Elaine Yates – A Flight Risk, No Bail!

January 18, 2017



Elaine Yates, Parental Kidnapper

Elaine Yates (alias Liana Lynn Waldberg) eluded law enforcement for 30 years. She was said to have once been in New Zealand with her daughters. She apparently lived in an affluent neighborhood in Houston. Let’s hope the judge in Rhode Island does not give her bail and lets her spend time in jail for her crime.

In long-term parental kidnapping cases, the law has not yet been changed to allow longer criminal sentencing. In this case, Elaine Yates played Judge, Jury and Executioner to her former spouse’s custody rights. She deserves to spend 30 years in prison for her crime.

In addition, it’s time for any third party conspirators that initially helped Elaine Yates be prosecuted. We have always heard that Faye Yager, of The Children of the Underground had assisted Elaine Yates. Possibly Yates could get a reduced sentence for giving up the identity of those that assisted her.

In this new era of coparenting and joint custody, you can’t have parents like Elaine Yates kidnapping their children in these cases. In some of the previous cases, some of the small city District Attorney did not want to prosecute these cases. Let’s hope the District Attorney is this Rhode Island County fully prosecutes Elaine Yates for her crime.

Editor’s Note: We are praying for the victim adult children in this case and hope that they will soon reunify with their father.

Breaking: Yates Girls Found! Parental Kidnapper Elaine Yates Arrested after 30 Years!

January 17, 2017


One of the very oldest cases the Family Abduction Watch Editors have followed over the past 20 years has breaking news. The YATES girls have been found! This father has posted on our website a number of times over the past several decades in his search to find his children. Today, we are happy for this searching parents and will be even happier when we hear that the now adult children have reunified with him.

The Yates case represents one of the first cases cited by Children of the Underground Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld and Garnett Harrison of Harrison & Rosenfled out of Montpellier, Vermont in the ’80s. Because of Attorney Rosenfeld and Garnett Harrison’s possible involvement in this case, it has been a long-time belief that Faye Yager aided in this abduction. This parental kidnapping took place out of nearby Rhode Island and had all the case history of protective parent/underground cases. It is believed by many in the Family Abduction Community that the Underground was started by Garnett Harrison with the Dorrie Sigley and Karen Newsome Cases.

Since authorities are now prosecuting Elaine Yates, is it possible that third party conspirator Faye Yager could be indicted?  More on this later!




Doug and Gina Dahlen Trials to Begin in Jan/Feb 2017

January 11, 2017

Doug Dahlen’s criminal trail in the 944 day kidnapping of Sandra Grazzini’s daughters is scheduled to begin on January 23, 2017. Gina Dahlen’s trial is scheduled to begin on February 7, 2017. Both criminal trials will be conducted at the Dakota County Judicial Center in Hastings, Minnesota.

Last year, conspirator Dede Evavold was found guilty and sentenced to jail where she currently resides.

Editor’s Note: The Dahlens need to accept responsibility for their part in the kidnapping of these teenagers. The emotional impact of a kidnapping on the teenage victims, their families, their friends, members of the community  as well as the amount of valuable legal and judicial resources used by one family is pathetic. Let’s hope they plead guilty to spare the victims and the community of this case. If they do take it to trial, giving Sandra Rucki and Michelle MacDonald yet another forum for the same old story, then they should receive the maximum punishment for their crimes.

Where is 5 Year Old Autumn?

January 6, 2017




Kristy Lynn Brooks – Alleged Parental Kidnapper



Parental Kidnappers Never Able To Coparent

January 5, 2017

Alternative family icon set

In Parental Kidnapping cases, some parental abductors may not be prosecuted by the criminal court to spare the victim children and victim parent of having to go through a public criminal trial. In these cases where the charges are dismissed or dropped, that doesn’t mean that the defendant was not guilty, it just means that the defendant was not prosecuted. The Family Court cannot ignore the parental kidnapping or any violation of court orders. After a kidnapping, the Family Court Judge is faced with having to decide what is in the “best interests of the children”. And if the protective mom is unable move away from any allegations and demonstrate to the court she can coparent, then it’s unlikely that mom will ever have unsupervised visitation or joint custody ever again. The noncustodial mom must work toward regaining her credibility with the Family Court.

