Breaking: Parental Kidnapper Dr. Genevieve Kelley Finally Arrested

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelly

In 2004, Genevieve Kelley (aka: Dr. Genevieve San Martin M.D.) kidnapped her 8 year old daughter during a Family Law Custody Case. The case appeared on CNN’s “The Hunt” in August 2014. In a case that sounds like the sequel to the Dr. Elizabeth Morgan and Dr. Eric A. Foretich case of 1982. Just like in Elizabeth Morgan case, Dr. Genevieve Kelley was alleged to have attempted to fabricate evidence in the custody case. Dr. Kelley interviewed or allegedly coached her child into making fabricated allegations against the child’s father in a video which eventually led to her losing custody. It’s not surprising to find that Genevieve Kelley’s attorney is no other than traveling Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld and former member of the Elizabeth Morgan legal team of Colorado. In a further spin to the case, it appears that Dr. Kelley moved from Whitehead, New Hampshire to Colorado before she went into hiding.

Scott Kelley - Alleged Parental Kidnapper

Wanted: Parental Kidnapper – Scott Kelley

It is believed that Dr. Genevieve Kelley fled to Central America with her new husband Scott Kelley in 2004. After her arrest, like the Elizabeth Morgan Case, she is refusing to divulge the location of her now 18 year old daughter Mary Nunes.

Mary Nunes Missing Child

Mary Nunes, now 18 Years is Still Kidnapped

One Response to Breaking: Parental Kidnapper Dr. Genevieve Kelley Finally Arrested

  1. Why hasn’t Mary Nunes’s case been put out as that of an Endangered Missing Child? She definitely fits that criteria since she’s in need of medical assistance?

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