Gina & Scott Dahlen Plead Guilty

January 24, 2017

Gina Dahlen and Scott Dahlen, the owners of White Horse Ranch in Hermann, Minnesota plead guilty to one count of depravation of parental rights for their role in the Teenager Family Abduction of the Rucki girls

Both of the Dahlens admitted in court that they knew the teenagers’ father had been awarded custody of all five of his children in November 2013. The girls were held for 942 days. The Dahlens admitted they knew he had custody and failed to contact the father or law enforcement. The Dahlens had been charged with six felony counts.

It is unclear of the Dahlens were charged with a Felony. They testified against both Sandra Rucki and Dede Evavold.

Gina and Doug Dahlen will be sentenced on April 3, 2017 at the Dakota County Judicial Center in Hastings, Minnesota.

The horse did not plead guilty.



A Summary of Day 1 of the Sandra Rucki Criminal Trial

July 19, 2016
Sandra Rucki and Michael Rhedin

Sandra Rucki and Boyfriend Michael Rhedin (Photo: Missing in Minnesota)

  • Criminal Charges Charges — Sandra Grazzini-Rucki has been charged with eight felony counts of depravation of parental rights by in Dakota County, Minnesota. In this Teenager Family Abduction Trial, the children were kidnapped for 944 days (April 2013 to November 2015).
  • Co-conspirators — Dede Evavold (represents self, not an attorney), Douglas Dahlen (represented by Travis Keil) and Gina Dahlen (represented by Kyle White) have been charged with felonies related to the disappearance of the girls. The co-conspirator trials will take place separately. The co-conspirators have been granted “use immunity”.
  • The Judge — The Judge is Karen Asphaug.
  • Sandra’s Defense Attorney — Sandra Rucki is represented by Criminal Defense Attorney Stephen Grigsby.
  • Sandra’s Family Law Attorney — Is Michelle MacDonald.
  • Jury Selection – Started on Monday, July 18th. The jurors 22 men/26 women were given a 13 page questionnaire.
  • The Sisters — They are now 18 and 16. They are living with the custodial father. One graduated from high school. (names are withheld for privacy in a Family Abduction Case)
  • The boyfriends– Sandra’s boyfriends are Michael Rhedin and/or Jack Auld.


Missing in Minnesota

Star Tribune

It’s Time for Sandra Rucki to Plead Guilty

July 18, 2016
Sandra Rucki, Mugshot

Sandra Rucki on Trial

Sandra Rucki’s trial begins today and there hasn’t been a high-profile protective parent/family court critic Family Abduction Trial in over a decade. In this new era of coparenting and joint custody, most defendants have not taken their chances criminal jury trials. In addition, Sandra Rucki has been charged with eight felonies and if she does take it to trial, she could serve over a decade in prison.

There are sources reporting that that Sandra Rucki was offered a plea of two felony counts. By Rucki pleading guilty, it would certainly save the Minnesota taxpayers a considerable sum of dollars considering her co-conspirators Dede Evavold, Gina and Scott Dahlen would likely receive substantially lesser plea deals — possibly reducing the felony charge. That said, the importance of this case in getting a felony conviction against both Evavold and the Dahlens would be historical in deterring others from committing this crime. It would more than likely steer the Family Court Critic movement to more constructive agendas rather than civil disobedience.

In addition, the Rucki family appears to be going on with their life without Sandra. One of the girls graduated from high school despite being in hiding. It would no doubt be better from this family to not have to have their personal life history made public in a very public criminal trial.

Now the pressure is on Sandra Rucki and her attorney. We hope Sandra Does the right thing.

Sandra Rucki Teenager Family Abduction Trial Begins

July 18, 2016
Sandra Rucki, Mugshot

Sandra Rucki on Trial

See this news story in the StarTribune:

Trial to begin for Sandra Grazzini-Rucki in disappearance of her 2 daughters

The number of felony counts against Sandra Grazzini-Rucki of Lakeville has grown to eight.

The jury trial of a Lakeville mother accused of hiding her two teenage daughters from their father for more than two years begins Monday in Dakota County District Court in Hastings.

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Note: We would like to see the media including the StarTribune leave the girls first names out of the media during their coverage of the trial. Although they may have no legal responsibility to do so, that would be the morally responsible thing to do in these cases.

A Teenager Family Abduction Case in Minnesota

July 14, 2016

Sandra Rucki Trial to Begin July 18th

In a Teenage Family Abduction Trial, Sandra Rucki has been charged in Dakota County with eight felonies in the kidnapping of her two teenage daughters.  Dede Evavold, Gina Dahlen and Doug Dahlen have also been charged as co-conspirators. The Jury Trial for Sandra Rucki is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 18, 2016.

