Don’t Arrest the Horse, Just Gina and Doug Dahlen

December 2, 2015

Gina Dahlen, Protective Parent Network (Photo: Fergus Falls Journal)

Gina Dahlen and Doug Dahlen are clearly using the “Animal Rights“, “Child Protection” and “Religion” as defenses or excuses as to why they helped Sandra Rucki hide the Rucki girls. They are undoubtfully claiming that if law enforcement arrests and charges them, they will be effectively shutting down their ranch for children.

But Gina and Doug Dahlen of White Horse Ranch in Herman, Minesota should have contacted the District Attorney’s Office when they realized they were sheltering children from the court system. Their non-profit should not be an infrastrure for an underground or the protective parent network. Like Domestic Violence Shelters, they should have a process for working with local law enforcement.

In addition, engaging in criminal conduct or an illegal activity such as felony deprivation of child custody would be a violation of their tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3). It would also be a violation and reportable offense as Minnesota Non-profit. (Minnesota Attorney General’s Office – Nonprofit/Charity Complaint Form)

The Dahlens were intentionally hding the Rucki girls for more 944 days. During that time, the father, the children’s siblings, family members, their friends and law enforcement had no idea where the children were. The Dahlens were also directly violating a judge’s cusotdy court order. Even if Sandra Rucki gave them a copy of an old court order, they should have at the very least tried to find out their was a new Custody Order.They did not which led to thousands of dollars of investigative time and resources. That is irresponsible and ignorant for these educated inviduals.

Gina Dahlen also conincidently spent some time in horse training classes in Oregon, just miles from the infamous Curtis Compond in Dexter, Oregon. James and Mary Curtis are long-time protective parent network supporters. Their daughter April and her daughter Amanda both went underground with Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground in the ’80s and ’90s. The daughter as a teen went underground like the Rucki girls. We certainly wonder if Gina Dahlen made a visit to Dexter during her trip to Oregon.

The Dahlen’s use of equine therapy as a treatment program used by kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard is disparaging to those organizations using equine therapy that are not commiting criminal conduct. There is no reason the Dahlens should NOT have been able to setup a legitmate equine therapy organization for children without comitting these acts of civil disobedience.

Again, don’t arrest the Horse, but arrest and prosecute Gina and Doug Dahlen.

The Editor


IGC: Gina Dahlen’s Vision Question (Fergus Falls Journal, 02-20-15)