Dede Evavold Gets Jail, 8 Yrs Probation

November 14, 2016

Dede Evavold – Protective Mom – Can’t Be Around Children

In the end, on November 10, 2016 Minnesota Protective Parent Network leader Dede Evavold was sentenced to 180 days in jail, probation for 8 years and most importantly she can’t be around minor children.

This judge in Dakota County appears to be one of the only judges in America or the World to understand the tenets of the Protective Parent / Family Court Critic leaders like Dede Evavold. In this case, the punishment while only 3 months in jail is accompanied by 8 years probation. And like a child molester or abuser, she can’t be around minor children.

It’s Time for Dede Evavold to Move On

November 1, 2016

Dede Evavold

Dede Evavold did the crime now she needs to do the time. In the best interest of the Rucki children that rightfully deserve their privacy, it is time for Dede to move along. With good behavior, she can reduce the amount of time she spends in jail.

The Protective Parent / Family Court Critic Movement has existed for many years in evangelizing and supporting the crime of parental kidnapping, but the verdict in the Rucki case has sent a loud and clear message — our Nation’s Criminal Justice System will no longer tolerate this crime. It took over almost 25 years since the Faye Yager trial, but the prosecution of Dede Evavold as an accomplice should do more to deter others from engaging in this crime than any other case.

Unfortunately with any criminal case in the media, it often attracts some nefarious characters with grievances again others. Some of these characters may be an active threat not only to the victims of this crime but to possibly themselves and the community. That being said, it is time for Dede to move along and let the victims of this crime have some peace. This family and these children need to move forward with the lives and it’s time for Dede and her supporters to respect this.

Sandra Rucki Released from Jail

November 1, 2016

Sandra Rucki was released from jail on Monday, October 25, 2016 after serving 34 days in jail. Unfortunately our jail system is not like an Episode of Law and Order, the victims of this crime were not notified prior to Sandra being released from jail. Even after the media widely reported that Sandra’s attorney said that Sandra had not plans to follow the terms of her probation.


Released from Jail 

This family abduction case is now in the Probation Stage of this crime. It is now up to the Probation Office to ensure that Sandra follows the terms of her probation. In past cases where children are involved, the Probation Department will mandate that the convicted parental kidnapper wear an ankle bracelet to protect the victims in the case. It’s apparent that the situation needs to be de-escalated and the safety and rights of the victims need to be protected.