Breaking: Download Mark Nunes Witness Statement on 10 Year Kidnapping of Mary Nunes

September 15, 2015

On June 17, 2015, Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley plead guilty for the horrific 10 year kidnapping of Mary Nunes. In these International Family Abduction Trials, the victim parent’s story is rarely told in the media because the prosecuting U.S. Attorney or District Attorney does not encourage any statements by the victim to the media.

In the last two decades, we have read a number of these witness statements at the criminal trial sentencing hearings. For those that followed the Genevieve & Scott Kelley Criminal prosecution, this witness statement finally provides the horrible details about the conduct of the defendants in this case.

Mark Nunes is a Pediatrician and Geneticist now living in California and has a loving family with children. After reading his testimony, you have to wonder how the defendants did not get a longer sentence for their 10 year crime.

We really hope that Mark’s daughter Mary Nunes will show some compassion for her father and read this document. Mary Nunes has a legal right to read this document. The court has ordered that Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley must not interfere with her right to read it. If that occurs, Mary should contact her attorney.


Download Mark Nunes Witness Statement

Download Sentencing of State of New Hampshire vs. Genevieve Kelley
Superior Court Case No. 215-2005-CR-0202

Judge Considering Reporting Alan Rosenfeld
to State Professional Conduct Committee
Read the Transcripts

Breaking: Will the Judge Finally Issue a Gag Order in the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Trial?

June 9, 2015

The prosecutor in the State of New Hampshire v. Genevieve Kelley has moved again to ask the court to issue a gag order in the case. There is an additional request to ask the court to issue sanctions against defense Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld, Esp.

Over the past two decades, we have followed the case of protective parent trials including those defended by protective parent attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld. Mr. Rosenfeld, has a history of trying these cases in the media and putting the searching parent victim on trial. In virtually all of the cases we have followed, there is rarely any clear evidence against the child’s biological father. That’s because these narcissistic protective mothers somehow incorrectly arrive at the conclusion that if their child’s behavior changed the there child must have been harmed. So it  must be their former spouse’s fault, because it certainly couldn’t be hers. Furthermore, the defendant or kidnapping mother almost always flees, essentially tampering with the investigation before any thorough investigation into the abuse allegations can be completed or even started. This leaves the defense attorney Alan Rosenfeld with little if any credible evidence for the trial, so he uses the media to tell the mother’s fabricated story. In the Kelley case, he couldn’t get the judge to allow him to video tape the child in a deposition, so instead controversial People Magazine Reporter Elaine Aradillas had the now adult child read a letter for a video. He will no doubt try and get the court to admit the video as evidence. Many of us don’t believe the this child even wrote the letter.

At the most recent protective parent conference last month in New Jersey — several speakers recommended that protective parents go to the media rather than Family Court. These protective parent groups don’t necessarily believe in the Family Court and Court Evaluator process. As is once written in the Protective Parent Legal Book for protective mothers in the early ’90s, they encourage the mothers to use multiple forums to tell their story. And now with Social Media / Facebook, these protective mothers have many new forums. We noticed that there is a Free the Kelleys campaign on

At several of the past protective parent criminal trials, the judges have finally issued a gag order after weeks/months of watching Rosenfeld attempt to taint the jury pool. You would think in the Genevieve Kelley trial, that Rosenfeld, Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley would be doing everything to protect the 19 year old special needs child involved in this case. It has been reported that the child doesn’t like to be photographed and has a fear of social networks. It appears that one could conclude that the child is now cured or the Kelleys and Rosenfeld are still engaging in witness tampering.

We think it is finally the time that the Judge will issue a gag order in this case. Geneveive Kelley and Rosenfeld have had months to exercise their First Amendment Right. It’s now time for the pro hac vice attorney activist to engage in appropriate court room conduct and for all witness tampering to stop in this case. It’s time that that our judicial process make sure there is justice is this parental kidnapping and witness tampering trial. The enforcement of our parental kidnapping laws are important to not only Americans but to parents and children in every country.