In cases such as with Sandra Rucki, the protective mom will be out exercising her First Amendment Free Speech Rights by talking to the media and plastering her children’s photos all over the Internet. It’s the same unfounded story we heard before and during the kidnapping. It doesn’t take much common sense for most of us to realize that NONE of these children want this. NO teenager or young children, wants their photos in the mainstream media or on the Internet for their peers to see.

Unfortunately, most mainstream media reporters are easily fooled and will not respect the rights of the minor children. In Juvenile Court Proceedings in most states, these hearings are behind closed doors. But in Family Law Cases, it is up to the reporter if they want to write about unfounded allegations against the custodial parent.

Last year we saw Kelly Rutherford,  Angie Vu and even Madonna refrain from posting photos of their children in the media and take their custody time with their children. These celebrity mothers took the high road in de-escalating their feeling about their former spouse in the media for the benefit of their children.

Today, there are a number of protective moms, most with limited custody time with their children disparaging their former custodial spouse in the media. What most of us have to ask: What makes their case so much different than those celebrities? And why don’t these moms think that their Family Court Judge isn’t asking this same question.


Final Thoughts for 2016

December 29, 2016


In America, we value our free speech but when protective moms and their family court critic supporters post photos of minor children, the children’s medical information, court documents, photos of their former spouse’s attorney and the Family Law Judge online — that’s when the Family Law Judge needs to step up and put a gag order on all parties. In other words in regards to posting information online, these parents and their supporters need to shut the blank up. In Australia, there is a law that prevents even the mainstream media from publishing photos of children involved in custody cases. We don’t have such a law in America, but perhaps we should.

In 2016, the year started with custodial-embattled protective moms Kelly Rutherford, Genevive Kelley, Maya Tsimhoni, Sandra Rucki, Angie Vu Ha, Michelle Wolferts and their supporters posting such information on the Internet. But after these court cases progressed including jail time for some — most of these moms eventually accepted the idea of coparenting or some form of custody sharing even as the non-custodial parent.

Of all the minor and teenage children involved in these cases, none of them  want their photos or any information about their parent’s custody case on the Internet. And once posted, this information may be permanently on the Internet for the rest of these children’s lives. That’s a concept that these protective moms / family court critics have sadly yet to comprehend. But on a positive note, in looking at the recent Social Media Accounts of Kelly Rutherford and Angie Vu, they appear to be the thought leaders here. In the past six months, you don’t see any posts about their custody disputes with their former spouses. Perhaps it’s time some of the Protective Parent and Family Court Critic Movement groups took note of that.

In 2017, it’s time that we take steps to protect and respect the online privacy of our children.

The Editor

Highlights of 2016 – Family Abduction Watch

December 28, 2016

From the Editor

In over twenty years following the protective parent/family court critic movement, there is never been a year like 2016 with so many precedent setting historic events and verdicts. Here’s a recap:

