Breaking: Scott Kelley Arraigned – Cash Bail Set at $250,000

May 7, 2015
Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley – Alleged Parental Kidnapper

Scott David Kelley was arraigned in Coos Superior Court in the Case State v. Scott David Kelley on five charges which included Interference with Custody and Felony Witness Tampering.

As part of the arraignment, Scott Kelley was ordered to surrender his expired and unexpired passports to the Court and to not possess or obtain a passport.


New Hampshire Coos County Court

What is Pathetic About Genevieve and Scott Kelley

April 28, 2015
Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley

For those of us that have followed these protective parent criminal trials for the past 20+ years, these are reasons we think Genevieve and Scott Kelley are so pathetic.

1. Parental Alienation & Emotional Abuse – The alienation and emotional abuse Genevieve and Scott inflicted on the 8 year old child by Genevieve and Scott is disturbing. As a physician Mary should know better and for even Scott, a Special Education Teacher should also be able to conclude that the kidnapping of a 8 year old child who truly loved her father was and will always be criminally wrong. The current parental alienation, brainwashing or witness tampering is pathetic.

2. Disclosures – After reading through the case, both Genevieve and Scott know that there were never any credible disclosures that should have caused any reasonable person to believe that the 8 year old daughter was harmed by the child’s biological father. Any conclusions they reached were delusional. Furthermore, during the criminal trials of these protective parents — we’ve seen the defendants expand their allegations as they get more desperate. In one case, a U.S. judge wrote: “Where the (custodial-embattled protective parent) sees smoke, however, there is not only no fire, but there is not even smoke.”

3. Costa Rica / Honduras – Why is it that protective parents always kidnap their children to some of our world’s top travel destinations in the World. These parents are almost always found in a beach community on the Ocean. Why should we have any sympathy for them while they were in hiding and giving birth to and caring for a their new child. This trip underground sounds more like a paternity leave/extended vacation than anything else.

4. Medical Care – As a doctor and special education teacher, one would have assumed Genevieve and Scott could have provided the best of the best eduction and healthcare for their child. But why is it that their 19 year old child has only a 10th grade education? Do they actually think they acted in “the best interests of the child” or were they really thinking of themselves. Why would you blame the child’s biological father for this? You had 8 years to give the child a great life and it appears you miserably failed at this.

5. Maine Clinic – If they really thought the 8 year old child was being harmed, why wouldn’t they at least follow through and bring her to the Maine Clinic? M

6. Denver, Colorado — Most of us in the Family Abduction Community know that the Kempe Center in Denver, Colorado was a well known destination in the United States where a parent could allegedly get the type medical report they wanted. Then if they were able to get their so called proof, then why didn’t they return to litigate the case in New Hampshire Family Court? If Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley believed that they knew more about the custody of their child than the New Hampshire Family Law Courts, then why didn’t they hire a very good protective parent attorney in 2004? While in Denver, Colorado, couldn’t they find any good protective parent attorneys?

7. Life as a Kidnapped Child – Why would they not think it would be a horrible a life for an 8 year old child living underground in Central America and always moving around. Why would an adult child think that she was behind in her schooling because of the moving around rather than behind because of her selfish mother and stepfather?

8. Interviewing – What parent would ever want any attorney to cross-examine your child or even adult-child? Most protective parent attorneys will use suggestive interviewing techniques that are no longer considered appropriate in a courtroom as evidenced by the McMartin Preschool Case of the ’80s/’90s.

9. Mental Illnesses — In these cases we hear the defendant had a mental condition of munchausen syndrome by proxy, parental alienation syndrome, emotional abuse and/or a narcissistic and histrionic personality disorder. The defendant never understood the emotional abuse they inflicted on their own child. Meanwhile, after the kidnapping their child most likely has untreated stockholm syndrome.

10. Family Court System — Why was Genevieve Kelley the only doctor in America that couldn’t convince a Family Law Court to give her the custody schedule for her child that she wanted? And when she didn’t get what she wanted, if she were such a good doctor — then why didn’t she stick around and try to make the system better?

In summary, we believe Genevieve Kelley’s motive was anger and revenge against her former spouse. She was going to do everything in her power to write her daughter out of her daughter’s life. This included the child’s new step mother.

There are only three people in this World that can de-escalate the conflict in this case and in the best interests of this now adult-child. This is the only way to start the recovery process for everyone involved. We don’t think Genevieve Kelley is ever capable of this. So that leaves Scott David Kelley. With the possibility of Scott going to prison for 30+ years, we really hope that Scott steps forward with the truth in this case. And if he was involved in witness-tampering, now is the time to admit take ownership of that! As far as the adult-child, everyone in that has followed these cases know that the child loved her father and his family dearly when she was 8 years old. Since that time, she has most likely been brainwashed and heard horrible things that simply did not happen about her biological father. We really hope that she has the mental capacity to do the right thing like some of the recovered adult-child in some of the recent cases. These adult-child will only be able to move forward with their lives after they reunify with their left-behind parent. This also might be the only way to reduce the prison sentence of their arrested parent.

We doubt that the adult-child has been able to view the videos of her left-behind family. If someone has the compassion to get her to view the videos, this would be the morally correct thing to do.

The Editor