Where is Mary Nunes? – Kidnapped to South America in 2004

Mary Nunes, Eileen Kelley

Mary Nunes is now 18 years old and was kidnapped to Central America in 2004

Please help bring parental kidnap victim Mary Nunes home for the Holidays! Inn 2004, it is alleged that the Genevieve and Scott Kelley took Mary from her custodial father and fled the United States to an unknown location. The case was featured as part of John Walsh’s television program “The Hunt” on August 31, 2014.

On November 17, 2014, Genevieve Kelley surrendered to the Coos County Sheriff’s Office, in Lancaster, NH. However, Ms Kelley will not divulge the location of her daughter Mary Nunes. Her well-being is unknown. The location of Scott Kelley is also unknown.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts or have observed anyone that resembles the Scott Kelley or Mary Nunes, please contact the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, or your local police. 

Mary Nunes may have fled to Central or South America perhaps: Brazil, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina, Caribbeans, Venezuela, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, St. Martin.

If Mary Nunes is reading this on the Internet, please contact authorities immediately.

U.S. Marshall’s Office


8 Responses to Where is Mary Nunes? – Kidnapped to South America in 2004

  1. She is a grown woman now who likely does not wish to be found because she never considered herself to be lost to begin with and wants nothing to do with the man or country imprisoning her mother. Take it from someone who was supposedly “stolen” out of the United States as a child age 5. Most of us don’t care to look back and are right at HOME where we have been since childhood remaining abroad by choice rather than necessity. I chose not to return at my majority because as I put it to my so called left behind parent(mother),”You was looking for me all those years because you wanted to. Nobody forced you to waste all that money. I wasn’t ever looking for you.I AM home already!” A child forgets. A child adapts. A child gets on with his or her life. It is the adults,parents,who remain stuck in the past and unfairly expect the same little boy or girl who vanished from their lives several years or even decades later to reappear unchanged. That’s not how life or time works. Mary Nunes is no longer a victim of anything. She is an adult who has put childhood behind her same as I and thousands of other vanished children.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Sura. In Mary Nunes’ situation, her searching father is a respected physician in his profession. Her case is most likely very different from yours. However, I have doubts that you know very many adult children survivors of this crime. In your case, have you ever received therapy for the emotional trauma inflicted on you from this crime? Have you ever tried to contact your left-behind parent? How did your left-behind parent’s life turn out? Did she remarry and have other kids? In Mary Nunes’ case, I am certain that her father and step mother have a very caring, loving and generous family to offer Mary. I respect searching parents like the father that allowed his daughter’s story to be aired by John Walsh, the missing children’s community most trusted advocate. Your viewpoint is tragically very misguided here. I sincerely urge you to seek some psychological counseling. If you are in therapy, I urge you to show your therapist your post.

    • Lorraine says:

      Sura, would you write the same way if your own children were parentally abducted from you? Reality is you would not. You say you adapted, but you write as some-one with unresolved issues. You are talking nonsense when you say Mary Nunes is no longer a victim of anything because she has reached adulthood. And, if you think you are not a victim, then run your post past a professional therapist.

    • forthelost says:

      And if your mother hadn’t searched for you what would have you said? “You didn’t even care enough to look for me!”?

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Sura,

      Mary Nunes is eighteen years of age. When she reunifies with her biological father and his family, it will be a life changing event. At eighteen, she should be looking forward to college, a future career and a very caring and loving family. If she needs therapy, this is the family that will provide it for her.

    • forthelost says:

      Wait a minute, didn’t you say in the comments of my site that it was your brother who was abducted, by his mother? Now it’s your father that abducted you?

  2. Paul says:


    If I were your searching parent, I would be extremely disappointed in your lack of appreciation for my concern for your well-being, as well as for the fact that you were the product of me and my spouse. In fact, when I read your post, I was immediately reminded of another now-adult victim of parental kidnapping (who I will refer to as S, but who has been prominently discussed elsewhere on this website) who has so far been unwilling to take any meaningful steps to draw close to her searching parent – and that is very disheartening to me. As such, I sometimes think that you dishearten me just as much as S does.

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