Cassie Doubleday Needs a Lifetime Ankle Bracelet to Protect Her Children

September 4, 2018
Cassie Doubleday

Australian Mum: Cassie Watter Arrested

In May of 2014, Protective Mum Cassie Doubleday was on the run in the Australian Protective Parent Underground as her family and friends and supporters cheered on this Facebook page. In that post, they have the audacity and cruelty to say: “Relatives of missing Townsville twin girls Isabella and Bronte Watter, 7, who have been missing for six weeks today, are hoping the children and their mother Cassie Watter are not found.”

What Cassie Doubleday did in 2014 is one of the cruelest forms of child maltreatment. It is not only cruel to the children but the father, the father’s family as well as the children’s young friends and classmates. Cassie has many other legal remedies but her own narcissism and that of her friends and supporters caused this criminal act against innocent children.

Cassie Doubleday is out on bail today and wears a ankle bracelet. There is little doubt that the Australian Courts will find her guilty and she will be sentenced to prison. What the courts need to do is not only protect the children involved in this case until they reach the age of majority but they need to send a clear message to others to deter the heinous criminal act of child stealing. As the Protective Parent Movement in Australia attempts to use Cassie Doubleday for their cause — Australians should know better that child stealing is not the solution to Family Custody disputes.


Queensland Court Needs To Charge Protective Parent Accomplices in Cassie Doubleday 4 Year Child Stealing Case

August 29, 2018

In America we have watched the Protective Parent Movement from the early ’80s. It took over 30 years with the Sandra Rucki Case that would later send three third party accomplices to jail before the U.S. legal system would take a major stop to shut this group down.

Australian Protective Parent: Cassie Watter Arrested

Dorothy Lee Barnett

U.S. Protective Parent Dorothy Lee Barnett, a Convicted Felon


As information is starting to surface about the Cassie Watters Case, it seems apparent that she was more than likely supported by some of the same supporters of Dorothy Lee Barnett. Maybe even Dorothy Lee Barnett herself. The allegations with false reports, child’s drawings and support from characters like Townsville University Professor Dr. Frida Briggs are all very similar to the Protective Parent Movement in the United States. Only the names have changed. The support of some of the Domestic Violence Groups is also not surprising in this new era of coparenting and joint custody.

Law Enforcement should have a great deal of digital evidence against Cassie Doubleday’s family members especially her parents. There is no doubt that this case for the benefit of these young children needs to be de-escalated and what has been found in these other cases is that charging third party accomplices helps move the case in that direction. It is unfortunate that all protective moms know that once they kidnap their children, they will never have unsupervised custody time with their children again. And despite any short-sighted thinking by anyone that these children were not harmed by the abduction — Can anyone possibly imagine what this protective mum told her two daughters the days after she kidnapped her children from their school? They no doubt cried that they missed their school, their father, their friends and their family. It has been said that Family Abduction is one of the cruelest forms of child maltreatment. That reality has been explained in Family Abduction Criminal Trials throughout America that has sent these protective moms to prison.

Cassie Doubleday’s Supporters and Cassie’s parents think that these girls story deserves to be heard in the media. In our opinion, that is a form of child abuse. Cassie and her accomplices must be put on trial, found guilty and sentenced to prison until her children reach the age of majority — because that’s the only way Australia can protect these and future Australian children from this crime.

Finally, there is a really horrible last alternative that has been over dramatized in a small number of Protective Parent Cases. That’s the alternative of murder suicide. They would rather kill themselves and their children then let their former spouse have custody.

It’s strongly suggested that Cassie and her supporters disassociate themselves with this proclaimed Protective Parent Movement from America and re-focus on issues further improving Australia’s Child Protection and Family Court System. Get this case out of the media and tell Cassie to move along, take her supervised custody time, get a mental health evaluation and work toward regaining respect of the court. For the first time in her life, do what is now in the best interests of her children.

Townsville Australian Mum Cassie Watters Arrested in Taree, Australia

May 5, 2018

Australian Protective Mum Cassie Watter (aka Catherine Lee Watter, Catherine Doubleday) has finally been arrested and charged in the kidnapping of her two daughters from Hermit Park Primary School in Townsville, Australia on April 4, 2014. This is the second Protective Parent Kidnapping Case with links to Townsville, Australia. Back in 2013, infamous American Protective Parent Mum Dorothy Lee Barnett was arrested in Mountain Creek. Her daughter Samantha Geldenhuys (aka Savanah Todd) was a University Student at Townsville.

Australian Protective Parent Mum: Cassie Watter Arrested

Cassie Watter and her two daughters now 11 were found in Taree, Australia. They have been reunified with their custodial Australian father.

The girl’s grandmother, Heather Doubleday claims she did not hear from her daughter (Editor’s note: good luck to anyone who believes that).

