Who Helped Marvin Maple Hide for 20 years?

Since we initially posted the story about Marvin Maple’s arrest on our website, we’ve received a number of emails from searching parents who want to know if Jennifer Bunning and/or  Jonathan Bunting could identify their children.  With the possible link to Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground Group, some of these parents have been searching for their children for 20+ years. If Jennifer or Jonathan are reading this blog, here’s a link to some of the kid’s pictures and the adults that are accused of kidnapping them:  



Here are also some names of inviduals that have been linked to Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground Group or Cult. If you know any of these individuals, you should let law enforcement know. See  https://underwatch.wordpress.com/the-leaders/ for more information.

  • Faye Yager, Atlanta, GA and Fayetteville
  • Rosalyn Beasley, San Diego, CA
  • Meera Fox, Berkely, CA
  • Connie Valentine, Sacramento, CA
  • April Meyer, San Bernardino, CA
  • Donna Medley, San Francisco, CA
  • Toby Kleinman, New Brunswick, NJ
  • Ted Gunderson, Santa Monica, CA
  • Sheila Brogna, San Francisco, CA
  • Amy Neustein, Brooklyn, NY
  • James Curtis, Dexter, OR

If Marvin Maple received help from any of these inviduals above, then I’d like to see him testify against them and some law enforcement agency seek charges againsts these individuals for their alleged involvement.

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