As we approach this trial date, the Family Abduction Community of Victim Parents including both Recovering Parents and Searching Parents are closely following this case. This is one of the first cases in America where the District Attorney is also prosecuting the co-conspirators. In most International and Domestic Family Abduction Cases, the co-conspirators reside outside the jurisdiction. But in the Rucki Teenager Family Abduction, the girls were found in a nearby county in Herman, Minnesota.

The results of this case are important not only in deterring the crime of Teenager Family Abduction but sending the message to the Protective Parent and Family Court Critic Network cause that there will be severe penalties for those that engage in civil disobedience. After 9-11, when it became more difficult for protective parents to obtain a falsified United States Passport, it was thought that this cause had ended. But in recent years, there has been an  emergence of a small new movement of Family Court Critics/Protective Parents that are questioning the fitness of our Nation’s Family Court. They are attacking the Family Court Judges and the fathers in these cases on the Internet and in Social Media to support their cause. For many of these critics, it is  the same supporters that are against “joint custody” and “coparenting” and want the courts to bring back “maternal custody”.

In these cases, a defendant like Sandra Rucki is committed to the protective parent cause and wants a trial to promote herself and cause. Her supporters want the trial. But the co-conspirators like Gina Dahlen and Doug Dahlen may simply want to go on with their lives and may regret getting involved. On the other hand, they should have understood the severity of the crime of child kidnapping. A Family Abduction in the eyes of the searching parent is no different than a Stranger Abduction. Many of us feel that not allowing them any type of immunity and sending them to prison for some period may do more to deterring this crime. And for Sandra Rucki and her co-conspirator Dede Evavold, it is important that they receive long prison sentences for their crime.

As we get closer to a trial date, it’s likely that the District Attorney may want to save the county taxpayer’s the costs of these trials. The co-conspirators like the Dahlens will be doing everything they can to stay out of prison and the Felony Conviction. And Sandra Rucki may have an enlightened moment that when convicted, she might receive one of the longest prison sentences ever —  and finally arrive at the decision it would be in the best interests of her children that she plead guilty.

Doug and Gina Dahlen want full immunity, testimony sealed

July 14, 2016

Attorneys for Douglas and Gina Dahlen, who each have been charged with two felony counts of deprivation of parental rights involving the disappearance of the Rucki teenage girls, want their clients to be granted full immunity and also have the court seal their testimony before they will testify against the girls’ mother Sandra Grazzini-Rucki in her criminal trial next week.

In a motion filed by Travis Keil, who is the attorney for Douglas Dahlen, and in a similar motion filed by Kyle White, the attorney for Douglas’ wife Gina, both attorneys want their clients to be granted “transactional immunity” instead of the “use immunity” which is currently being offered by the Dakota County Attorney’s Office.

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Doug and Gina Dahlen want full immunity, testimony sealed (, 07-13-2016)

Breaking: Newsweek Story on Movement To Keep Kids Missing

February 13, 2016
Faye Ku, Parental Kidnapper with Sons Isaac and Sage - Missing Since August 2015

Faye Ku, Parental Kidnapper with Sons Isaac and Sage – Missing Since August 2015

Newsweek Reporter Max Kutner has published another global story on the Family Court Critics / Protective Parent Movement. Faye Ku of Los Angeles, California a non-custodial mother that was born in Taiwan, kidnapped her three of her boys and is believed to be underground and allegedly assisted by supporters of these groups. Two of the boys are from a father in Seattle and the other in Los Angeles. Faye Ku is believed to be either in Taiwan or somewhere in the United States.

The article contains interviews from some of the most recognized names in the protective parent movement:

  • Faye Yager, is founder of The Children of the Underground and claims to no longer be in retirement.
  • Amy Neustein, the controversial and outspoken protective parent movement support. (Neustein lost custody of her daughter many years ago and is now estranged from the successful Washington Attorney.)
  • Cindy Dumas of Safe Kids International. The controversial activists / Family Court Critic wrote on her organizations Facebook page to “don’t turn this mom in”. (Dumas is estranged from some of her sons.)
  •  Dede Evavold is currently awaiting trial as a co-conspirator in the Sandra Rucki Teenager Family Abduction.

Here’s a link to read the entire story: [Read More]

Editor’s Note: Sage Cook is 15 years old. Faye Ku is a U.C. Berkeley graduate. How was she able to kidnap her 15-year old son Sage without emotionally abusing him and holding him hostage. How could this 15 year old not have access to the Internet or a cell phone in this digital era to call his father.

With Newsweeks Global Circulation and Online Media, we are hopeful that this global story will bring these boys homes to their custodial families. We applaud Newsweek for publishing this story. We urge Victim Families to keep hope alive that they will soon be reunified with these children.