Who is Protective Mom Cindy Dumas?


Cindy Dumas, Protective Mom, Parental Kidnapper – Safe Kids International (Photo Credit: Mothers of Lost Children)

One of the protective parent groups that has been supporting Sandra Rucki is Safe Kids International of San Diego, California. The leader of the group is Cindy Dumas. Here is Cindy’s story:

  • Divorce – Cindy was involved in a high-conflict divorce and custody dispute with her former spouse. Here are links to two voice mails she left for her former spouse ( voice mail 1 | voice mail 2 )
  • Coaching – Cindy is alleged to have been coaching her sons to falsely disclose abuse. Here is a transcript. Like many protective moms, they engage in trying to get disclosures from their children rather than using trained professionals. Custody Evaluators and Judges do not like parents to engage in such behavior.
  • Family Abduction – From November 2004 until February 2008, Cindy Dumas kidnaps her boys and goes underground. She agrees to come out of the underground if charges are dropped.
  • Family Psychological Evaluation – The court orders a custody evaluation but Cindy Dumas refuses to participate.
  • Custody – Cindy Dumas’ the remarried former husband eventually gets custody of all three boys and Cindy Dumas gets supervised visitation. Cindy continues to harass her former spouse by sending out flyers in his neighborhood. Kathleen Russell, another protective parent network supporters gets involved in the case.
  • Teenager Family Abduction – The older son goes into hiding or underground similar to the Rucki girls. The son eventually gets married in Nevada in a fake marriage to evade the custody order. The son becomes the current poster child for Safe Kids International.

Cindy’s organization, Safe Kids International are planning to protest for Sandra Rucki on December 15, 2015. Hopefully, they will peacefully protest and not commit any acts of civil disobedience.

Editor’s Note: I never realized that Cindy Dumas did not participate in the Custody Evaluation. Her claim is likely that the Famliy Court took custody of her children away from her, but that’s far from the truth. It sounds like she did it all by herself by not only kidnapping her children, falsely accusing her former spouse and most importantly not participating in the evaluation. To think that this all started with the voice mails she left on her former spouse’s answering machine. It sounds like he filed for divorce and out of anger and revenge, Cindy Dumas did the rest.


The Moelter Family website

[Father] Speaks Against Cindy Dumas Distortion Campaign by Chris (04-01-2010)


6 Responses to Who is Protective Mom Cindy Dumas?

  1. LaShawna says:

    I call myself a “protective parent” because that is the best word for what I am experiencing. I am a fit, loving mother who lost custody of my children to an abusive man, with a history of drug abuses & mental illness, in an unjust family court. “Protective” meaning that I am LAWFULLY fighting to regain custody and keep my kids safe from abuse.

    That being said.. these California groups seem more into exploiting vulnerable people, and making a profit from their careers in the family law industry than actually helping anyone.

    Doesn’t anyone care about what is happening to the kids?

    • underwatch says:

      Hi LaShawna, so is there another term for a protective mom that believes you can use UNLAWFUL activity to win back custody?

      IMHO you made a choice to bring a child into this world with your child’s father that you now label as abusive man, with a history of drug abuses & mental illnesses. If you could have worked out a coparenting schedule in a civil manner, then you would have not needed the Family Law Courts except to certify your custody agreement. It sounds like you could not. Most protective moms engage in unlawful activity which includes withholding custody or deprivation of child custody, parental alienation and perjury during the custody evaluation. Yes, you were vulnerable during that time and should have agreed to coparent or joint custody. So as a protective mom, do you take any responsibility and ownership here?

  2. Wow! I didn’t think that Cindy Dumas could be that abusive towards her ex.

    • underwatch says:

      Celeste, me too! The protective parent movement like the DV groups like to label “the abuser” as the dad, but in most of these cases they are the “abuser”. I personally think that the protective parents feel they have a self appointed license to do anything it takes, including acts of civil disobedience against their former spouse. It’s almost as if their deception and lies eventually catch up to them in Family Court and they lose all custody rights. Then it’s a win at all costs strategy, without regard to their children or the law. That’s too bad. From a child’s perspective, they love both their mom and dad.

  3. It also seems like mom is more interested in getting even with dad than she was acting in son’s best interest.
    D seems to be happy with dad and his brothers.

  4. Carla brown says:

    Cindy Dumas has borderline personality disorder

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