Breaking: Rucki Sisters Headed to Family Reunification Program

December 1, 2015


The Star Tribune is reporting the Rucki Sisters will be headed to California for a reunificaion program.

The judge reviewed three separate programs:

  • Foster Care in Minnesota
  • White Horse Ranch
  • Reunification Therapy in a 10 Week Program

Judge Mayer gave full parental rights back to to the father, who said he will put them in a reunification program. Gina and Doug Dahlen incredibly filed a petition to bring the previously kidnapped girls back to White Horse Ranch. Judge Mayer noted that there were “ongoing cirminal investigations” against the Dahlens.

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Rucki Sisters headed to family reunification program – Couple who kept girls at ranch want them back but may face criminal charges by Brandon Stahl (Star Tribune, 11-30-15)

Editor’s Note: We applaud the Dakota County Courts for doing the right thing for the Rucki sisters. After a Family Abduction, Reunification Therapy is the best course of action for these very tragic cases.

We are not surprised that Minnesota protective parent network supporters and Family Court Critics Gina and Doug Dahlen went to court to try and get custody of the Rucki girls. In our opinion, they should have been arrested and charged in the kidnapping of the Rucki girls. We noticed that the Dahlen’s recently put their website back online. Of particular note that the Dahlens do not even have a trained therapist on their staff. Gina Dahlen is a former pharmeceutical sales person and Kathy Elmer is a horse trainer. These individuals have no professional credentials for dealing with kidnapped children and are themselves alleged kidnappers.

Susan Carpenter a writer for the Red Herring Alert and Family Court Critic recently commented on the Rucki girls being sent to Reunifcation Therapy. She wrote: “Reunification therapy. Oh yeah. I wrote about that once. A scam program.” Susan Carpenter is a Civil and Family Court Mediator in Minnesota. She has a degree in psychology but is not a licensed psychology professional. She is on the Dakota County Minnesota Statewide ADR-Rule 114 Neutrals Roster for Family Court.

Steve Timmer a blogger on writes about the Family Court Critics wanting to abolish the Family Court:

“But without a court to decide when the parties don’t agree, even after some mediation help, what do we do? Turn it over to ecclesiastical authorities? Or to Michelle MacDonald or Susan Carpenter, which is probably the same thing?”

For information on Reunification Therapy and those in the protective parent network that don’t believe in reunification therapy, here’s a post from Psychology Today.

Parent-Child Reunification After Alienation by Edward Kruk Ph.D. (Psychology Today, 05-09-2013)

Other Sources:

The trouble with family courts by Steve Timmer (, 06-03-15)