Family Abductions: What Needs To Happen in 2019

December 31, 2018

As we bring in the New Year 2019, we want to extend our hope for all parents that are searching for their kidnapped children. This would also include parents that have not yet been reunified with their kidnapped children and those that have been alienated from them. It is often said that one of the cruelest forms of child maltreatment is a family abduction as well as parental kidnapping is child abuse. In the protective parent cases that we have followed over the past several decades, the protective parent most often after being ordered by the family law judge to share custody — kidnaps their child(ren) and self-appoints themselves judge, jury and executioner.

In recent years with updated global security and passport systems and social media it was perceived that the protective parent movement was no longer active. Most counties rightfully respected venue and jurisdiction as we saw in the Kelly Rutherford and Sean Goldman cases. With the prosecution of Sandra Grazzini and her three co-conspirators and Angie Vu Case, parental kidnappers were finally being punished for their crimes.

But we still have a very long way to go. Here is a list of what we would like to see in 2019.

  1. Extradition of Parental Kidnappers from Other Countries — A proclaimed protective parent should be extradited if they flee a custody order after adjudicating the case. In cases we followed such as Joanne McDowell, she did not like the results of the Family Law Court Trial in North Carolina so she fled to Canada and received a completely different verdict. The Canadian Court should have transferred venue of the case back to the United States as the U.S. did in sending Kelly Rutherford’s case to Monaco.
  2. U.S. State Department — This department should take a stronger position with countries that allow U.S. Citizens to live illegally in those countries. Especially proclaimed protective parents that have ignored U.S. Family Law Court Orders.
  3. The Media — It is time for the global media to stop allowing agenda-based reporters to write bias and inflammatory stories of proclaimed protective mom that have kidnapped their children. And these reporters should NEVER interview the alienated children.
  4. Australia — This country needs new laws to protect and recover family abducted children. It can start by preventing patents like Dorothy Lee Barnett from profiting from a parental crime she plead guilty to. It also need to punish Australian Mum Cassie Watter to a maximum sentence for kidnapping her two daughters. She should never be allowed unsupervised vsitation.
  5. Child’s Health Records — No parent or third party should EVER put a child’s health record.
  6. Sandra Rucki – Dede Evavold — They need to quit blaming the Family Court and quit harassing people. They need to move on with their lives.
  7. Adult-Children Survivors — If they have not reunified with their left-behind parent it is time to do so. If they scammed money from their left-behind parent providing them hope of a reunification they need to show some compassionate and find a way to fix the situation.
  8. Law Enforcement — In the aftermath of the #metoo movement they must carefully investigate and allegations in a custody case and remind divorcing parents of the long-term impact of a false allegation.
  9. Protective Moms — Should refrain from self-diagnosing child abuse in a Family Law case.
  10. Family Law Allegations and CPS Allegations – Protective Parents should never label their former spouse as a child abuser unless the parent has been convicted in a criminal trial.
  11. Parental Alienation — In this new era of coparenting, parents should refrain from engaging in parental alienation.
  12. Federal Courts — Need to prosecute parents for U.S, Passport Fraud and related criminal acts.
  13. Family Court Reform — The protective parent movement agenda-based rhetoric that the Family Courts and Child Protective Services are not effectively serving the best interests of the children in this era of our legal system wrongfully discredits the many good judges and CPS workers with advanced degrees. This premise must not be tossed aside as a excuse to kidnap your children. There are always legal alternatives.
  14. Protective Parent Movement — These groups that promote committing acts of civil disobedience should not be given government funding.
  15. Celebrity — It’s time for a celebrity to speak out against both parental kidnapping and parental alienation. With so many contentious divorces in Hollywood, we are waiting for a celebrity to step forward and help with this cause.
  16. Recovery / Reunification — We want to see a recoveries, reunifications and many parental kidnappers plead guilty to Felony Child Concealment in 2019.

Happy New Year!

The Editor

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Lifts Stay – 48 hours to return child

December 22, 2009

An International family abduction or parental kidnapping case in Brazil should hopefully come to an end in the next 24 to 48 hours after almost 6 years. Brazilian Family Law Attorney and step father, Joao Paula Lins e Silva has been ordered to take the child to the U.S. Embassy.

Let’s hope this family law attorney Joao Paula Lins e Silva acts in a professional, respectful and timely manner. David Goldman, the victim parent of this International Family Abduction has waited a very long time for this “reunification”. Let’s see if Joao Paula can show respect for not only the ruling of this Brazilian Supreme Court ruling but the rightful court order for this case, the New Jersey Custody Order that was clearly violated by Goldman’s former spouse.

It’s Time for Sean Goldman to Come Home!

December 22, 2009

A Brazilian Supreme Court Justice will hopefully rule today that it is time for Sean Goldman to be rightfully returned to his custodial and biological father, David Goldman. Shame on the step father and the maternal grandparents for not stepping up earlier and returning the child to his biological father!

See the link below for the comparison to the Elian Gonzalez case. Despite a political agenda by Cubans and Cuban-Americans as well as a media circus, it took the United States 7 months to send Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba to his custodial parent. In the Sean Goldman case, it has been almost 6 years and over 16 months after Sean’s mother passed away, and the Brazilian Legal System has still not sent Sean Goldman back to the United States.

Sean Goldman and Elian Gonzalez

What’s Wrong with the Brazilian Family Court System, CBS and Joao Paulo Lins e Silva.

June 23, 2009

In the United States of America, Sean Goldman would have been assigned a guardian ad-litem attorney by now to preventing the following:

  • The Lins e Silva family in Brazil would not be able hire a private psychologist to ask young Sean Goldman who he wants to live with. The independent attorney would protect this child’s privacy.
  • The Guardian Ad Litem attorney would protect the legal custody rights of Sean Goldman and would have ensured more custody time with his biological father David Goldman.
  • The Guardian Ad Litem Attorney would have asked the family law court for a gag order to prevent the Lins e Silva family law attorney from representing to the media who the young child wants to live with. This attorney would also help to deter any parental alienation in this case.

That all said, on Tuesday, June 23, 2009, the CBS Early Show will interview young Sean Goldman. As most of us in the Family Abduction community will probably agree, this is wrong. The CBS reporter is not a trained psychologist or child psychiatrist and past research has shown that it is possible to ask leading questions to young children and get almost any answer.  In my  humble opinion, shame on you CBS. As newsworth as this case is, it is very wrong to interview the child, especially since he doesn’t have an attorney looking after his rights.

I am still waiting for the Lins e Silva family to parent up and do the right thing in this case. They should voluntarily agree to transfer custody to David Goldman in a peaceful manner, in the best interests of this child. This would help to open the door to a future relationship for them with the child. It seems to me that they want their relationship with the child to be an all or nothing proposition. If the can’t have sole primary custody, then they don’t want custody at all. That doesn’t show love for the child but it shows selfishness and narcissism.

Finally, I’m really glad David Goldman didn’t sprint for the U.S. Embassy or the airport once he received unsupervised visitation. It’s almost as if the Braizilian Courts were tempting him to try to re-kidnap or snatch back the child. Although I wouldn’t blame him if he did, he is doing the right thing and I’m sure he hopes to soon bring his son back to America where he rightfully belongs.

As I’ve said before, once that occurs, the challenge for him will be to help de-escalate and de-fine the Lins e Silva’s familiy’s future relationship with his son. Again, in my humble opinion, that isn’t going to be easy. If it were me, I’d allow Joao Paulo Lins e Silva with armed supervised visitation in the United States only. If that were so, I wonder if with all his proclaimed love for the child and the obvious pride he has, would he take it?