Kelly Rutherford Court Date September 3rd in Monaco

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford, Activist

The Monaco Court will most importantly be challenged to claim current jurisdiction to the International Custody of the children. This would prevent Kelly Rutherford and her legal team from forum shopping. Let’s face it, they’ve been to U.S. Federal Court, Los Angeles County Court and New York. They’ve even tried the White House and State Department.

The other issue of equal importance is the children’s United States Passports as well as custody time for Kelly Rutherford. When Rutherford is in Monaco, of course she will want to see her children but how will the court ensure that the children are not kidnapped again. What’s to prevent Rutherford from flying the children back to the United States with some other claim?

As we’ve always stated, we would like to hear Kelly Rutherford tell the World that she does not believe in International Parental Kidnapping. She should reassure her former spouse that she will not kidnap the children again.

I doubt that one court session would be able to solve these issues in only one hearing. That would be expecting too much after six years. I do have high hopes that at some point, Kelly Rutherford and her legal team will find a way to compromise so everyone can move on with their lives, especially the children.


3 Responses to Kelly Rutherford Court Date September 3rd in Monaco

  1. Kaylee says:

    Read in an article, can’t remember where, that actually the main reason for taking her to court is vaccinations. Rutherford is heavily anti vax and has not allowed the children to get shots at all. And, although I do believe these children should get up to date ASAP, I don’t think the court should order it, however, it can be used as a bargaining chip if she wants to spend more time with the children, or even the chance to bring them back next summer

    • underwatch says:


      Yikes, I found the articles. I have done everything possible to try and remain objective in giving KR the benefit of the doubt. I believe she has raised awareness of International Parental Kidnapping and International custody. That is a good thing. But I had no idea she was anti vax. Once this hits the media, what about the children’s right to privacy for this issue. How can you coparent if one parent can’t even compromise on this issue. I just hope she is sincere in her support of the anti vax issue. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Kaylee says:

        No problem. I think the media are trying to keep that issue from the public in order to keep KR’s image with a tiny bit of sanity and not bring a hot new topic into the debate.

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