State of Utah v. Michelle Wolferts

May 18, 2016

Michelle Woferts – Parental Kidnapping is Abuse

It is commonly said that one of the most severe forms of Domestic Violence is kidnapping your children. That’s what Michelle Wolferts being criminally prosecuted for. With the parental kidnapping, there is also parental alienation. It’s easy to surmise that Michelle Wolferts did not and does not have kind words to say about the children’s father — just check the Internet.

On May 5, 2016, in the 4th District Court, American Fork Department Family Court Judge Christine Johnson ruled to keep the Wolferts teenagers in Kansas with their custodial father. As is common in these cases, the court ordered an evaluation. The Special Master Sandra Dredge was ordered to provide the court with the name of the potential neutral evaluator. As also expected, the protective parent will attempt to insert a non-neutral member of the protective parent network to perform an evaluation. After a parental kidnapping with a criminal trial also moving forward, the Family Court is tasked with reunifying the parental kidnapper with her children.

In the course of the proceedings, Michelle Wolfert’s Attorney Kathleen McConkie represented that Michelle Wolfert’s knew she was wrong by kidnapping her children. This is shocking since Michelle Wolferts has plead not guilty for those criminal charges. McConkie, the protective parent attorney asked the court to remove the children from the custodial parent’s home, but could cite no Utah Law or legal basis to the judge to do so.

There was also a motion to replace the children’s Guardian ad Litem attorney Kacy Borlik. In a case like this, Ms. Borlik is no doubt be pressured by the local protective parent community to rule for mother.

Finally, a neutral party would need to be selected to supervise the visitation with Michelle Wolferts and her children. Of course Michelle Wolferts did not have a named neutral and trained third party setup to do the supervised visitation. This is also common, the protective parent typically wants her non-neutral party to do the supervision.

Editor’s Note: The GAL Attorney represented that these teenagers were not allowed to use the Internet other than for their school work. With the daily postings by Michelle Wolferts and her supporters, why wouldn’t this be in the best interest of these children?

Wolferts Sisters Going Back to Kansas

March 29, 2016

Michelle Woferts Parental Kidnapper

The daughters of accused parental kidnapper Michelle Wolferts are headed back to Kansas per a Utah Judge’s Court Ruling. They have been ordered by the court to return to Kansas into their father’s custody.


Wolferts sisters court-ordered to return to Kansas with father by Kurt Hanson (Daily Herald, 03-31-2016)

Editor’s Note:

Michelle Woferts was venue or forum shopping in this case. She didn’t like the results of the custody ruling in Kansas so she finds a new venue or forum in Kansas. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was drafted in 1997 and has been adopted by 49 states. The UCCJEA vests “exclusive [and] continuing jurisdiction for “child custody litigation in the courts of the child’s home state (Kansas).  The case belongs in Kansas and Michelle Wolferts and her oldest daughter Brittany Dangerfield were creating another forum and using the media as outlined in the protective parent playbook.

In Support of the Father in the Wolferts Sisters Case

February 9, 2016


With Michelle Wolferts and Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield continuing their public shaming campaign with false information and innuendo, I am shocked that the judge has not ordered a gag order. As in other cases, prosecuting District Attorneys usually ask the victim (the father in this case) to refrain from speaking to the media. And in cases involving minors where juvenile court hearings are not open to the public, it is shameful to see these cases involving minors litigated in the media.

There are a number of websites that clearly show the timeline of events from the fathers perspective which are shocking. These sites present facts and evidence that Michelle Wolferts, Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield and family members Troy Olson (the uncle), Judy Olson (the grandmother) and Rob more than likely acted as co-conspirators in the Teenager Family Abduction. As Family Abduction Researchers have concluded, 75% of the time, family members know where the parentally kidnapped children are. Brittany Wolferts also tried unsuccessfully to get custody of her sisters when they were in hiding and more than likely filed a false police report or lied to police. I am surprised that the District Attorney has not charged others as third party conspirators like the Minnesota District Attorney did in the Sandra Rucki Case. These individuals certainly had the combined economic means to litigate the issue in court, but instead decided to support this Teenager Family Abduction.

Like in many of these cases, Brittany and the other family members also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to get publicity for the cause as well as themselves. On that show, Troy, Judy and Brittany said they had no idea where Michelle and the girls are. If they knew, they clearly misled law enforcement on that show. That’s certainly egregious behavior that does not show that they should be considered for any future custody rights of these teenagers. They have shown or earned no respect for the legal system.

