From the Editor: This New Era of Coparenting

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It appears that Madonna and Guy Ritchie and even Tsimhonis — the most litigious custody case in Michigan are beginning the summer with new confidential coparenting agreements. There are some Family Court Critics that would like to say that the Family Court System does not work, but based on the current status of these cases — it sounds like the the Family Court is working.

Furthermore, in this age of Social Media, none of the parties are speaking to the media which should have been the situation all along in cases involving minors. We also hope that these confidential agreements will be enforced and all posting of sealed documents will cease.

We applaud the efforts of “all” of the judges involved in these cases. We hope this new era of coparenting  will send a strong message to Family Court litigants and especially the haters out there.

The Editor



4 Responses to From the Editor: This New Era of Coparenting

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    I continue to follow the Michigan case, which at one point seemed to be all over but the shouting. But there has been some continued shouting as loose ends are tied. With the agreement between the parents regarding custody and parenting time–according to whatever terms they both felt comfortable with–the motion for full custody and claim of unfit parenting were dropped. The issue now is who pays the considerable attorney fees that have been racked up, and there may be some issues regarding child support.

    However the filings are immense and re-recite many of the battles over the years. On Dad’s side there may be some history of prior rulings in his favor re payment of fees. Mom’s side is claiming that since an agreement has been reached, this proves that the full custody motion must have been frivolous. There was some kerfuffle in court recently over deposing Dad–who according to records was already deposed for 4 hours. Court granted a very narrow access–relating to the payment issues solely.

    I am reminded of Grazzini-Rucki where the judge wisely declined to revisit any of the divorce issues. Different situation of course, but getting stuck in past issues does seem to be an enormous barrier to successful coparenting.

  2. Margo/Mom says:

    Sadly the acrimony continues as not only Mom, but her dedicated followers and supporters make ludicrous accusations. A Dr. Baker (not Dr. Amy Baker who is well-recognized in the field of working with alienated families/parents–this would be Dr. Jennifer Baker), has just published an article in Psychology Today, based on accusations from court filings dated 8/8. The article is dated 8/10, and the court docs were not available to the public until 8/10. The worst accusations are a regurgitation of things that “on information and belief” are believed to have been a part of the intervention process to reunite the children with their father. Mom has a history of using such filings to make accusations that various therapists have attempted to turn the children against her.

    At one point early on Judge Young did chastise the various lawyers for making unfounded accusations and levying insults against professionals and officers of the court (specifically the GAL) and warned of possible sanctions. I don’t know if this latest has crossed any lines for her.

    I can empathize that this Mom carries a great deal of pain herself, and very likely it dates back to way before she even met Dad. As a high achiever through education and career, she was likely able to distance herself from whatever deep pain, shame or sense of inadequacy she carries. This would be consistent with several personality disorders, or the carrying of intergenerational scars (seen sometimes in families of holocaust survivors). I would imagine that it is incredibly painful and ego-threatening to her to admit any weakness and wrong-doing. Thus, this great need to continue to seek some legal affirmation that she did no harm to her children (despite obvious behavioral symptoms), and to recoil repeatedly from even the gentlest of professionals who have attempted to point out things that needed to change.

    At present she has agreed to share custody–moving the situation light years beyond the looming evidentiary hearing regarding her fitness as a parent. But rather than being able to move forward with a sense of having accomplished something very difficult, she (or her legal team), appear not only stuck, but also dedicated to a return to all of the issues that she did not have to face in court.

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