There is a time to protest and a time to look after the rights of children and parents. I respectively have confidence that Coos County, New Hampshire will not allow a medical doctor and hometown boy think they can dictate a verdict by using People Magazine and their small group of anti-government protesters to influence prospective jurors. This is not the ’60s nor is it Ferguson, Missouri. Genevieve and Scott Kelley should not possibly think they can get a Coos County Jury to think that the Spurwink Clinic in the Northeast wasn’t good enough for their custody dispute with the child’s father and that their only legal option was to flee to a beach in Central America to have another child. If Genevieve and Scott Kelley want to tell their story, then I want to see them take the witness stand. Let the jurors hear their narcissistic testimony of how they put themselves above any Coos County Family Court Judge and Law Enforcement Officers.

It’s time to put the gag order on this Defense Attorney and let the trial begin.

What happened to Nicky II the Horse?

April 27, 2015
What Happened to Mary Nunes Horse Nicky II?

Where is Nicky II the Horse – Mary Nunes’ Horse?

What happened to Mary Nunes’ horse Nicky II? What did Genevieve and Scott Kelley do with Mary’s horse while they were in Costa Rica? See the video from Stolen Horse International with Mary’s father. We really hope that Mary will watch this video!

See the Video

Nicky 2 the Horse, Mary Nunes

Nicky II the Horse – Mary Nunes’ Horse


Stolen Horse International

Breaking: Scott Kelley Finally Arrested

April 18, 2015

Scott David Kelley Mugshot Arrested

This is why parents and step parents should not kidnap children. They end up arrested, in jail wearing those orange prison jumpsuits. On April 15, 2015 Scott Kelley was finally arrested for the kidnapping of a 8 year old innocent child. Ten years ago, Scott Kelley and his wife Genevieve Kelley could have stayed in the United States and shared custody with the child’s biological father a physician and his wife as ordered by the Family Law Court in New Hampshire. They could have shared custody of the child like so many divorcing parents in America do. Instead, they elected to flee the country to Honduras and Costa Rica to start a new life. They also were expecting a child.

Ten Years later, Scott Kelley, a teacher is now behind bars as he awaits extradition to New Hampshire. Genevieve Kelley, once a doctor was also arrested and is currently out on bail awaiting trial in May. You have to think, what kind of parents are these? Both have not only committed career ending felony crimes but should serve a prison sentences. Now there only defense is to try their case in the media and hope to get off like the Casey Anthonys, George Zimmermans and OJ Simpsons of this World.

What I don’t understand is what would have been so bad about joint custody?

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Parental Kidnapper

Editor’s Note: In the end, hundreds of thousands of dollars or more will be spent on the criminal investigation, trial and sentencing for a criminal act committed by these two individuals and their accomplices. It is important that our legal system ensure that the Kelleys are fully punished for this pathetic crime. It is also important that the media not sensationalize this pathetic crime. Parental kidnapping should never be a reasonable legal alternative to our Family Courts.

Age Progression at the National Center for Exploited Children

April 15, 2015

We are always amazed by the efforts by the staff at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and their age progression photos. We understand they use the photos of both parents to age progress these photos. Below is the photo of Mary Nunes and the one that is age progressed.

Mary Nunes

Mary Nunes – Actual Photo – April 2015

Mary Nunes - Age Progression Photo by NCMEC

NCMEC Age Progression Photo 

Breaking: Mary Nunes Found!

April 15, 2015

Mary Nunes

Our sources are reporting that 19 year Mary Nunes has finally surfaced. Mary appeared in a Costa Rica Embassy with her alleged parental kidnapper and stepfather Scott Kelley after more than 10 years. She is now back in the United States. Accused parental kidnapper Scott Kelley has been arrested in Atlanta, Georgia and is being held without bond.

Here’s a statement from Dr. Mark Nunes:

We love Mary and are overjoyed that she is alive and back in the U.S. Our hearts and home are open to her, and we will do everything we can to insure she remains safe and healthy. We remain concerned about her emotional and physical well-being. We look forward to the day our family is finally reunited.”

The Union Leader is reporting that the 19-year-old Mary Nunes told U.S. marshals that she had only a 10th-grade education, because she was moved from place to place and she was on the run.


