What I would like Dorothy Lee Barnett to Tell Us

Dorothy Lee Barnett

Dorothy Lee Barnett’s Trial is Scheduled for March 2015

When parental kidnapper like Dorothy Lee Barnett are arrested, you rarely get answers to certain questions. If I had an opportunity to ask her some questions, this would be list of those questions.

1. On the day you decided to change the name of one or two year old Savanna to Samantha, how did you do it?

2. After changing Savanna’s name, did you ever feel guilty for doing so?

3. When you gazed into the eyes of Savanna, did you ever start to cry thinking what you did?

4. Did Savanna ever give you a funny look or correct you when you called her Samantha?

5. When you read the court ordered evaluation that more or less stated that Harris Todd was not an abusive parent, did you think that was a good or bad thing?

6. Do you think that a parental kidnapping and changing a child’s name is a form of child abuse?

7. If a parent wrongfully kidnaps their child, do you think they are the real abuser?

I’m personally not convinced that those supporters of Dorothy Lee Barnett fully understand the parental kidnapping crime. There are many that consider this one of the horrible crimes against young and innocent children. Even after a long criminal trial, I am not convinced I will ever hear Dorothy Lee Barnett’s honest and sincere answers to the above questions. What I do know is that most jury members should not have much sympathy against those that commit this crime.

The Editor


3 Responses to What I would like Dorothy Lee Barnett to Tell Us

  1. Concerned says:

    It appears that many of Barnett’s supporters have little insight into the running of a trial. A trial should deal with the facts at the time of Barnett’s disappearance. Neither Barnett nor her supporters will be afforded the opportunity to insult the judicial system and spruik of Barnett’s virtues. I cannot understand why her daughter is living in Australia by virtue of a false passport. As she is not a New Zealand citizen, she should not be living in Australia. It would appear that Barnett has scant regard for the laws of the USA, Republic of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. At least, due to her deportation, she will never be in a position to return to Australia.

  2. Christina says:

    Such crap, the father abused the mother by making spurious allegations about her mental health to get custody in the first place.

    • underwatch says:


      In Family Law Court, an evaulator is usually selected with the approval of both lawyers. These evaluators are professionals with good credentials. They are aware that some custodial embattled parents are under high levels of stress and may have bad days. That said, they see many parents like this. It’s more likely that Dorothy Lee Barnett didn’t respect both this evaluator and the judge. I recollect hearing she had to be restrained during the trial. Most Individuals that are nacisissts don’t believe that the rules that apply to the rest of society, does not apply to them. Doesn’t that sound more like Dorothy Lee Barnett?

      The Editor

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