Following Kelly Rutherford on Social Media

When Kelly Rutherford kidnapped her children last month, it was one of the first times a celebrity has kidnapped their children. Because of this, for the first time in well over a decade online, we opened a Twitter Account to follow the chatter on Social Media. Some observations:

  • Kelly Rutherford has a huge following of supporters that pretty much support her regardless of the evidence. If she were on trial, it would be very difficult to find an impartial jury.
  • Kelly was actually observed tweeting to many of her supportive fans. One of social media user pointed out to us that it appears she was retweeting or favoriting Twitter subscribers who said something negative about her former spouse. That subscriber thought that was horrible, so do we.
  • Someone wondered if Kelly Rutherford had a father. Only her mother Ann Edwards and brother Anthony are listed in her Wikipedia. That information wasn’t in the custody order that contained just about everything else.
  • There were several very creepy Twitter posts, some avid Kelly Rutherford fans. One even said something that he wasn’t going to say what he would do if her were in that situation. This Twitter user had to be blocked. It was no longer worth reading anything this person had to say.
  • In reading some of the recent articles on Thursday’s Court Hearing, the press seems to be much more balanced and realistic rather than the spoon-fed articles we have seen from the Entertainment Publications. MSNBC writer Lisa Green Kelly Rutherford custody case moves to Monaco interviews two European Family Law Attorney that are familiar with International Custody Cases. Even Kelly-Heavy Spin People Magazine Kelly Rutherford Arrives in France to Fight for Custody of Kids in Monaco: ‘Everything Will Work Out’ reported much more of an even perspective on the case, although they interviewed Wendy Murphy again.

In past past month, Kelly Rutherford has done more for raising the awareness of Americans that “parental kidnapping” or “International Family Abduction” is not a good thing. When the Judge in Manhattan forced her to return the children to their father in Monaco, this was a good thing for telling the World how our American Legal System enforces this crime. Never since Elian Gonzalez and the Goldman boy have there been such a strong message.

So back to Kelly Rutherford or “KR”, tomorrow is the day to follow any developments in the case. In these custody cases, the records really should be sealed and the hearing should be closed to the media. They usually contain very private information about the children and their lives, their well-being. I really hope that the media and the social media community try their best to respect the children’s privacy.


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