People Magazine

Photo: People Magazine

CBS News

Union Leader

Editors Note:

We don’t know why Elaine Aradillas (@elaneja) of People Magazine is sensationalizing the criminal act of the parental kidnapping of the daughter of Physician Mark Nunes. This custodial father has not seen his child in more than ten years and People Magazine should have been more sensitive to this. The criminal parental kidnapping trial of Mary’s mother Genevieve Kelley is scheduled to begin in May 2015 and Mary Nunes is scheduled to testify. Mary is without doubt a victim of both the kidnapping and parental alienation. There is currently a restraining order for Mary having any contact with her mother.

The 19 year old adult-child apparently told U.S. Marshals that she only had a 10th grade education because she was on run. As a parent, that disgusts me. What kind of mother would turn herself in over 5 months ago, leave her daughter in hiding knowing that she was that far behind in her education. If Genevieve and Scott couldn’t handle the parenting of this child, they should have sent her to live with the child’s father and stepmother. Genevieve and Scott were clearly not thinking “in the best interests of the child”. Why would People Magazine print photos of any family member smiling here? The emotional abuse from the parental kidnapping as well as the parental alienation are definitive forms of child abuse in this case. It’s the parent that is accusing the other of the abuse that is the abuser here. That’s the topic that journalists like Elaine Aradillas simply don’t get.

As with other recent parental kidnapping cases, we urge Mary Nunes to contact her biological father Mark Nunes to start the reunification process. Mary’s biological father or his family members can assist her in getting an independent attorney and counseling that she rightfully deserves. In cases like this, it’s the adult-child that could end this continuing custody dispute. She could substantially reduce the amount of prison time her mother and stepfather receive by agreeing now to reunify with her father.

This story was recently featured by John Walsh on CNN”s The Hunt. Again, we don’t understand how kidnappers like Genevieve Kelley are able get People Magazine to disparage the father with unfounded accusations and sensationalize the alleged parental kidnapper. Perhaps People Magazine’s Editorial Staff and Publisher should investigate this.

Genevieve Kelley’s Attorneys Lose Several Motions

March 3, 2015

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

On February 25, 2015, the New Hampshire Coos County Court ruled on several critical motions:

  • Competing Harms Defense — Genevieve Kelley is not allowed to use this defense.
  • Superior Court Orders dated December 1, 2004 and December 16, 2004 — These orders giving her the child’s biological father sole custody of his daughter were admitted as evidence. Her defense team had tried to get these orders not allowed as evidence.
  • Order to View her United States Passport — This order was granted that allows the prosecution the right to view Genevieve Kelley’s passport. This should include the stamps of every country that Genevieve visited with her U.S. Passport from 2004. If Mary Nunes does not surface during the trial, this will be history of the countries that young Mary Nunes stayed during the kidnapping.

On March 2, 2015:

  • The court ruled that the biological father of the child cannot be deposed prior to trial. This was no doubt a tactic to by the defense to disparage the child’s father prior to trial. Genevieve Kelley had so many legal options and alternative before she fled the country, it’s really sad to see her defense team once again trying to blame the victim father for her crime. If she really believed the father not a good parent, she should have stayed in the State of Hampshire and used the Family Court and Child Protective Services.

With Genevieve Kelley out on bail, we really hope that as her legal defenses and alternatives are reduced, that she would find the courage:

  • To reunite Mary with her biological father
  • To apologize to the biological father
  • To plead guilty

By doing so, she would not allow save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, but she would make this situation for her daughter right.

Are Genevieve Kelley and Susan Smith are alike?

February 23, 2015

The criminal trial of Genevieve Kelley isn’t going to begin until May 2015 in New Hampshire and Geneveive is yet to disclose the location of her now 19 year old daughter Mary Nunes. We are now starting to see some similarities between Genevieve Kelley and the infamous Susan Smith.

  • Smith was characterized as:  “She is truly a narcissist, and she thrives on the media’s attention.” “She is vain, manipulative”. That description sure sounds like Genevieve Kelley.
  • In 1994, Smith did not initially tell authorities where her children were. As of today, Genevieve Kelley and her lawyer Alan Rosenfeld refuses to disclose the location of Mary Nunes. There is no reason for anyone to believe that the child will surface at the trial. Genevieve Kelley and her attorney have offered no proof that the child is currently safe.
  • In 1994, Smith falsely blamed a third party for kidnapping her children. All evidence indicates Genevieve Kelley is falsely blaming her former spouse..

