Download the Court Order in the Kelly Rutherford Case

August 10, 2015

To the Media,

With all the media that Kelly Rutherford has received, we simply to don’t understand why they haven’t read the Los Angeles Court October 24, 2013 Custody Decision. We found this court order posted on the Internet and are reposting it for the media. We encourage every reporter covering this case to read pages 22-31. This should especially include: Michele Corriston (@mcorriston) of People Magazine, Rachel Mcrady of US Weekly and Rebecca Macatee of E Online. These reporters have been victim to spoon-fed press releases or spin by Kelly Rutherford’s PR Team. After reading pages 22-31, how can they willfully and intentionally leave this relevant information out.

It is apparent from reading this that Kelly Rutherford, attempted to write the father out of these children’s lives. Some would allege that she was guilty of extortion for attempting to get him to relinquish his parental rights when her attorney threatened to turn him in to the State Department for immigration or Visa issues.

The media should report the news, not become part of it. In the last several months, we have seen the media do everything possible to try and support Kelly Rutherford. Meanwhile, they have helped her to setup up her current situation of trying defy the October 2013 Family Court Order and kidnap her children.

Parental Kidnapping is a very serious global crime and it’s time for the media to step up and report on it. As of last Thursday, Kelly Rutherford became a parental kidnapper and in these cases with minor children involved — the situation must be de-escalated. By supporting Kelly Rutherford without regard to the facts in the 2013 Custody Decision, a reasonable person would conclude that Kelly Rutherford has some serious mental health issues that must be addressed. Her children have become innocent victims of this parental kidnapping and the media isn’t helping the situation one bit.

Download the Court Order in Rutherford Case

In the next 24-48 hours, I would really like to see Kelly Rutherford acknowledge and apologize for her past inappropriate conduct in the custody case. To keep herself out of jail and for the best interests of her children, she must put her children on a plane to Monaco immediately.

The Editor