These Children Were Missing Since 1985 – Help Reunite Them With Their Father

Kelly Ann, Kimberly Ann Yates

Kelly Yates (Age 30 years old) – Kimberly Yates (Age 33 years)

The adult-women are possibly living in New Zealand. In 1985, their mother Eileen Yates, now 67 years old abducted these girls in 1985 from Warwick, Rhode Island, USA. There are many in the Family Abduction Community that believe Elieen Yates was the first to copy Dr. Elizabeth Morgan who sent her child to New Zealand to live with her parents in one of the first major parental kidnapping cases. The Yates case was one of the first to involve the founders of the Underground or Protective Parent Cause. Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld and Harrison (Garnett Harrison) was a lawyer in the Family Law Custody Case before Yates kidnapped her children. Faye Yager and the Children of the Underground started up around then. It’s possible that Yager’s group was also involved in the kidnapping.

The father, Russell Yates has not seen or heard from his children in 29 years. We understand that Russell would very much like to hear from his children.

On behalf of the International Family Abduction Community of Searching & Recovering Parents, I would urge anyone that has any information on the location of Kelly Ann Yates and Kimberly Ann Yates or their mother Eileen Yates to contact the authorities listed on the webpage below.

It would be really great to see this family reunified for the 2014 Holidays.

For the Lost

The Editor



3 Responses to These Children Were Missing Since 1985 – Help Reunite Them With Their Father

  1. Any idea why Elaine Yates hasn’t been charged federally with International Parental Kidnapping?

    • forthelost says:

      They can’t prove she left the country? It’s the first I’ve heard of it.

      • underwatch says:

        I’ve heard this comment before from some searching parents. I assume this is to get a UFAP Warrant. Sometimes I’ve thought that law enforcement received the infamous Information Binder and that’s why they would say that you can’t prove she left the country.

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