Here are links to one of those websites that support the father in this case: 

Brought Safely Home Website

“Background. My wife and I support Brian Wolferts, the custodial parent of Sydney and Danielle Wolferts. These girls have been missing since July 2014. It appears from social media reports that their mother and her supporters are hiding them. If this is so, directly involved or aiding and abetting a kidnapping. Brian has worked with local police departments, not-for-profit missing persons organizations, father’s rights groups, and other organizations to locate his daughters. He has not heard from them in over five months.”

Wolferts Sisters Timeline

It’s Time for the Prosecutor to File Criminal Charges Against Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield

February 8, 2016

Defendant Michelle Wolferts and Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield

As the Wolferts Sisters Parental Kidnapping Case unfolds, it is becoming more evident that Brittany Wolferts Dangerfield may have been involved. And it is also evident that the 20-year old doesn’t understand who files charges in Criminal Cases (Hasn’t she ever seen an episode of Law and Order?) In a interview with Kurt Hanson (@hansonherald) of the Daily Herald, the young adult says:

“[Brittany Wolferts] Dangerfield said “she [her mother] was surprisingly issued charges relating to housing fraud, though she doesn’t know why or how she [her mother] was charged. She believes a third party, who accused her [mother] of knowing where her sisters were when they first went missing, filed the charges against her.”

“[Brittany Wolfers] Dangerfield said she’s filed criminal charges with the Orem Police Department against her father…”

It’s too bad the Daily Herald Reporter, Kurt Hanson didn’t correct the young adult. Instead, he printed exactly what she said. We know that this reporter certainly knows that only Prosecutors or District Attorneys can file charges in a criminal proceeding. Perhaps Hanson intentionally left that in to expose the tenets of these proclaimed Family Court Critics.

Moving on to Michelle Wolferts who has been charged with custodial interference, filing a false police reporting and housing fraud. As a charged defendant, she is giving an interview to Utah Family TV Blogger/Lawyer Eric K. Johnson. How many defendants awaiting trial do we hear giving interviews without their attorneys present? Or does her daughter Brittany believe she is her attorney or perhaps her social media attorney in the court of public opinion.

From the interview, it really difficult to believe the mother wasn’t orchestrating each movement of her older daughter while she was underground or in hiding. And I find it very difficult to believe the District Attorney doesn’t have evidence against Brittany Wolferts to also charge her as a third party conspirator. As this case continues to unfold, the District Attorney should indict the mother and daughter on new Felony Charges. It’s apparent that they do not believe in the severity of the charges.

On Friday, the judge wanted the girls’ guardian ad litem to find a professional therapist for the girls. Both Michelle Wolferts and her daughter Brittany Wolferts have supervised visitation with the girls who many believe to have Stockholm Syndrome. Of course this has angered Michelle and Brittany. The father through his attorney Brian Wilkinson said his client is also involved in finding the girls therapy.

Both Michelle Wolferts and Brittany Wolferts have voiced their opinion against the Family Court System. As the case returns to the same process that Michelle fled, you hope that it will eventually be time for them to take ownership and responsibility for their criminally deviant actions. These teenagers like the Rucki girls deserve a chance at Reunification and  therapy.




Protective Moms Organization Not Supporting Parental Kidnapper Angie Vu

February 5, 2016
Angie Vu

Model Angie Vu – Accused Parental Kidnapper 

Safe Kids International, the Protective Parent Organization / Family Court Critics led by Cindy Dumas has been social media shaming the judge, prosecuting attorneys and the fathers in almost all new parental kidnapping and high conflict divorce cases. They have been supporting the protective mothers without any discretion for the possibility that any or all allegations may be unsupported.

So Angie Vu, “Asia’s Sexiest DJ has been incarcerated in the Metropolitan Detention in Brooklyn, NY since November 4, 2015.  She was arrested at JFK Airport as she tried to flee with her 9-year old daughter to Vietnam. She had previously agreed to return the child to the child’s father Richard Froger in Paris, France. The father has custody of Vu’s child in Paris, France and the child was expected to be back in Paris on August 29, 2015.

