Judge Mayer noted that there were “ongoing cirminal investigations” against the Dahlens.

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Rucki Sisters headed to family reunification program – Couple who kept girls at ranch want them back but may face criminal charges by Brandon Stahl (Star Tribune, 11-30-15)

Editor’s Note: We applaud the Dakota County Courts for doing the right thing for the Rucki sisters. After a Family Abduction, Reunification Therapy is the best course of action for these very tragic cases.

We are not surprised that Minnesota protective parent network supporters and Family Court Critics Gina and Doug Dahlen went to court to try and get custody of the Rucki girls. In our opinion, they should have been arrested and charged in the kidnapping of the Rucki girls. We noticed that the Dahlen’s recently put their website back online. Of particular note that the Dahlens do not even have a trained therapist on their staff. Gina Dahlen is a former pharmeceutical sales person and Kathy Elmer is a horse trainer. These individuals have no professional credentials for dealing with kidnapped children and are themselves alleged kidnappers.

Susan Carpenter a writer for the Red Herring Alert and Family Court Critic recently commented on the Rucki girls being sent to Reunifcation Therapy. She wrote: “Reunification therapy. Oh yeah. I wrote about that once. A scam program.” Susan Carpenter is a Civil and Family Court Mediator in Minnesota. She has a degree in psychology but is not a licensed psychology professional. She is on the Dakota County Minnesota Statewide ADR-Rule 114 Neutrals Roster for Family Court.

Steve Timmer a blogger on writes about the Family Court Critics wanting to abolish the Family Court:

“But without a court to decide when the parties don’t agree, even after some mediation help, what do we do? Turn it over to ecclesiastical authorities? Or to Michelle MacDonald or Susan Carpenter, which is probably the same thing?”

For information on Reunification Therapy and those in the protective parent network that don’t believe in reunification therapy, here’s a post from Psychology Today.

Parent-Child Reunification After Alienation by Edward Kruk Ph.D. (Psychology Today, 05-09-2013)

Other Sources:

The trouble with family courts by Steve Timmer (, 06-03-15)