The Children

Have You Seen These Children?
These are the children that are living in the Children of the Underground
Group. Their parent or relative is accused of kidnapping them in violation of a custody degree. Many of these children have had their names changed
and been told their left-behind parent is dead. There is substantial reward money for knowledge leading to the location and recovery of some of these children. If anyone has any information on the location of these children, please contact your local FBI office. You can also email to We’ll make sure the information gets to the right authorities.
If you are one of these older children living underground, you should read the Children’s Bill of Rights published by the American Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys. You should also read the literature on parental alienation. If you email us, we will arrange for a free counseling session from one of the top child psychologists in the country.
Underground Children Recovered Rachel,
Age 7, Narberth, PA Reward $25,000
– recovered in Canada Aug 5, 2006.
Damon Moelter Damon,
Age 9, San Diego, CA since Nov 5, 2004 – Recovered
Ryan Moelter
Age 12, San Diego, CA since Nov 5, 2004 – Recovered
Evan Moelter
Evan, Age 13, San Diego, CA since Nov 5, 2004- Recovered
Underground Children Recovered
Age 6, Sacramento, CA Reward $5,000
Underground Children Recovered
Age 6, Pittsburg, PA Reward 1 Million
– recovered in Switzerland
Underground Children Recovered
Age 7, La Mesa, CA
Underground Children Recovered
Randy,Age 8, Waterford, CT, Found
by FBI in Delray Beach, FL
Underground Children Recovered
Age 8, Pittsburg, PA Reward 1 Million
– recovered in Switzerland
Savanna Todd
Age 20, Isle of Palms, SC Reward
$5,000 – Found in Australia
Zachary Kirsh
Lamar Kirsh, Age 8, York, SC –
Found in South Africa
Underground Children Recovered
Megan, Age 14, Bowling Green, KY Found
May 2005
Chelsea Paige
Chelsea Paige Smith, Age 22, Antioch, CA – Found
November 2010
Zachary Stratton
Stratton Smith, Age 22, Antioch, CA – Found
November 2010
Underground Children Recovered
Age 10, La Mesa, CA
Underground Children Recovered
Age 14, Bowling Green, KY
May 2005
Underground Children Recovered
Aja, Age 11, La Mesa, CA
Underground Children Recovered
Age 14, New York City, NY – Recovered in Brooklyn, NY
Underground Children Recovered
Age 13, Finksburg, MD
Underground Children Recovered
Age 13, Dryden, NY – Recovered in Fremont,
Underground Children Recovered
Harriett, Age 13, Dryden, NY–Recovered in
Fremont, Ohio
Underground Children Recovered
Chaya, Age 15, New City, NY
Therese Vanderheiden Walsh
Therese Rose Vanderheiden Walsh, Age 15, Honolulu, HI
Kelly Yates
Kelly Ann Yates, Age 16, Warwick, RI
Darrell Alexander
Darrell Alexander Lowe, Age 17, Roswell, GA
Kaylee Kaylee, Age 17, Miami, FL Emily Sawyer
Emily Michelle Sawyer, Age 18, Toledo, OH
Robert Baskin Kidnapped
Maple Baskin, Age 27, Murfreesboro, TN – located in San Jose, CA 02/09.
Underground Children Recovered
Zelig Rosenberg, Age 19, New City, NY
Garrick Marshall
Garrick Marshall Lowe, Age 19, Roswell, GA
Kimberly Yates
Kimberly Ann Yates, Age 20, Warwick, RI Reward
Katharine Baskin
Katharine C. Baskin, Age 28, Murfreeesboro, TN – located in San Jose, CA 02/09.
Alicia Lowe
Alicia Elizabeth Lowe, Age 21, Roswell, GA
on any picture to go get more detail on the case from the site
of the National
Center for Missing and Exploited Children

23 Responses to The Children

  1. forthelost says:

    I have heard from NCMEC that the Lowe children were found some years ago. I know the Moelter boys have been found, sometime in January, but know no details.

  2. Celeste says:

    Also Zackary Kirsh’s mother Marissa was found in South Africa and was charged with smuggling explosives. Unfortunately they still don’t know where Zackary is or if he knows that his father is still looking for him.

  3. This is a perfect posting, im delighted I recently found it. Ill be back down the track to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

  4. Celeste says:

    According to Zachary Smith has been located safe.

  5. Celeste says:

    According to Zachary Smith has been found safe.

  6. Celeste says:

    Chelsea and Zachary Smith have been reported to be alive and well. Acording to a Charley Project blog they don’t want anything to do with their father at all. Their father Michael Smith has appealed to them in a You Tube video.

  7. Celeste says:

    The NCMEC Missing Poster for Kimberly and Kelly Ann Yates from Warwick, RI was updated with an AP photo of what Kelly Yates looks like at 26 years old.

  8. paula zimmerman says:

    If a mother goes to the extreme of going into the undergroung there is a good reason. I was one of those mothers. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR FAYE YAGER!!!!! She is my hero. I We are now out of hiding and my son is 24 years old. I have seen things on the internet about her that is nothing but lies. The judical system does not always work. .

    • underwatch says:

      Dear Ms. Zimmerman, we have studied the Faye Yager Cases for the past two decades. Do you really believe your son’s lives turned out better because of your decision to go underground. I seriously doubt that is true! That’s certainly not the final outcome in the Faye Yager Cases that we researched. The quality of life of the recovered children was very high compared to those that lived underground for a long time or were never found. In addition, we didn’t find any cases where child abuse was proved. In many of the cases, the recovering dad remarried, some had other children and had very productives lives compared to the underground moms. Some of these underground moms received felony convictions, prison terms, probation – most encountered problems re-entering society. Many remarried one or more times. In summary, we conclude that Faye Yager is no hero!

