Co-Conspirator or Friend That Didn’t Know

In past family abduction trials, there have been co-conspirators that even on the witness stand will lie for the parental kidnapper. Even when admonished on the witness stand, that if the defendant is guilty they too could be charged, these co-conspirators will do anything to for their friend. Then as we’ve seen in other high-profile criminal cases in the United States, there is a cast of characters that

Gordon King, Pro Pac, Dorothy Lee Barnett

Gordon King – Dorothy Lee Barnett Friend or Co-Conspirator

inject themselves in to the case such as: Krystal Holloway, George Anthony’s Alleged Mistress in the Casey Anthony Trial and Kato Kaelin in the O.J. Simpson Trial. In the Dorothy Lee Barnett upcoming Criminal Trial, one of the first characters is Gordon King, the President of ProPac, Inc. in Charleston, SC. Gordon first appeared in one of the Australian Channel 7 Stories as a proclaimed man-friend only of the Dorothy Lee Barnett. The recently divorced Gordon King was allegedly just walking on the Beach with Dorothy in a video that appeared as evidence in the Family Law Trial. Then we heard that Gordon King had offered Dorothy Lee Barnett a job at his company if she were given bail. And now we hear that Dorothy Lee Barnett admitted to investigators that Gordon King drove her to a hotel allegedly without Savanna on the day of the kidnapping (those of us in the Family Abduction Community find it really difficult to believe that a parental kidnapper will leave their young child with a third party during a kidnapping).

We too agree with the United States Prosecutors that “Barnett has proven over the last 20 years that she is willing to disregard court orders at all costs, flee the country to avoid them, and capable of disguising her identity to avoid capture”. In the U.S. Court System, rarely do third party co-conspirators get charged or witnesses get prosecuted for perjury. We have seen that individuals will do almost anything to help their friend. But in he end, these parental kidnappers like Dorothy Lee Barnett will disregard any advice given to them. These narcissists will do what they want.

Dorothy Lee Barnett’s next court hearing is November 23, 2014.

Editor’s Note: We are still hoping that Savanna Todd will find the courage to convince her mom to do what’s right in the case. A Criminal Trial will only further evade her privacy with huge lies made up by her mother. When she eventually comes home to Charleston, South Carolina, USA, she needs to start Reunification Therapy with her Father. That’s the only way she can start to de-escalate this case; reduce the number of years her mother spends in prison so she can move forward with here life. It’s time for Savanna Todd to stand up for the rights of the thousands of Missing Children in the World. The tragic victims of International Family Abductions.

Another Editor’s Note: There is something that really bothers me about Gordon King’s public support of Dorothy Lee Barnett. As the president of a business that has contracts with the Federal Government, it seems very wrong for him to support an alleged criminal that is on trial for parental kidnapping. It seems like he is using his reputation in the community to support a defendant that doesn’t believe in our Federal Criminal Justice System. It would have been one thing for Dorothy Lee Barnett to have claimed she was wronged in a Family Court Custody trial and to have received public support from a business owner like Gordon King. But Dorothy Lee Barnett committed a crime to evade our Criminal Justice System; disregarded a court order and has caused our Federal Government to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to search for and prosecute her. Meanwhile, you have a business that receives contracts from the Federal Government with a President openly supporting the defense of the this criminal act. I think the Federal Government should suspend any new business this company. I would also encourage others to boycott this company’s products and services.


4 Responses to Co-Conspirator or Friend That Didn’t Know

  1. Lorraine says:

    Editor, I am pleased I am not the only one who finds Gordon King’s public support of Dorothy Lee Barnett a tad odd. That said, even though she is no Scarlett O’Hara, Barnett appears to be one of those women who can charm others, particularly males, into gullibly swallowing her lies and spin. Bruce is another classic example of such male.

    • underwatch says:


      In following these case over the past two decades, many of these underground moms go into hiding and seem to have no problem finding a new spouse to support them. They seem to have some spell over these men. And when they are through with one relationship, they move very quickly on to the next one. I am surprised that Dorothy didn’t move along to somebody else’s husband in Australia. And possibly Gordon King may be her next target. I simply don’t understand Bruce’s loyalty. What is sad is that these individuals will say just about anything to support Lee. I am hope the judge and prosecuting attorney do everything possibld to keep the liars out of the trial. They should prosecute any such individuals for perjury.

      I hope Samantha does not consider her mother a good role model for her relationships. As Dorothy works on getting a third husband from jail – her mother doesn’t sound so amazing.

      The Editor

  2. Cthomas says:

    I feel sure this will not be posted on your website, but I have to say that whomever the editor is, is remarkably bitter. It’s very obvious that for you all, it wouldn’t matter why a parent feels the need to run with their children, you would think it is wrong. Even if they had done all they could in the courts first. Reading any of the things posted here sort of gives me the creeps!!!

    • underwatch says:

      Cthomas, the problem is that the protective moms never exhaust their legal remedies in the U.S. Family Court System. There is no such thing as a permanent custody order. Dorothy had family and friends with resources. There were also numerous legal resources available to her. Her motive was and revenge. It’s difficult not to be bitter over members of the media that show disrespect and ignorance for the kidnapping of innocent children. In your case, you are just ignorant.

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