Breaking: Judge Fears She Will Abduct The Children

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Actress Kelly Rutherford did more for the International Family Abduction Community this past year then any other celebrity has ever done. When she “withheld custody” or engaged in a “parental kidnapping” or “family abduction this past summer, she raised awareness that this matter is taken seriously by our World’s Family Court System. By the Monaco Judge’s ruling in November 2015 that was released today by The Daily, Kelly Rutherford not only had her joint custody rights removed, but she can no longer bring her kids to the United States from their habitual residence in Monaco. The Monaco judge sent a strong message to parents sharing International Custody of their children, if they kidnap their children they will lose their joint custody rights. These severe consequences will go a long way toward discouraging International Family Abductions. It also sets a precedence for parents that disobey court orders and move to other countries and use the legal system to stall the return of their children to the custodial parent.

When Rutherford did not return her children in August of this year, even Rutherford’s friend and ABC Legal Analyst Dan Abrams wanted the U.S. State Department to stall the return of the children. In the case, a New York Judge acted swiftly and decisively and ordered the return of the children to Monaco. The prevented Rutherford from extending the time of her International Family Abducting or Parental Kidnapping. Even Dan Abrams in his interview today on ABC Good Morning America did not acknowledge that Rutherford engaged in an International Family Abduction last August.

Thank you Kelly Rutherford.


Photo Credit: TMZ



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