      • paula says:

        Not all cases are the same but you cannot tell me that everyone who takes their child and goes on the run is in the wrong. I spent $43,000. within 1 1/2 years to lawyers and acompliced not a thing. An expert came to court on my sons behalf and testified about the abuse but the judge still allowed visitation. My son is doing wonderful. He is in college, he’s an acomplished pianist and the most responsible young man you could ever meet. He is highly reguarded by his peers. Had we not left it is very possible he and or I would not be alive . So don’t lump everyone together. Faye was our life line. I never gave her a dime and she never asked for one. Faye stepped out of her comfortable life to help mothers like me and for that I am eternally grateful. And as for going into the underground you are making it sound like people don’t live a normal life…are you kidding. I didn’t have to re-enter society….I was living in society….had my own business…did the same everyday things I would have done anyhow. I wasn’t living Underground in a hole. The only thing was the worry of getting caught and fear for my child. But it was worth it all. I protected my son.

      • underwatch says:

        Dear Paula, I want to believe you but think that you are in denial as to the true facts in your case. 1) From your email, it sounds like the $43K still bothers you. If you wouldn’t have gone underground, would you and your son have been financially better off today? 2) Would you and your son really have been dead today? Is your former spouse and the father of your child in prison or has he remarried and living a new and prosperous life? Are you jealous ofhis life and his new family? 3) Are you and your son getting therapy today? 4) Do you really believe your son was abused or did you just not want to share custody? 5) Have you remarried and moved forward with your life or will you never trust another man or person again?

  9. Paula says:

    I am done with this website….you sound very unprofessional and uneducated with your generic and canned responses. Don’t e-mail me anymore.

    • underwatch says:

      Your reply is pretty much why The Children of the Underground or Protective Parent Group is no longer active. Our Nation’s Child Protective Services and Family Court has significantly improved in the past 20+ years. Those extremists that started the underground and hoped to carve out a child protection and legal industry niche for themselves by using our Nation’s Domestic Violence Networks and public funding to aid in their cause are no longer credible. If an anti-joint custody mother wants to use the Abuse Excuse to gain leverage in a custody case, you now have a more educated Child Protective Services process that can protect the child. The Family Courts also encourage co-parenting and joint custody which is a significant change from the ’80s. It sounds like our questions were more than a Narcissistic Underground Mom like you can handle — but then that’s the reason you kidnapped your child back then.

      The Editor

      • H says:

        And your questions throughout this website are filled with accusations and bullying. You are the narcissist, with your holier-than-thou attitude and out right hatred of any person who protects their child. You refuse to even acknowledge there is even the slight possibility that a single one of these ‘abductors’ or ‘parent protectors’ – whatever label anyone wants to slap on them – is telling the truth. It is apparent that is it an impossible task for you to even believe that a single parent has ever abused a single child, anywhere, ever. I’m going to assume you are one of those idiots that believes the holocaust never happened either.

      • H says:

        And another thing – you use the term ‘anti-joint custody’ term repeatedly throughout this website. Again pointing to the conclusion that you believe (what an idiot) that the ONLY reason anyone would EVER ditch everything in their life – family, friends, home, belongs – is because they are ‘anti-joint custody’, because oh, it must indeed be totally impossible for any parent to ever abuse a child. Ever. Anywhere, Period. You are such a nut job, it actually borders on funny, except you are one scary and dangerous whacko.

      • underwatch says:

        Dear H,

        Let’s take the case of Brenda Heist, the Pennsylvania mother who walked out on her two children for 11 years. She just disappeared and didn’t even tell her children where she went. Her former spouse was at one time a suspect. It sounds she was not interested in any custody and trusted her former spouse to raise her children. After 11 years, her now adult child wants nothing to do with her.

        We have been following these Underground cases for nearly two decades and find that the cases always involve false allegations and parental alienation by the underground moms.

        What the misguided protective parent moms like yourself don’t want to admit is that parental kidnapping is one of the cruelest forms of child maltreatment. As we have seen in the recent kidnapping case in Cleveland, Ohio — the emotional impact of any kidnapping is a horrible crime.

        Finally, what underground moms don’t want to admit is that they also go underground also want to leave everything including their credit card debt, unpaid bills and legal fees. By going underground the financial issues are another selfish and narcissistic excuse fir kidnapping their child.

        The Editir

  10. Jesus Christ says:

    The editor is a complete and total stupid asshole.

  11. Theresa rose vanderheiden Walsh says:

    No! These people are stealing these kids to hide money in accounts in us kids names they are extorting and emezzeling government money by millions and billions. I have proof. then they say we are paranoid skitzophrentic and then take our kids to open new accounts to transfers that money into so we don’t claim it at 21. I have proof too. They even go as far as murdering anyone who’s willing to expose this. getting some of us hooked on drugs so we are to paranoid and trusting of anyone that we are hard to contact about these accounts. at age 30 we are considered dead when I am clearly not. my Dad never abused me my mom knew everything I am telling you now. and was killed by corrupted ass holes in Tucson whom later told me this to my face at age 19 I was dropped like a sack of potatos at 15 by my losing Cass parents that I learned weren’t really my parents. these people bare the surname Garner in Tucson as Phoenix a

  12. They found Zackary Kirsh in South Africa.

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