On February 3, 2016, Angie Vu made a personal plea to Brooklyn Judge, Viktor Pohorelsky. France has requested the United States extradite the celebrity Angie Vu to face parental kidnapping charges. Vu in a 20-minute rambling statement claimed she was the victim of domestic violence; claimed her daughter’s biological father was wrongly granted custody; and said she was falsely accused of being a porn star.

The Vietnamese-born model has appeared in Playboy and the TV Show America’s Got Talent where she smooched with Nick Cannon.

Back to Safe Kids International. It appears that this protective parent organization has decided to not support Angie Vu since we see no evidence of this high profile case on their Facebook Public Shaming page. Like the other protective moms/family court critics (Michelle Wolferts, Maya Tsimhoni, Sandra Rucki, Kelly Rutherford) — Angie Vu is claiming to be a victim of Domestic Violence. In this case, only Rucki and Vu of this group are currently incarcerated and considered to be flight risks.

I am not sure why Safe Kids International does not appear to be support Angie Vu. It might relate to Angie Vu’s profession, lifestyle or that they may actually agree with us —  that Angie Vu is guilty of the crime of International Family Abduction.


Reunification for Wolferts Sisters Grandparents

February 3, 2016

In Family Abduction Cases, the is an incorrect belief that the only victim is the searching parent. But in the Wolferts Sisters Teenager Family Abduction by arrested parental kidnapper Michelle Wolferts, the both grandparents are also victims of this horrible and heinous crime against a child. They were deprived of a relationship with their grandchildren.

There are reports that the father’s parents have had visitation with the Wolfert’s Sisters. That is a situation where the Juvenile Court is doing the right thing. These grandparents should see their grandchildren and may help to de-escalate this horrible situation.

Meanwhile, I see that Michelle Wolfert’s Supporters/Groupies are posting that the grandparents are using “alienation tactics” against Michelle. In addition, in social media you see some really horrible names assigned to the custodial father that more than likely will be evidence used in a future lawsuit against the Facebook Page Owner or author of that content.

I would like to see some Reunification Therapists and some Attorneys step up and assist the father and the father’s parents in this case.  The father has no doubt gone through thousands of dollars like most searching parents do.

The Brian E. Wolferts Legal Trust

In my opinion, Michelle Wolferts is a desperate protective mom that will go to any extreme, even illegal ones to write her ex-husband out of her children’s lives. There are not many parents that would fake a kidnapping that would waste thousands of dollars of law enforcement resources. Her act of civil disobedience needs to be punished. But as we have seen in other cases, now is the time for Reunification Therapy between this remarried father and his daughters. As we have seen in the other cases, the motive in this cases is anger and revenge, not love for the children.


Do the Wolferts Sisters Have Stockholm Syndrome?

February 2, 2016

“Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.”

After a Family Abduction recovery, parental kidnapping victims usually go to reunification therapy with their custodial parent as recommended by the Department of Justice. In these cases the arrested parental kidnapper will use news and social media as a new forum to deprive her former spouse of his custodial rights. Since the protective mom will most likely claim the “Necessity Defense” as her criminal defense, the desperate defendant will levy ever single possible allegation against her former spouse. She will also claim that the United States Court System and Criminal Justice System were unable to deliver her desired results. As part of this defense, she will also need to prove that she exhausted all her legal remedies before fleeing and her belief to protect her children were reasonable.

To protect her teenage children from testifying against her, she will also do everything to ensure independent professional therapists are not allowed to evaluate the children. So in the Wolferts Sisters case, the mother had months in which she held her teenage daughters hostage. The daughters were no doubt not allowed to attend school like most teenagers and were kept off social media and the Internet. In these cases, many would say it is likely the daughters have Stockholm Syndrome in being loyal to their mother, the accused kidnapper.

The Wolferts Sisters may also have been kept underground in hiding with their promise to make them Kardashian or Jerry Springer Celebs on the Internet or TV Talk Show Circuit. Their lone appearance was on Dr. Phil in a video. Unfortunately, as we have seen in other Parental Kidnapping Cases, Hollywood is really not interested in the divorce/custody shows. The TV Talk Shows are not interested in these parental kidnapping or custody battle stories. Besides, these protective moms never make good reality TV stars with their narcissist borderline pathogenic parenting. So now the Wolferts Sisters will need to decide how they move forward with their lives. It certainly doesn’t sound like the TV Talk Show Circuit is their next stop. Their older sister got married at a young age just like her mother.  Will they follow in that path too or is now the time to be thinking about College.