Susan Smith was sentenced to life in prison. We certainly hope that if Genevieve Kelley or her attorney never disclose the location of Mary Nunes, that our criminal justice system will provide similar punishment to Genevieve. As each day passes and Mary Nunes doesn’t surface, we are finding her crime even more horrible and repulsive.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley – She refuses to tell authorities where her child is.

Susan Smith

Susan Smith – She refused to tell authorities where her children were.


Will Genevieve Kelley’s Affirmative Defense Be Denied?

February 4, 2015
Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelly

We’ve seen it before in other Family Abduction Cases, the parental kidnapper’s motion to use the “affirmative”, “competing harms” or “necessity” defense is denied. In the case of the State of New Hampshire vs. Genevieve Kelley, the court should rule this week on this critical motion. In cases like this, the critical issue is what actions did Genevieve Kelley need to take after kidnapping Mary Nunes. During her 10 years on the lam, did she need to: 1) Open a case in the New Hampshire Family Court that had jurisdiction over the pending custody issues; 2) Notify the District Attorney’s to work herself back into the New Hampshire legal system; 3) Open a case in another New Hampshire Court.

Apparently as New Hampshire Prosector John G. McCormick has put forth the State’s position that the New Hampshire law is clear:

Evidence of good faith shall include but shall not be limited to the filing of a nonfrivolous petition documenting such danger and seeking to modify the custody degree in a court of competent jurisdiction within this state.” RSA 633:4, III

This specific law was no doubt put into place to prevent custodial-embattled parents from venue or forum-shopping. If parent’s didn’t like a custody ruling in their state, they couldn’t open a case in another state, county or country. Once the custody case was opened in New Hampshire, it stays in New Hampshire until so ordered.

So under this argument, the Affirmative Defense should NOT apply. It doesn’t appear that Genevieve Kelley showed any “good faith” effort and exhausted her legal alternatives before leaving the state. As John G. McCormick astutely point out: “The statutory scheme stated in RSA 633:4 is clear. It is intended to redress the wrong inherent situations where one parent takes a child from the other parent where the deprived parent has lawful physical custody or physical custody rights with the intent to detain or conceal the child from the deprived parent.

Editors Note: We sincerely hope that the judge in this case won’t let defense attorney Alan Rosenfeld make make a mockery of New Hampshire’s Family Law and Child Protective Services Systems. A custodial-embattled has a number of legal alternatives before committing one of the most horrific crimes against a minor. New Hampshire’s court system should not be a forum for this type of public protest. If Genevieve Kelley had concerns back in 2004, why didn’t she simply contact Alan Rosenfeld? That’s when Colorado Protective Parent Attorney Alan Rosenfeld should have flown to New Hampshire and litigated this case. Instead Genevieve and Scott Kelley flew to Denver, Colorado and brought Mary Nunes to even more doctors to be evaluated (there was already an evaluation in Maine ordered by the New Hampshire Court). She’s just minutes from Protective Parent Attorney Rosenfeld’s Office, yet she doesn’t appear to have hired or spoken to him (at least not yet). Instead, she goes on the lam. And 10 years later, she turns herself in and keeps Mary Nunes in hiding.

This situation is disgraceful. We hope the New Hampshire Judge does not allow this Affirmative Defense.

Is Mary Nunes Now a Kidnapping Victim of a Stranger Abduction?

January 7, 2015

Mary Nunes, Eileen Kelley, Scott Kelley

Editors Note: Now that Mary Nunes is 18 years of age, her alleged kidnappers Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley can be charged under the International Parental Kidnapping Law. But what about a Stranger Abduction or Kidnapping under 18 USC § 1201 – Kidnapping? There is no maximum permissible punishment for a person charged with this crime.

I would really like to see our nation’s legal system find a way get the pathetic parental kidnapper Genevieve Kelley to disclose the location of Mary Nunes. It disgusts me that she can even find an attorney to represent her. Her actions against the child’s father and his family are so cruel. We can’t have family court cases decided by a parent that completely ignores a judicial court custody order. We can’t have a parent kidnapping an adult child after he or she turns 18.