When Does Felon Kristy Brooks Start Removing Disparaging Internet Posts?

At some point all protective parent movement moms must move along. Just like actress Kelly Rutherford they must decide what’s in the best interest of their child(ren).


Kristy Brooks Mugshot – Felony Conviction

During Kristy Brooks’ kidnapping and before her criminal trial, there were allegations she made about her former spouse on her Facebook Account and other websites. She also included some medical information about her child, a definite HIPA violation of private health records.

In following these protective parent criminal cases over the past several decades, we know these formerly kidnapped children are not wanting this type of information about their personal lives on the Internet. These children rightfully deserve their respect and privacy after the kidnapping.

So on behalf of the Brooks child, we ask Kristy Brooks for some compassion here. Please remove all of these postings. If you do so, we will take down your Mugshot on our site.

8 Responses to When Does Felon Kristy Brooks Start Removing Disparaging Internet Posts?

  1. Rob says:

    You may know this, but the document that they keep referring to that has a “differential diagnosis” of venereal disease is extremely problematic.

    First, differential diagnosis is a list of what “could” be causing the problem upon initial examination of the patient. From there, the list is narrowed down to a specific diagnosis. It’s a starting point, not a final diagnosis. No specific venereal disease was ever diagnosed. VD is a category of diseases, not a specific disease or diagnosis. It was a diaper rash which is why no charges were ever filed.

    Second, this medical document is for a child that belongs to neither Kristy nor Michael. This fact has been hidden since day one on all of their postings knowing full well that people would automatically assume that Kristy’s child was the patient. It’s for a different child that actually belongs to someone in Kristy’s inner circle.

    Every time that I posted this information on their propaganda page, it was deleted, and my account was blocked.

    • underwatch says:

      1) Any medical information on FB about any child should be reported and removed by FB. With repeated violations, their account would be removed.

      2) The use of another child’s medical records is a tactic from the Protective Parent Playbook.

      3) There is a Battered Mothers Custody Conference in Albany, New York each year. It is a recruiting event by the Protective Parent Movement of Attorneys, Expert Witnesses, Noncustodial Moms and proclaimed Child Protectionists. Perhaps Kristy Brooks attended one of these before going into hiding. Some of the literature and information provided includes a checklist for mom to self-diagnose her child for abuse rather than taking the child to a licensed medical professional. Let’s hope after the Felony charge that Kristy does not ignorantly believe any such information.

      4) The risk of a re-abduction attempt by Kristy Brooks is high. Let’s hope the probation officer makes her wear an ankle bracelet.

      5) The child’s passport should be blocked from issuance and efforts made to make sure she does not have one.

      The Editor

      • Rob says:

        Agreed 100% that they should take the medical records down regardless of who the child is. Like you said, it’s an apparent HIPA violation, and the child to whom the records belong shouldn’t have to deal with the lasting consequences of their medical information scattered across the internet.

        Also agreed that the re-abduction risk is high. Kristy was allowed supervised visits with the child after she was arrested in 2017 but stopped because she had to pay for the supervision, and the emotional toll was high. The father has had sole custody for over 2 years now, and the child is doing fine.

        Kristy is appealing the case now although I fully expect the verdict to be upheld. It was clear cut. I predict that she will continue to pursue legal action until no avenue remains.

        Another tidbit: Kristy actually hid with 2 children, but the father of the other one supported her and helped her hide. He’s facing jail time himself next week for criminal contempt for repeatedly not paying child support for a child he has with a different woman. Defying the justice system doesn’t pay. Maybe they will learn that one of these days.

      • underwatch says:

        1. Thanks for the update on the child. When you read about the case in the media and on the mom’s FB page, that important information is never mentioned.

        2. You also never see in the news article that the father has had custody for 2 years.

        3. The fact that she hid with two children is not new for these cases. It is horrifying that the reporter would omit it in his coverage. The reporter appeared to write a very bias story. These protective parent movement moms always seem to find these reporters. Are there any ideas on why he would have so much interest in this story?

        4. Why is the reporter so upset about the text messages? Searching law enforcement investigators should use every resource in cases like this.

        Thanks again.

        The Editor

      • Rob says:

        I don’t understand the outrage over the text messages either although if nothing else, it was an expensive lesson for the Sheriff’s dept to start treating text messages like any other public record. I’d bet that there are a lot of government agencies out there that are not in compliance in this area, not just the Union County Sheriff Department.

        I can’t speak for Nick Ochsner, but he may feel a bit of responsibility and embarrassment over Kristy getting caught. She was able to hide successfully for a year until she did an interview with him. She was caught very shortly after that. Law enforcement used a Stingray device to catch her, and it seems likely that they set it up to intercept communication coming to/from Nick following his news story.

        Also, Kristy and her supporters have been feeding Nick juicy stories for a while so I suspect that they are friends. There are pictures on Facebook of Kristy’s people touring the news studio.

      • underwatch says:

        There are situations when law enforcement needs to take all available technologies like Stingray devices and resources to find the location of a suspected criminal and kidnapped child. If a Stingray device was used in this case, kudos to Union County Law Enforcement. The Obstruction of Justice conviction conviction / witness tampering sounds like it saved Union County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal prosecution and appeals costs and court resources all caused by one parent’s decision not to co-parent. Nick Ochsner should be fired from his job for his alleged bias-news reporting. He’s also an idiot if he thought his mobile phone was protected by the first amendment.

  2. Rob says:

    Remember the 20/20 piece “Footprints in the Snow”? Before it aired, Kristy and her pals were talking about being “next” while that piece was being worked on. There was definite cooperation between them and Sandra, and they may have even talked to Elizabeth Vargas. Once it aired and they saw how Sandra was exposed, they backed out and never mentioned it again.

    Kristy’s case has a lot of bizarre details including a story about a local child that was found by the police at a Union County NC DSS Supervisor’s home chained to a porch outside with a dead chicken hanging around his neck. This DSS supervisor was convicted of felony abuse, and the event emboldened the family court critics in the area, including Kristy.

    Just as bizarre is that the family court critic group which Kristy belongs to includes an actual Sex Offender and convicted pedophile named Jason Shupe from Jacksonville NC. He has been really quiet lately, but at one time, he was amongst the loudest voices in that group and was a friend of Kristy’s boyfriend, Jeremy…

    • Jason Shupe says:

      So Rob, is your real name xxxx, or xxxxx? Either way you seem like someone who thinks you know it all but is only one sided. With respect to underwatch, they are looking from the outside in and new to the entire situation that has been transpiring for many years as well would make a Lifetime movie look more believable. The entire story has so many twists and turns and players that you need a billboard and a pencil to figure it out. But be truthful and back up your facts before running your mouth Rob. Have a blessed day and leave the kids alone.

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