Kristy Brooks North Carolina Parental Kidnapper Found Guilty

Kristy Brooks Kidnapper

Kristy Brooks Mugshot

It took a Union County North Carolina Jury less than an hour to find Kristy Brooks, 37 guilty of Felony Obstruction of Justice. Kristy Lynn Brooks went into hiding in December 2015 and was arrested in January 2017, just weeks after giving a controversial television interview while in hiding to Reporter Nick Oscsner of WBTV. Brooks was given a suspended sentence, 12-months probation, community service and ordered to obey all custody orders in her civil child custody case.

Editor’s Note: We applaud the efforts of the Union County District Attorney’s Office and Union County Sheriff’s Office. What is surprising or shocking is that Kristy Brooks appeared to be on government assistance or food stamps while in hiding. And even more mystifying is that WBTV Reporter Nick Oscner prior to the trial attempted to obtain investigative records from the Union County Sheriff’s Department through North Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act. Oscner like other reporters covering protective mother stories appeared to be easily influenced and manipulated by Kristy Brooks. Oscner’s reported very little or not at all on the kidnapping of this child and this cruel form of child maltreatment. He never asked Kristy Brooks the really important questions to ask protective moms in hiding such as medical care and the emotional treatment of her child. Kristy Brooks should have been asked if there is a possibility she could be wrong about the abuse allegations against her former spouse. And if the allegations were untrue Kristy, would that be a good or bad thing?

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