Breaking: Kelly Rutherford’s Former Spouse Gets Sole Custody

December 16, 2015

Protective Parent Movement Supporter Kelly Rutherford has lost her on-going attempt to gain sole custody of her children. The Daily has obtained a copy of the November 25, 2015 Monaco Court Order that has awarded sole legal custody to her former spouse and modifies her previous joint custody order that allowed her to take her children to the United States for Holidays and Summers. The Court also gave her former spouse permission to obtain German Passports for the children.

Kelly Rutherford will be able to have her custody time with her children in Monaco (unsupervised). She can no longer be trusted not to withhold custody or kidnap her children.

In August 2015, Kelly Rutherford engaged in a parental kidnapping or an International Family Abduction of her children. She intentionally disobeyed a court order to return her children to Monaco after their summer vacation custody time with her in New York. Judges or the Family Law Courts do not like parents to withhold custody or engage in this act of civil disobedience. This came only months after Kelly Rutherford and her attorney were speakers at a Protective Parent Movement Conference in the Northeast (We learned in April 2015 that she was a speaker at this conference and predicted that she might engage in a parental kidnapping).

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford, the Monaco Court No Longer Trusts Her to Bring Kids to the U.S.

For Kelly Rutherford’s fans and the entertainment media, there is no custody order that is permanent. As the children get older, eventually she can either convince her former spouse that she can be trusted to coparent her children. Her “American Born” children can and will be able to travel to the United States. She can also petition the Monaco for a modification to the previous custody order.

Like many other protective moms that withhold custody or kidnap their children, Kelly Rutherford has not lost custody time with her children. The court has not restricted her time with her children in Monaco. What she did do like other protective moms is to not respect the Family Law Court’s Custody Order. And once again she will continue to portray herself as a victim and criticize the Family Law Courts.

Editor’s Note: We think celebrities in America should be held to a higher standard. We would like to see Kelly Rutherford apologize to her fans and supporters and promote coparenting and speak out against International Family Abductions. It’s also time for her her to disassociate herself with the Protective Parent Movement.

We also applaud the efforts of Kelly Rutherford’s former spouse Daniel Giersch and his Los Angeles International Family Law Attorney Fahi Takesh Hallin. They respected the U.S. and Monaco Family Law Court process. The end result is that when parents divorce, it needs to be about coparenting and joint custody in “the best interests of the children”. This case should help remind those Family Court Critics that the system does work.


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Kelly Rutherford Refuses to Turn over U.S. Passports to Third Party

May 22, 2015

Kelly Rutherford, Parental Alienation

Several media sources are reporting that Kelly Rutherford would rather skip visitation with her children rather than turn over her children’s U.S. Passports to a neutral third party. Anyone that has been through the U.S. Family Law courts knows that there is always one party that is uncooperative. Apparently, for several years Rutherford and her former spouse can’t decide on an independent party to hold the passports. The uncooperative party appears to be Rutherford. In addition, Rutherford appears to be wanting to overrule the Family Law Custody Order, getting signatures on a White House Petition and now refusing to turn over her U.S. Passports for the children.

First of all, why does Kelly Rutherford need the U.S. Passports for her children. Per her court order, she can’t exactly bring them back to the United States. Her former spouse has been given custody by both the Los Angeles County Courts and the courts in Monaco.

Rutherford’s former spouse is currently represented by Fahi Takesh Halin of Harris and Ginsberg in Los Angeles, California USA. She is one of the most respected Family Law Attorneys in California and is one of the referral attorneys on the U.S. State Department list for Hague Convention Cases. It appears that Fahi Takesh Halin is now advising her former spouse not to provide Kelly Rutherford with her custody time until she turns over the U.s. Passports. She must believe that the Rutherford children are at risk for a parental kidnapping.

Could Kelly Rutherford attach herself to the “protective parent” cause by doing something really stupid and kidnapping her children. We really hope not. Hey Kelly, why not turn over the children’s U.S. Passports, take your custody time and start rebuilding the trust of this Los Angeles Judge?

Daily Mail – May 22, 2015

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