Narcissistic Personality Disorder – DSM-5

January 30, 2016

The Protective Parent Movement aka Family Court Critics as well as the Domestic Violence Community argue that Parental Alienation Disorder is not a listed in the DSM-5.

Here are sections of an article that appeared on January 5, 2015 on Parental Alienation Syndrome: Researchers Say the Struggle is Real.

by Amy Schaeffer

What drives a parental alienator? Most commonly, some type of narcissistic personality features, says Dr. Childress. According to Dr. Childress, parents who indoctrinate children into alienating the other parent are linked to narcissist borderline pathogenic parenting.

The symptoms of narcissism include: grandiosity, entitlement, absence of empathy, haughty, arrogant behavior and delusional belief systems. Although narcissistic personality disorder is listed in the DSM-5, which is considered to be the “Bible” of Psychiatric Disorders, so far Parental Alienation Disorder is not listed. Researchers expect that to soon change.

Researcher Amy Baker says that parents who try to alienate their child from the other parent subtlety, or not so subtletly gives a three-part message to the child.

“I am the only parent who loves you and you need me to feel good about yourself; the other parent is dangerous and unavailable; and pursuing a relationship with the other parent jeopardizes your relationship with me.”

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Editor’s Note:

When reading the symptoms of narcissism below, you think if the protective moms in these cases we have followed over the years had these symptoms. On the list: April Meyer, Bonnie Rubenstein, Cindy Dumas, Dorothy Lee Barnett, Eileen Clark, Ellen Dever, Genevieve Kelley, Holly Ann Collins, Kelly Rutherford, Maya Tsimhoni and Sandra Rucki. Parental Alienation Disorder “PA” may not yet be in the DSM-5, but these moms certainly appeared to have most of these symptoms.

  • grandiosity
  • entitlement
  • absence of empathy
  • haughty
  • arrogant behavior
  • delusional belief system

In summary, it sounds like Parental Alienation = Narcissist Borderlline Pathogenic Parenting. So in the spirit of coparenting and moving forward in these cases, let’s not give these moms a license to alienate their kids.