More on this story later.

Exposing The Protective Mum Movement in Australia

February 24, 2016

In April  of 2013, Protective Mum Catherine Cassie Watter was no doubt seeking revenge against her former spouse. She had previously found some supporters at James Cook University School of School Work that were part of the “Protective Parent” or “Protective Mum” Movement in Australia. On that day, she kidnapped her children and went into hiding or the underground in Australia.

In Australia the most outspoken leaders of the Protective Parent Movement are from the Academic Community. Ros Thorpe (Rosamund Thorpe) is Adjunct Professor Emeritus at James Cook University. She is also President of the Family Inclusion network which is an advocacy organisation for social justice for children and families caught up in the child protection system.  Believe it or not, in July 2014, Professor Thorpe setup a website supporting parental kidnapper Cassie Watter. Dr. Freda Briggs, is an Emeritus Professor at the University of South Australia also spoke in the media to support accused parental kidnapper Cassie Watter who has been in hiding for over 2 years with her daughters.


Ros Thorpe – Prof Emeritus, James Cook University


Freda Briggs – Prof Emeritus, University of South Australia








The Professors are not the first in the academic community to support the protective parent or protective mum movement that is known for supporting parental kidnapping as an alternative in child custody cases. In the United States, Dr. Kathleen Faller of the University of Michigan and the late Hal Pepinsky of Indiana University supported Faye Yager and the protective parent movement. What is outrageous that in the Watter case, Professor Ros Thorpe actually purchased the website and published quotes promoting the “Protective Mother” Movement or Cause. The Professors in the United States were not so public in their support for this cause. That said, the support for these kidnapping cases always seems to come from an older person that is retiring at the end of their career like the now retired H. Joan Pennington of the National Center for Protective Parents in Trenton, New Jersey.

See these quotes from that website:

“Cassie Watter is a loving, caring and protective mum, who puts the needs of others above herself. Cassie is the sanest person I know even through all the adversity that she has suffered. Cassie values family above all else and is a fantastic mum. Her integrity, genuine caring and empathy for others are truly amazing to see. Cassie has a huge heart and is the first to help when others are in need. All of the qualities displayed by Cassie make and define Cassie as the beautiful person I know and admire.” – Mark Dunstan, Committed father, Social Worker, and Treasurer, Family Inclusion Network Queensland (Townsville) Inc., July 2014
“In the time that I have known Cassie Watter, I have observed her to consistently be the person described in other comments on this website from a wide range of people who support mainstream community values. I have observed her to consistently act in what she believes to be the paramount best interests of her children. I observed a very committed and protective mother. The public comments that I have read on this web site support Cassie as a mother, and as a person of value.” – Frank Reilly, Social Worker and FIN tsv volunteer worker, July 2014
“Cassie Watter – “tile grouter extraordinaire!” We have known Cassie for about 5 years and found her to be very generous with her time and skills. Her involvement in community projects led to her being nominated and receiving recognition for her good works. We spent quite a bit of time over the last few years with Cassie and her daughters, and witnessed a loving caring relationship between this highly protective mother and her gorgeous girls.” – Lynne & Bob Bartlett, July 2014

We don’t blame the custodial father in the Cassie Watter Family Abduction Case for his outage over Professors Thorpe and Briggs and their Universities that allows these members of the academic community to support a parental kidnapper. We too are outraged at the Administrators of these Universities. I am certain these are well respected educational institutions, but to the Family Abduction Community, this is horrific. Some students at these Universities should start a campaign to find these kidnapped children or pressure these professors to get the protective moms to turn themselves in and bring this matter before the Australia Family Courts where it belongs. As we have seen in the United States, these professors are selfishly more interested in publishing their research and books and promoting their reputations rather than the well-being of these kidnapped children.

Next, the Family Inclusion Network in Queensland (Townsville) where Ros Thorpe is the President. We are not certainly exactly what is shocking is that this group did not support Protective Mom Dorothy Lee Barnett who had ties to Faye Yager. With one of the biggest Protective Parent Cases in Australia, the Family Inclusion Network in Queensland never came forward to support Dorothy Lee Barnett. In following the protective parent for the past decade, I find it difficult or impossible that they were not following the case. Since the didn’t come forward, it usually means that they were involved in assisting Barnett. When Mal Brough got involved in the Barnett Case, it might have meant that some member of this group played an active role in arranging his support.

In the United States, there are three individuals that are currently awaiting trial for their assistance aiding and abetting in the kidnapping of two teenager girls in a family abduction. What needs to happen in the Watter Case is that Australian Law Enforcement needs to find these girls, arrest this mother and prosecute any third parties that are helping Cassie Watter.

In closing, “there should never be a reasonable legal excuse for a Domestic or International Parental Kidnapping”

– The Editor, Family Abduction Watch