  1. Third Party Accomplice Prosecution — Dede Evavold, was found guilty of 6 felony counts of deprivation of child custody and became one of the first third-party accomplices in America to be prosecuted and found guilty of these crimes. Dede got 180 days jail time and 8 years probation and like a child molester can’t be around minor children. This case should do more to deter third parties from aiding and abetting in Family Abductions then any other previous case. And stay tuned, Gina and Doug Dahlen will go on trial in 2017.
  2. Teenager Family Abduction — Sandra Rucki and Michelle Wolferts became one of the first protective moms to go on trial for a teenager family abduction. Both mothers staged a runaway and denied involvement in the parental kidnapping. Sandra Rucki was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to 250 days in jail and six years probation.
  3. Moving Along / Coparenting — Litigious Protective Moms including Celebrity Kelly Rutherford and politically connected Maya Tsimhoni did everything to try their case in the media including disclosing private details of their children’s lives. But in the end, these protective moms moved along in the spirit of coparenting and “in the best interests of their children”. They must have finally realized that their children didn’t want their parents’ custody cases in the media and on the internet.
  4. Criminal Sentencing in 15 Day Increments over 6 Years — Sandra Rucki was sentenced in 15 day increments over 6 years. With Rucki’s other minor children being raised by her former spouse, it sounds like the judge wanted to sentence Rucki to additionally protect the younger children and the victim father. This sentence certainly will help the courts and the probation department more closely monitor Sandra Rucki who has vowed to get revenge or continue fighting.
  5.  Mainstream Media and Social Media – Newsweek Reporter Max Kutner did a story on the Faye Ku kidnapping which eventually led to the recovery of those children. Veteran Reporter Michael Brodkorb and Brandon Stahl of the Star Tribune covered the Rucki children kidnapping which played an important role in the recovery of those children and the prosecution of this crime. Brodkorb’s @missinginmn website and Twitter account covered the Sandra Rucki, Dede Evavold and Gina/Doug Dahlen cases – often near live reporting from the courthouse. This media coverage and social media reporting significantly increased the public’s general awareness of this horrible crime against innocent children.
  6. Extradition – Model and DJ Angie Vu was extradited to France. Angie Vu stayed in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Jail for 10 months and was extradited to France to face prosecution for International parental kidnapping. Upon arrival in France, she was booked and released. Vu planned to send her child to Vietnam to live with relatives rather than share custody. Like Kelly Rutherford and Maya Tsimhoni, Angie Vu was back Paris during the Holidays, most likely exercising her custody time.
  7. Genevieve Kelly Not Prosecuted With Felony – The small town district attorney in New Hampshire or the U.S. Attorney allowed the former physician Genevieve Kelly to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and did not prosecute her for U.S. Passport Fraud, Witness Tampering, or Felony Custody Interference. This occurred after a ten-year kidnapping. Perhaps if this case were in Minnesota, Genevieve Kelley would be in prison today where she belongs.
  8. Minor Violating Custody Agreement – The question if minor children locking hands in protest, disrespecting a judge and refusing custody time with their father can be held responsible by the Family Court for adhering to a Custody Order was not answered. in other words, can only a parent be jailed for violation of the custody order? That said, in Michigan even the Judicial Tenure Commission tried to weigh in on this and that led to the firing of its politically connected executive as well as a highly respected judge being possibly suspended. There were shamefully public hearings held on this open custody case involving minor children.
  9. Search Warrants on Third Party Conspirators – The Dede Evavold Search Warrants on her home became a new model for child recovery in Family Abductions. With so much digital evidence available, third party conspirators are now open to having their homes searched and computer devices ceased.
  10. Poster Child Contemplates Suicide While Underground – Damon Moelter, poster child for the protective parent movement, admitted on ABC 20/20 that he contemplated suicide while undeground. It sounds like this now adult-child who is estranged from his biological father and brothers is really sending the message to other protective moms that they shouldn’t send their children underground. That life is lonely and certainly not in the “best interests of children”.

So that was 2016 and in 2017, we would like to see the recovery of more abducted children including the Watter Children in Australia, Christopher and Lisa Zaharias and Timmothy Pitzen.Follow our Twitter account for updates. And we’d like to see the Protective Parent / Family Court Critic Movements take a strong public position against Family Abductions and we’d like to see more local County Courts or Federal Courts follow Dakota County lead in Minnesota in prosecuting Parental Kidnappers and their third party accomplices to the maximum possible sentences.

Finally, thanks to all of you that contributed to the website and out Twitter account with your comments. This is one of the only websites on the Internet with open discussions between the protective parent movement supporters and the family abduction / child protection / coparenting advocates. In 2016, the website received a record number of visitors. Thanks again.

Happy New Year!

The Editor