20 Year Parental Kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett Hires U.S. Criminal Defense Attorney

April 18, 2014

Samantha Geldenhuys, Harris Todd

“I never expected to have more love in my heart for any other person in my life and I do for my daughter. Nothing is going to change that – nothing,”  — Harris Todd

The Dorothy Lee Barnett story finally began to move forward on Thursday, 17 April 2014 in a Queensland Maroochydore Court Room. Just months after Barnett asked the public for money to support her legal defense, she has hired Criminal Defense Attorney Russell W. Mace III.

Russell Mace III

Russell Mace III – Criminal Defense Attorney for Dorothy Lee Barnett

It appears Dorothy Lee Barnett and her family now have the funds to hire Barnett’s third team of attorneys, two in Australia and now the Mace Firm that has four offices in the United States – Charleston, Miami, Myrtle Beach and New York. It was only back in November, that Barnett was claiming that she had to mortgage her house in Australia to pay for a flight to her former spouse’s funeral. Then  it was reported that she received hundreds of thousands of dollars for a TV Interview and then an online fund raising campaign. In most of these cases, the parental kidnapper will claim they are indigent so that their legal fees are paid by the Public Defender’s Office, but money will surface for a private attorney like Russell Mace III. Barnett has been incarcerated in an Australian Jail and considered a high flight risk for the 20 year parental kidnapping and passport fraud charges as she awaits extradition to the United States.

According to Russell Mace, “She has agreed to come to South Carolina, I expect her to be back here within the next two months.” Mace further elaborated “she intends to forgo any further challenges”.

Editor’s Note: In monitoring these parental kidnapping cases over the past 20 years, we anticipate that Dorothy Lee Barnett will most likely change her mind and use every possible legal alternative to fight her extradition. She will find every possible forum including the media. I sincerely doubt that she will not forgo any further challenges and the worst thing that could happen would be for her to get bail and wind up in Belize or some other foreign country. Meanwhile, the money that should be used to compensate her victims including her own daughter is going to her legal defense.

I believe it is time for Dorothy Lee Barnett to take ownership and responsibility for the horrible crime she inflicted on her own child that deprived her former spouse Harris Todd of being able to be a father. I’ve heard from many father’s that one of the most cherish and special moment’s of a man’s life is when his child is born. I am so tired of hearing excuses and criticisms from Dorothy Lee Barnett and how she was wronged by our world’s judicial system and it’s time that she tell her story in the place where it all started.